All About LOST eps 4.9 (The Shape of Things to Come)

In this edition of All About LOST Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss eps 4.09 of LOST. Episode complete with recap, thoughts/questions, feedback, on the clock, the new lost baseball lineup, and more info on our Favorite Character Tournament.

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4.09 The Shape of Things to Come (Ben)

Another great episode. Here is a quick summary of what we learned.

Ben can travel through time, and he can travel off the island quickly.
Sayid volunteered to work as Ben’s hit man because he believes that Widmore’s man killed Nadia.
Jack is very sick and may die.
Claire’s house gets blown up.
Someone close to Ben dies, leading him to revenge the death.
We learn that Ben and Widmore were not always enemies.

Mostly off the island:
In this episode we see that it is not our castaways at war with Ben, but it is Ben at war with Widmore. It looks like Widmore and Ben were at one time collaborators. I guess that Ben worked for Widmore (maybe he was his chief scientist). And Widmore wanted to “develop” the island’s natural power for his own profit with Ben’s help. Somehow things went wrong and now Widmore (who had some “agreement” with Ben not to interfere in each other’s affairs), decided he needed to capture Ben and bring him back from the island for “questioning”). Ben’s attempts to keep pregnant woman alive probably had something to do with this. But it is my guess that Widmore did not want to make the island a permanent colony but Ben did. Anyway Ben refused to go back to report to Widmore, maybe knowing that Widmore meant to do him harm.

Widmore wanted to get Ben so he sent the freighter since he could now find the island from his daughter Penny, who got the coordinates from the two men at the arctic outpost listening station.

Both Widmore and Ben wanted to keep the island’s location a secret, so I am guessing that both men had something to do with the phony 815 plane they submerged in the Sunda trench. After Widmore’s freighter made it to the island, they encountered something they did not expect. The island itself was repelling people away. The helicopter sent to the island nearly crashed and time itself was altered. People on the freighter developed the time warp sickness. Minkowski, Regina and what’s his name died. The doctor was killed (probably by Sayid) and thrown overboard. How he washed up 80 miles away I can’t figure out. The doctor is still “alive” on the ship because their time is different than time on the island.

Ben used the monster to repel the invaders from the ship. He did not count on them killing his adopted daughter Alex. You have to feel for Ben. He lost his mom at birth (only to rediscover her apparition on the island), he killed his abusive father, he lost his childhood girlfriend, Annie, and now his daughter Alex . His manipulations failed to keep her safe. But it seems he really did love her.

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New Game and Episode Preview

Here is a new web game that ABC has set up.


If you find the shotgun, you can see a scene from this week’s new episode.  Let’s just say the battle is about to begin.

New – TLE’s Lost Baseball Lineup for 2008

After much work it is time to debut the 2008 version of TLE’s Lost Baseball Lineup. Click on the link at the left or click on the picture below. Batter up ! NOW ENHANCED WITH MORE PICTURES !

TLE\'s LOST 2008 Baseball Lineup