ALL About Lost – 4.10 (Something Good Back Home)

In this edition of All About Lost, TLE sans Jeremy recaps, provides thoughts and shares Listener Feedback. I apologize for the delay in getting this out. I am using new software to make the audio. TLE

MP3 File

2 Responses

  1. After listening to this episode, I’m guessing Jeremy is the tech guy. I also noticed that you could probably use a better selection of commenters. I don’t remember hearing a plug for the blog and email address which isn’t going to help get extra input. Self-promotion must be Jeremy’s job too.

    I enjoy throwing out some questions and opinions but I also realize that some of my theories are either completely crazy or not that special. I don’t take time to check out what the rumors are on the net but the producers lead everybody down the same path so I’m sure my thoughts aren’t anything special.

    Rather than just posting questions on the blog, maybe you should come up with a single bigger question and ask people to email you an answer. Give the question one week and go over the answers the next. See how many people respond when you ask a specific question on the podcast.

    I’m guessing you both really enjoy putting together the podcast because I know it’s not for the money. I just want you to know that it’s appreciated.

  2. Thanks Lee,
    This was the fist time ever that I had to produce the podcast,so ya Jeremy is the tech guy and pretty good at doing the podcasts. We are just doing this for the fun, he is a full time student and I work full time so it can be difficult to get the podcasts out quickly.

    Thank you and everyone for being patient with us. I am going to try do a AAC quality podcast next time, so hopefully
    that will help with the quality.

    Appreciate the suggestions and don’t worry about sending in any theory you have “crazy” or not. In reality all our theories are a bit crazy since we are just trying to guess what the writers will do next (which is half the fun!! ).

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