There’s No Place Like Home (Parts 2 and 3)

In the Season 4 LOST finale many things were tied up from last year.

Jack has to go back to the island because Locke told him to go back. Ben is going to help arrange it, but he says all of the Oceanic 6 must return (even the man in the coffin).

Kate won’t go back. In a dream, Claire returns to warn her that Aaron is not supposed to go back to the island. Kate is no longer talking to Jack now that he is on pills and is no longer helping her with Aaron.

Sawyer does the most heroic thing possible. In fact Sawyer is one of the heroes of this show (along with Michael). He jumps out of the helicopter to lighten the load so it can make it back to the freighter after they discover there is a fuel leak.

Jin stupidly stays behind to help Michael with the C4 explosive. (This part was clumsily edited, they should have at least had Jin working harder to disarm the bomb, to show he thought he was close to succeeding). Then the scene would have made a bit more sense. But Michael was trying to bide some time so he could get Sun off the boat. Why would Jin risk Sun’s life? I don’t get it.

Walt visits Hurley at Santa Rosa. He met with the mysterious Jeremy Bentham (aka Jeremy Benton aka John Locke’s fake name) who told him they have go back. Others that saw Jeremy were Hurley, Kate and Jack. They were all told the same thing. Only this time Jack really believes it.

People remaining on the island are Juliet, Ben, Locke, and Sawyer (who somehow lost his shirt swimming back to the beach). Also left there are the Others and Richard Alpert with Locke as their new leader. And Charlotte and Miles from the freighter.


What happened to the raft people when the island disappeared?

How did (the dead) Christian Shephard show up on the boat to tell Michael he could go now? Where did Michael go to or is he dead?

How will they get back. Ben said he could not go back to the island if he was the one to move it, how will he help the O6 + Walt + Coffin Man get back there?

Where did the island go? Is it in the same place but a different time? Or is it on the other side of the world since that is where the polar bear went to and the Nigerian drug plane came from?

Why did Ben knowingly let Keamy die causing the freighter to explode? Does he know past present and future events? And why did Ben blow up the Casimir effect machine? Was it just to make a way into the tunnel where the real power of the island was located? Does the Casimir effect machine really even do anything? Is it a like a microwave oven (no metal allowed or it will explode)?

How cool was it that Penny finally located Desmond? (Jeremy figured this out before me).

Does Jack believe in miracles now? How can he and Kate ever reconcile? What did Sawyer whisper into her ear? And finally who killed John Locke or did he die from being off the island?


LOST has really picked up steam since the middle of season 3. I really like the focus the show has now on action and adventure in each and every episode. The first season really delved into the backstory of beach survivors, the second on the tail survivors, the third on the Others, and the fourth was supposed to be about the freighters. The best news for LOST was when the producers knew they had an end date for the show. Once that happened the story seemed to pick up a great deal of momentum. The bad news this season was the writer’s strike which slowed that momentum down a bit. They could not go as deep into the backstory of the freighter folk (which they promise to do next season). Also I thought this seasons finale was interesting but not as compelling or as polished as last year’s and that is probably due to the short amount of time they had to produce it due to the mid-seasons writer’s strike. Even so I still enjoyed it very much.

Especially the Orchid station which was the shows highlight. It brought back memories of the Swan hatch where someone had to do something (turn a key) to save the people on the island. We see that again here with Ben. It turns out he is not quite as cold as we thought. If he is telling the truth, he will not be able to get back to the island again. He has sacrificed that privilege in order to “move” the island according to orders received from Jacob.

The other surprising character is Sawyer who jumps out of the helicopter so the O6 can make back to the boat. It seemed kind of obvious though what he was about to do after Lapidus said he needed to lose another couple of hundred of pounds and everyone looked at Hurley. I guess the love of Kate is what is motivating this nice guy part of Sawyer. Juliet also made a big sacrifice by being the last to leave the island. I feel sorry for her the most, because all she wanted to do was get off the island to see her sister and now there is no hope at all for her rescue. What will become of all the island bound characters in the 3 years since the O6 left the island? And how will Sun get her revenge over Jin’s death. Will Jack be able to redeem himself for the unfortunate results of his leading them off the island?

I guess we will find out in Season 5.

Hope you liked the episode. Let me know what you think of this episode and if you have any thoughts on a couple of special podcasts we could do over the summer. Stayed tuned for our season finale podcast coming out soon.


