4.10 Something Nice Back Home (Jack/Kate)

If you are a “Jack and Kate” fan as I am you probably liked this episode.

Here is what we learned:

Jack changes his mind about visiting Kate and Aaron. Jack and Kate restart their steamy romance.

Jack visits Hurley. Calls him crazy and disowns him. But hears from Hurley that he is not to raise Aaron.

Hurley has spoken to Charlie (who died last season). Hurley warns Jack that he too will be getting a visitor. That visitor is his dead father.

Juliet saves Jacks life with the help of Bernard while Kate helps.

Jack wants to be a father and Kate thinks he would be a good one. Jack loves Kate and asks her to marry him which she agrees to but…

Jack starts popping pills with alcohol when he sees his dead father. Kate won’t let Jack stay at her house around Aaron. And to make matters worse, Kate is helping Sawyer and not telling Jack about it.

On the island, Miles, Sawyer, Claire and Aaron find the buried bodies of Carl and Danielle. They are almost captured by Keany and his men (who are beaten up from the Smoke monster’s attack).

Jin makes a deal with Charlotte (who speaks Korean!) to get Sun and baby off the island.

Claire wakes up to find her Dad (also Jack’s dad) holding Aaron. She goes off into the jungle with him. Aaron is left behind but Claire disappears. LOST.


There seems to be more time jumping (or time “mazes”) in this episode. The scene when Jack and Kate are first together could be a flash forward or is it a flash back. We noticed Jack’s beard stubble was a little different and that the Yankees had beaten the Red Sox in the “series”. By the way, this scene is similar to the famous scene in Dallas when Bobby Ewing is in the shower and tells everyone it was all a dream (hiding the fact that his character made no appearances in the previous year’s episodes).

Kate says the same thing to Jack that his Dad told him, “Just let it go”. Which seems to indicate that Kate knows more about what is going on than Jack does. But she still loves him and I do not think she is doing anything wrong (although when Sawyer is involved you never know).

Christian Shepherd is no longer dead. Actually he is dead and is jumping through time. And he makes many creepy appearances in this episode. If you are trying to keep track…. Christian is Jack’s and Claire’s father but through different relationships. Jack and Claire are bother and sister, but are not aware of it yet. And that makes Aaron Jack’s nephew. But Kate treats Aaron like her son, humm…

Daniel likes Charlotte and Charlotte knows this but is not letting on. Jin uses this to his advantage to get Charlotte to agree to take Claire and Aaron off the island in the helicopter. She also knows Korean but is keeping it a secret. So maybe she knew that Sun and Jin were on the island before she arrived there. Charlotte asks Jin why not rescue everyone on the island as well, but Jin does not answer. Does he know that he is not getting off the island?

I think we pretty much know what is going to happen next. Jack in a jealous rage is going to leave Kate and continue his downward spiral of drugs and alcohol until we see him next meeting Kate at the airport (as occurred in the final episode from season 3).


  • What is Kate doing for Sawyer and why is it a secret. Whatever is going on Sawyer must be close by or maybe Kate is travelling back to the island (just like Ben could quickly travel off the island).
  • Is Hurley really crazy (i.e. seeing visions) or is Charlie really there, just like Christian Shepherd? Why does Jack go against his advice and not tell Kate what Hurley said “you should not raise him (Aaron)?
  • What did Juliet mean when she said that Jack was trying to convince himself he did not love someone else?
  • Why does Charlotte know Korean and is keeping this knowledge secret?
  • Is MIles seeing something in Claire raising Aaron as the psychic Richard Malkin saw? The psychic told Claire not to allow anyone to raise the baby but her. Of course we know that Kate is raising the baby now. Is something bad going to happen? BTW it is cool to see Sawyer protecting Claire and her baby. I wonder if he is thinking about his own little girl Clementine?
  • What will happen next week? Will we see some other folks get off the island? And what will Keany do?

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  1. My responses to the questions:
    It’s too early to figure out what Kate’s doing for Sawyer. I don’t think Sawyer is close or that she is travelling back to the island. I think it is probably something Sawyer wanted to ‘set right’ and told Kate to take care of when she got back. Maybe helping out someone he cheated in the past? To check on his daughter?

    Hurley’s no crazier than anybody else seeing dead people. I still think that both Charlie and Christian Shepherd are some kind of manifestations coming from the island.

    About not raising Aaron – maybe he’s going to be the AntiChrist or something. There is still something deeper to why it was so important for the others to risk their lives to have babies on the island. There must have been some kind of prophecy or something. Maybe we’ll learn more once we get to see the temple.

    The Juliet/Jack thing is too obvious to ask.

    I don’t think that ‘why does Charlotte know Korean’ is as important as ‘was she recruited because she knows Korean’. Was that an important part of her skillset? She’s an archeologist who seemed to be intentionally looking for the Dharma symbol when the polar bear skeleton was found. She probably has a deeper connection to Widmore than the other recruits. Hopefully we’ll get some Charlotte flashbacks pretty soon because she’s got a lot more story to tell. As far as keeping it a secret, it’s about not playing your hand too early. It gives her an advantage to have a few cards up her sleeve.

    I don’t think Miles sees something in Claire raising Aaron but something in Aaron himself. Maybe Aaron somehow connects the ‘world of the dead’ with ‘the world of the living’. Because Miles can see (or sense) both, he can tell that Aaron touches both sides.

    I thought it was interesting that Jack said Sawyer ‘chose’ to stay.
    I wonder if there’s something deeper to Jack saying that his father was ‘good at telling stories’.
    I wonder if Claire’s still going to be missing when the O6 leave the island which is why she didn’t stay with Aaron.
    Why was Rose so concerned with Jack’s illness? Does she really think the island is trying to prevent him/them from leaving?
    Wasn’t the same woman around right after each time Jack saw his dad in the hospital? What’s up with that?
    Hurley said that he talks to Charlie on the bench ‘every day’. Does this mean that Christian Shepherd is going to come more and more frequently? This would easily explain why Jack said his dad was ‘upstairs’ in the S3 finale.
    He made a point to say that Kate wasn’t related to Aaron. Does this mean that Jack knows that Aaron is his nephew? If so, how did he find out? Did his dead dad tell him?

  2. wow.
    this is such a good blog to visit after watching every episode of Lost.
    Your thoughts and questions are awesome.
    I will be visiting more often!

  3. Kate didn’t know what was going on. She wanted to continue living in her fantasy world. Jack could barely oblige her, especially after his visit to Hurley. This flashforward was set AFTER Jack met Carole Littleton for the first time, so . . . yes, he knew by this time that Aaron was his nephew and that he and Kate had no business raising the kid.

    [“I don’t think Miles sees something in Claire raising Aaron but something in Aaron himself. Maybe Aaron somehow connects the ‘world of the dead’ with ‘the world of the living’. Because Miles can see (or sense) both, he can tell that Aaron touches both sides.”]

    Miles didn’t see squat in Aaron. It’s possible he realized that Claire was barely on the edge of life and death after the attack on the Others compound . . . the same situation that Sayid found himself at the beginning of Season 6.

    • Thanks for the comments. It’s been so long since I have had a comment on my favorite show.
      I kinda thought the writers never really explored Miles character enough. Also I agree with you that Aaron had the power, but like Miles they never really gave us very much to go on in terms of what power he actually had.
      It would be cool (if they ever did a Lost sequel) for Aaron to go back to the island someday.
      Have you seen all the episodes of Lost yet? There are some things that happen later in the story I would like to discuss but don’t want to spoil.

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