4.09 The Shape of Things to Come (Ben)

Another great episode. Here is a quick summary of what we learned.

Ben can travel through time, and he can travel off the island quickly.
Sayid volunteered to work as Ben’s hit man because he believes that Widmore’s man killed Nadia.
Jack is very sick and may die.
Claire’s house gets blown up.
Someone close to Ben dies, leading him to revenge the death.
We learn that Ben and Widmore were not always enemies.

Mostly off the island:
In this episode we see that it is not our castaways at war with Ben, but it is Ben at war with Widmore. It looks like Widmore and Ben were at one time collaborators. I guess that Ben worked for Widmore (maybe he was his chief scientist). And Widmore wanted to “develop” the island’s natural power for his own profit with Ben’s help. Somehow things went wrong and now Widmore (who had some “agreement” with Ben not to interfere in each other’s affairs), decided he needed to capture Ben and bring him back from the island for “questioning”). Ben’s attempts to keep pregnant woman alive probably had something to do with this. But it is my guess that Widmore did not want to make the island a permanent colony but Ben did. Anyway Ben refused to go back to report to Widmore, maybe knowing that Widmore meant to do him harm.

Widmore wanted to get Ben so he sent the freighter since he could now find the island from his daughter Penny, who got the coordinates from the two men at the arctic outpost listening station.

Both Widmore and Ben wanted to keep the island’s location a secret, so I am guessing that both men had something to do with the phony 815 plane they submerged in the Sunda trench. After Widmore’s freighter made it to the island, they encountered something they did not expect. The island itself was repelling people away. The helicopter sent to the island nearly crashed and time itself was altered. People on the freighter developed the time warp sickness. Minkowski, Regina and what’s his name died. The doctor was killed (probably by Sayid) and thrown overboard. How he washed up 80 miles away I can’t figure out. The doctor is still “alive” on the ship because their time is different than time on the island.

Ben used the monster to repel the invaders from the ship. He did not count on them killing his adopted daughter Alex. You have to feel for Ben. He lost his mom at birth (only to rediscover her apparition on the island), he killed his abusive father, he lost his childhood girlfriend, Annie, and now his daughter Alex . His manipulations failed to keep her safe. But it seems he really did love her.

Now Ben is after revenge. He goes forward in time to Tunisia (where Charlotte found the polar bear fossil). We see him lying in the desert there. (He gives off some smoke or steam like the Terminator did when he time travelled). He kills one of the nomads who finds him, knocks out the other and takes a horse. He travels to Tikrit (Sayid’s home town) where he arrives just in time for Nadia’s funeral. Nadia is Sayid’s long lost love, who he married after he got off the island. She was killed in California supposedly by one of Widmore’s men. Ben uses this to trick Sayid to work for him. I was happy to hear that Sayid was reunited with Nadia, but sad that they were soon quickly parted again. Sayid wants revenge. Ben warns him to let it go, since he knows how revenge can lead people to destruction. He knows this first hand from his seeking revenge for Alex’s death. But Sayid does not take Ben’s advice he becomes Ben’s hit man that day forward. Sayid wants to kill more of the Widmore’s people to revenge Nadia. Ben walks away with a smirk, knowing that he has made Sayid his servant.

Ben sneaks into Widmore’s London penthouse. He wants to kill Widmore, but Widmore tells Ben you know you can’ t kill me.  He promises to kill Widmore’s daughter Penny (who is Desmond’s devoted love) in exchange for his killing of Alex. As Widmore drinks another round of whiskey, he tells Ben, “you will never find her”. And Ben tells him, “you will never find the island”.

On the Island:
Jack and Kate exchange friendly glances. Jack goes to get some antibiotics for what he calls a stomach ache. Being a doctor Jack probably knows it’s appendicitis but does not want anyone else to know. He is still hoping for a quick rescue from the freighter folk. Bernard finds a dead body washed up on shore. It’s the doctor from the freighter. (Too bad it wasn’t Patchy).

In the jungle, Alex is captured by Steroids guy and taken back to the sonic fence to open it. She uses an emergency code that sends a signal by telephone to the Barracks. Hurley, Sawyer and Locke are there playing Risk (an old board game about world domination). When the phone rings it says code 14J. About 5 minutes later they find Ben and tell him about the mysterious call and the code. He knows immediately that one of his people has been captured but he does not know who. He tells everyone to run to his house and prepare for a battle with the freighter group. As they are doing so shots are fired, some nameless extras are shot. Sawyer tries to get Claire and Aaron (not knowing that Hurley has him). He is shot at “Han Solo” style (the bad guys never seem to shoot straight). This could be the end of Sawyer! 🙂 They fire a rocket at Claire’s house destroying it in a giant fire ball. Inexplicably the house is destroyed but underneath the wreckage, Sawyer finds Claire alive. He carries her back to Ben’s house. Hurley smashes a window to let them in. Then Miles shows up with a walkie talkie that the freighter’s gave to him. They want to talk to Ben to make a deal.

At first Ben refuses to give himself up, so they bring out Alex. Ben is shocked because he thought Alex had safely arrived at the Temple. Alex tells him that Carl and Danielle were shot. Ben tries to use his normal “I don’t care” routine when they say they will kill Alex if he won’t come out. (He said the same thing about Juliet last season when Jack had her hostage). Ben did care about Juliet as we find out this season and he does care about Alex, but hides his emotions. When Ben does not come after a count of 10 they kill Alex. Ben is totally in shock. He thought he and Widmore had an agreement about their rules of engagement; Widmore broke the rules because he believes Ben has been going behind his back with regards to the island.

