4.11 Cabin Fever (Locke)

Comic bookHere is what we learned:

Locke’s mom was an unwed teenager when she had her baby. The baby was a “miracle” because he survived being hit by a car, premature birth, and disease.

John grew up with people calling him special including a visit from Richard Albert (head of Mittelos Bioscience In Portland) who visits John as a boy and tests his special abilities. When John is in high school Richard offers him an internship at Mittelos, but John does not want to do science, he wants to do sports, and he hates being told what to do.

On the freighter, Keany returns and wants to know who gave his name to Ben. It was Michael and he admits it, but the Capt will not let Keany kill Michael because Michael can fix the boat. Keany opens a safe with secret instructions on where to find Ben and wants to return to the island to get him. He also wants to burn the island after doing so. Michael overhears their plan. They send Sayid on the inflatable boat to warn our Losties. Des decides not to go. He is waiting to meet up with Penny who he thinks will rescue him soon.

Frank Lapidus the pilot tries to refuse to take the Keany group back to the island. Keany starts killing people starting with the Doctor who gets his throat slit and is tossed overboard. The Capt also tries to stop him, but gets shot instead. So Frank does fly back to the island, but drops a package over head of the Losties camp. There is a sat phone and some maps in there. Jack mistakenly thinks this is a rescue attempt and so uses the sat phone to go find the helicopter.

Meanwhile Locke has a dream of Horace from the Dharma Initiative. Horace has been dead 12 years, but tells Locke to find him for instructions on how to get to Jacob’s cabin. Locke takes Ben and Hugo with him. On the way he shows Hugo the dead bodies of the Dharmaites. Ben says he did not kill them, it was their leader (who is Richard Albert? I am not sure).

Locke finds Horaces’ body and a map leading to Jacob’s cabin. He walks in alone after Ben says his time as leader of the island is over. Locke sees a dark shape in the cabin, it is not Jacob, but Christian (Shepherd). He tells Locke to ask the important question “how do I save the island”. But there is someone else in the cabin, a slightly creepy Claire who has knowingly left Aaron behind in the jungle.

Locke leaves the cabin and tells Hurley and Ben what his instructions are: “Move the Island” LOST.


We saw the oldest scene of the show when Locke’s mom Emily left her house to meet her boyfriend. This occurred sometime in the 1950’s based on her bobby sox and music. Locke is special but he does not seem to have been immaculately conceived. Richard Alpert did not like the results of his test on Locke. Locke chose the knife and not the comic book or test tube (with ash?) or ball glove. Locke was picked on by being a science nerd – even though he says he had no interest in science. In his future, Locke will say he is a “hunter”.

There has been some speculation that Alpert could be Ben’s real dad. We saw him at the delivery room and then later he met young Locke for the test and then invited him to join Mittelos. But why would Anthony Cooper say that he needed a relative to get his new kidney from and he chose Locke his supposed son? Also the girl who played Emily looked a lot like his mom from Season 1.

Where was Jacob? I was really anticipating our meeting with him only to find Christian there instead with Claire. It would have been a surprise except we saw Christian in the cabin earlier this season “talking” to someone. Was Locke serious that he was told to move the island by the cabin folk. How do you move an island anyway? Looking at this picture from the comic book in Locke’s boyhood flashback it gives us a “clue” or just another fake clue. Either way it will be interesting to see how the writers will move the island. Even if they do move it, isn’t Keany and his soldier crew already there? So what good will that do?

Can’t wait for next week’s episode and then the big finale on May 29th.

That is all for now please let me know what you think of this episode including any details I did not catch. You can leave comments here or at tlepodcast@yahoo.com


9 Responses

  1. Hi! I’ve been away for a long time, and did not manage to listen to any podcasts…

    I really enjoyed this episode. The best part was when Hurley shared the chocolate with ben! That was so sweet!

    In my opinion, Sayid returns with the boat, takes the first group, Locke ‘moves’ the island, and Sayid never finds it again… what I don’t know is how Hurley will be able to join them.

     I think that all the other Losties that we don’t care about will leave and go to look for the helicopter, Kate will stay to look after Jack, as he can’t move as he just had an operation.
     Juliet will lead the losties to the helicopter, and promises that she will return for them with the helicopter or something.
     Sawyer and co. return to the beach with Aaron.
     Sun starts getting the ‘pregnancy illness’, and stays at the beach. Jin stays too.
     When Sayid arrives, he takes Kate, Jack, Aaron, Hurley and Sun. He promises that he will return for the others, but the boat is too small for more than 6 people. (I don’t know how this is possible, as there is Hurley there… well, Aaron doesn’t really count)
     Jin and Sawyer wait on the beach for rescue which never comes.

    I had thought that the Captain and the guy who shot Ben’s daughter was the same person. I’m so sad that the captain died. He was really cool!

