All About LOST eps 4.9 (The Shape of Things to Come)

In this edition of All About LOST Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss eps 4.09 of LOST. Episode complete with recap, thoughts/questions, feedback, on the clock, the new lost baseball lineup, and more info on our Favorite Character Tournament.

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2 Responses

  1. Guy … From the home of Ethan … Toronto Ontario ..

    Thanks for always taking the time to reply …. I have a crack pot theory that

    is short and to the point … Ben and Charles Widmore have a long relationship we

    discover .. Theory do you think Annie ( Ben’s child friend ) is Penelope ???

    Could Widmore have know what Ben was about to do ( Kill everyone when he was a kid )

    and got his daughter off the Island before it happened

  2. Guy
    Thanks for your crack pot theory which is actually a pretty good theory and close to my thinking also.
    Do I think Annie is Penelope? Could be. I was thinking Kate was Annie earlier because one of Kate’s aliases was “Annie”, but I like your theory too. It would be so ironic if Ben tried to kill Penny not knowing that it was his childhood sweetheart Annie.

    Could Widmore have known that Ben was about to kill everyone when he was a kid? My guess (and it is just a guess) is that Ben exceeded his authority by killing off the Dharma initiative thereby surprising Widmore (but not in a good way). I think Widmore may have funded Dharma and was going to use their island research for his own personal gain.

    But that does not explain what happened to Penny/Annie/Kate does it? Oh well, that’s why Lost is so great, so many theories to think about.

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