Locke and Sawyer want to give up Ben since they just want him. But Ben runs to his secret room. He locks the door and then enters another secret room behind his wardrobe (Narnia anyone). I think he may be doing his time travel now. It’s like a game of chess where Widmore makes a move and so does Ben. Ben can go into the future to change events in his favor and then return to the present knowing what will happen in the future. Anyway he comes out the secret room all dirty and tells the group they need to head for the trees for safety. But that is where the bad guys are! But wait. Suddenly a rush and a rumble like a freight train shakes the house. Looking outside we see a very angry and snakelike Smokey heading for the armed men. It picks them up and slams them down killing them all (or not).

The group of Claire/Aaron, Hurley, Sawyer and Ben then head for Jacob’s cabin. Neither Locke or Ben seem to know the way, but Hurley does. Sawyer refuses to follow Ben and starts back for beach. Locke draws a gun on him and Sawyer does the same. It is standoff until Hurley agrees to go with Ben and Locke to the cabin. The rest of group heads back to the beach.

Meanwhile on the beach… Daniel has converted the broken sat phone to a morse code device. He sends a message about the doctor washing up on shore dead. The freighter folk say the doctor is not dead, in fact he is still on the boat. But Miles lies about this and Bernard translates the code for Jack. Jack finally realizes that something is up. He grabs Daniel and demands the truth. “Are you going to rescue us or not”. “No”, says Daniel. Which means that Ben told the truth all along. The freighter folk were sent to kill everyone on the island.


  • Jeremy: Why did the freighter militia guys blow up Claire’s house before they captured Ben. What if Ben were in there? They would have ruined their mission to capture him.
  • Jack has appendicitis which is very serious, but we know Jack makes it off island alive. How can he be saved? Juliet is not a surgeon and the ship’s doctor is dead.
  • What did Ben do to get the monster to come? Can he control the monster somehow, or did he just know how to bring the monster out of hiding and into the barracks?
  • Where did Ben go to via the secret wardrobe? Are their caves in there, and do they somehow lead to the monster or what controls it?
  • What did happen to the doctor? Who killed him? How could his body possibly drift 80 miles to the island in such a short period of time? Why didn’t the Dharma shark eat him?
  • Why did Alex have to die? She helped our Losties more than anyone of the Others? She hid Sawyer and Kate when they escaped. She talked Carl into warning the beach folk that the Others were coming to kidnap and kill people. She knew her Dad was up to no good, but she still trusted him to protect her.

Hey I have made a lot of guesses in this analysis, what do you guys think really happened in this week’s episode? Leave your comments here or send them to tlepodcast@yahoo.com. And remember to vote for your favorite lost characters in the Lost Character Tourney post below.

2 Responses

  1. […] 4.09 The Shape of Things to ComeAnother great episode. Here is a quick summary of what we learned. Ben can travel through time, and he can travel off the island quickly. Sayid volunteered to work as Ben’s hit man because he believes that Widmore’s man killed Nadia. …TLE's LOST Blog Podcast – https://tle1lost.wordpress.com […]

  2. I don’t agree that Ben can travel through time necessarily. He was disoriented after he wound up(possibly teleported) in Tunisia which is why he didn’t know the date. Or he was jumping like Desmond but has had it happen enough that he was still in control. Or because time moves differently on the island, time is always off when they leave. It is probably dependent on the length of time spent on the island between departures.

    It was nice to see Ben kick some ass this episode.

    There must be some sort of teleporter. That’s how Ben (and polar bears) got to Tunisia, Tom got to New York and they got Locke’s dad to the island. Some of the side effects are disorientation and nausea. It was interesting that Ben was wearing a heavy coat when he got up. Either the locations people can travel to and from are fixed and he came from the North Pole, or the locations are random and he was afraid of winding up at the North Pole. I don’t know.

    Jack’s one of the Oceanic 6. He’s not going to die. Does it really matter how sick he is? The only reason this would matter is that because of his illness he is selected to be one of the people leaving. Maybe the group has to pick the five (since Sayid is already off) that leave. Jack is sick. Sun is pregnant. Aaron is a baby. It’s only Kate and Hurley that don’t have some kind of sympathetic reason to be rescued yet.

    You left out that Ben released or called the smoke monster. His actions definitely got Smokey to come. Ben having some kind of control over Smokey seemed like a fairly big deal to me.

    There’s still something going on with how time progresses on the island vs on the boat. Faraday said ‘time is relative’ which is probably an Einstein reference. According to Einstein, time can change because the speed of light doesn’t.

    Why would the boat say the doctor is fine? Is the doctor still alive on the boat but slightly in the past? Did they already kill the doctor but they don’t think they realize on the island? Or something else. I think later this season we’ll see the doctor alive on the boat and him getting his throat slit and tossed over.

    What is the connection between Ben and Widmore?

    Why can’t Ben kill Widmore? Because of ‘the rules’? Is Widmore immortal (possibly from the Black Rock)? He did say the island was originally his and called Ben ‘boy’ implying he knew Ben when he was young. Are they somehow connected where if one dies so does the other?

    I think I’ve rambled enough for now.

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