    Oh, Locke’s past was so interesting. I was so happy to see Richard again. I didn’t think he was going to return to the show… so that was a great surprise.
    I have a feeling that Abbadon knew that the plane was going to crash. He ‘made’ Locke go on the walkabout. I’m guessing that this is because of the time difference between the real world and the island.

    Ok, I have a crazy theory:
    Ben was calling it faith that a ‘spinal surgeon fell out of the sky’ after he found out that he had a fatal tumour on his spine.
    Before that, he went to the future, found out that a plane was going to crash on this island, knew Locke would be on it, and made arrangements that Jack would also be on it. He then killed Christian Shephard, and as Jack was returning on the plane, it crashed.
    When Ben and Juliet were in the medical station, (season 3), Ben says that there might even be a pregnant woman on the plane. I’m sure he knew about Claire.


  2. do you think that claire is evil? she did not seem her usual self in the cabin..im sure she s possessed

    it was so funny hearing ben swear; because destiny is a b****

  3. i think that richard was pleased that locke chose the knife. thats why they tried recruting him again when he was older.

    that was just a test, to see if he really was special. thats why he left without a word, so that the stepmother wont ask too many questions.

    does locke remember richard from his childhood? why didnt he tell him anything when they met on the island; like richard didnt say, finaaly, youre here. i worked hard to get you here. etc

  4. i suppose that richard wanted locke to choose the knife, and he also chose the gunpowder, or whatever it was, which surrounds jacobs cabin.
    when richard saw that locke chose the knife, he realise locke was special, and decided to leave without an explanation, so that they could recruit john at a later age, which they did.

  5. was that gunpowder in the little jar? jacobs cabin is surrounded by gunpowder… or a dust which looks like it.

    when lockes grandma saw richard, it seemed to me asif she knew him. her facial expression seemed like she knew exactly who he was… even though she told the nurse that she didnt know who it was.

  6. two more questions;
    1.do you think that its a coincedice that locke and ben were both born prematurley, and that their mothers were both called emily?

    2. do you think that claire died when her house was blown up, and now is a ‘ghost’ ??

  7. there obviously is another way how to leave the island as richard went off the island to find locke, before ben would have killed all the darma initiative…

    do you think that because the island time is ‘in front’ of the usual time, richard would have known locke was special when locke arrived on the island, and then went back in time, to check if he really was ‘a chosen one’

    i think richard is such an interesting character. i hope we see more of him!

  8. sorry to leave yet another commet, but i get different thoughts at different times 🙂

    when ben asked jacob to cure juliets sisters cancer, so that juliet would stay on the island- for bens purposes, and not for the good of the island, do you think that jacob cured juliets sisters cancer, and gave the cancer to ben??

  9. I’m late commenting this week, but I’d like to say something about the doctor and the helicopter. Because we had previously seen the doctor wash up on the island I think that when we saw Frank being chased by Keany & crew it was actually after the helicopter flight we just saw. I think at the time we saw Frank run into Sawyer et al that Frank had already run into Jack and the Beachies (who had the locator Frank was carrying) and Keany killed a good number of them. Prior to the doctor and captain getting killed Frank didn’t seem afraid of Keany. When we saw Frank running through the jungle he was afraid for his life. We assumed at the time that the injuries at that time were from the smoke monster but I think it was from a fight with the members from Jack’s group looking for the helicopter. I think Chiara is correct that Jack, Kate & Sun will stay on the beach to be rescued by Sayid. I think Sawyer gets to the beach with Aaron and leaves Aaron with Kate, asks her to do something for him if she makes it off, and then goes back into the jungle to look for Claire.

    I thought the same thing when I saw Claire in the cabin (she’s dead). That also explains why Miles kept staring at her making Sawyer uncomfortable. Miles was probably thinking to himself, ‘don’t you realize she’s a ghost?’ or something like that. Just because Sawyer carried Claire doesn’t make her alive. We also saw her dad carry Aaron. Ghosts in the Lost Universe can do more than slide pennies.

    I was disappointed that we didn’t see Abbadon again after he told Locke ‘…when we meet again’. I was hoping he would be in the cabin. Maybe he’s Jacob.

    At the time Richard left the island they would have still had a submarine, probably a plane, and who knows what other ways to get off.

    I really like the idea of Juliet’s sister’s cancer being transferred to Ben. It’s one of those ‘be careful of what you wish for’ kind of things that happens in ‘three wish’ genie (or devil) scenarios. Maybe that’s how Miles thought Ben would be able to get the 3.2 million dollars. Maybe Jacob is a genie of some form and grants wishes. When Locke’s dad was in that room, it seemed to be a ‘wish granting’ sort of thing. Maybe Ben can’t see Jacob any more because he used up his wishes.

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