11 Responses

  1. Great synopsis what do you think about this theory on Christian Shephard ? Do you think Jin could have survived?

  2. A great season finale, there was some answers given which is always a good thing in Lost. The Flash forwards were very interesting and it will be see how the Oceanic 6 will return and what Ben’s ideas are on how they should do it.

    In response to Tle’s questions i think that the raft people were moved with the island and are within enough distance to go back to the island. Christian Shepard probably appeared to Michael as an apparition to tell him that Jacob has finished with Michael. I think that the Island has moved to the Atlantic Ocean as it there are some remote islands there like St Helena, and in the same time line. I think that Ben killed Keamy out of avenging his daughter’s death and that he did not care about any one else only that he would get some justice for Alex’s death. I think that Ben blow up the Casimir effect machine partly to gain access to the area which had the real power. Also i think that Casimir machine only harnessed the power in small amounts and in order to move the Island all of the energy was used.

    I think that Jack has finally become a man a faith as he is finally believes that the Island is where they were supposed to be because of what has happened to Sun, Kate and Hurley. I think that John died after he got off the island to get the Oceanic 6 to return, as once he was appointed the new leader of the others if he left he would died.

    Two things for you to consider. Maybe Charlotte is Annie who survived the purge but cannot remember the island and that is why Charlotte is staying to try and remember where she was born.
    Secondly maybe Desmond and Frank are the two ‘dead’ survivors of the crash, maybe the Oceanic 6 considered them to be the other survivors as part of the cover story.

    keep up the podcast, see you soon. Jamie

  3. I was thoroughly disappointed with this episode, and with the shows current image as well.

    I assumed that when Jacob told Jon to move the island, I assumed that it was some sort of metaphor for something having something to do with the amount of radiation or something on the island. Unfortunately I come to find out it means just that; move the island. I felt really let down because that looks so lame and is such an easy way to avoid a block in actually writing something out. It gives the show a science fiction-y feeling, (not that there is anything wrong with science fiction). I know there have been other oddities on the island that seem to point towards the same thing, but this was just too much for me. (I never liked the black smoke either, I thought that was a poor concoction of the writers.

    I also have an opinion on everyone going to back to the island. Having mentioned science fiction before, my favorite science fiction show of all time is X-Files. And, if this was a case and Scully and Mulder were on it, Scully would have her usual “there’s a perfect explanation for all of this” attitude. Look at the personalities that have made it off the island; 1.)Jack; an overworked, alcoholic, pill-popping surgeon who always has to find more answers even though they never please him. He went insane trying to track down his wife when she left him and that was before he even got to the island. He was also an overbearing leader on the island, and it was apparent that when they were rescued everyone’s face on the raft was annoyed with him by then; 2.)Hurley; a former, and now current, clinically insane individual. He suffers from hallucinations before, during, and after the island. He claims to have the worst luck ever since he won the lottery, but that is assuming everything would be fine with him if he had never played, when in actuality it was the fact that he played those numbers from his insane friend that started it all; 3.) Sun; she misses her husband. The only thing eating her up is that she had Jin’s baby and he wasn’t there because he supposedly blew up on the boat. She is acting more like she was to kill someone than get back to the island, which would just be revenge; 4.) Kate; a former criminal who is living the good life. Kate has no reason, at all, to even want to go back to the island. She was on the run from the law before getting to the island. Now she is free, has a house, a child, (not hers)…She had none of that before. She has shown no signs of wanting to going back; 5.) Sayid; a former soldier in the middle east who was good at being brainwashed into believing something and then torturing/killing people. Although he is my favorite character, he is now brainwashed again into thinking Ben knows who killed his wife and how to get back at them. Come on people! We all know by now how goo Ben is at lying to people, and knows if he wants anything done by force he had to get Sayid on his side. So, Sayid thinks he is doing a good thing when he probably isn’t; 6.) Walt; Walt left the island a long time ago with his dad. He now lives with his Grandmother. To me, it seems like he could care less about going back. For some reason he hates his father now, why I have no idea, and shows up in Locke’s hallucinations. He has no reason to want to go back at all.

    I don’t know if that helped you see a different viewpoint on anything, but basically I am saying that the people who are off the island who were messed up before they were on the island still are and the people who are taking advantage of being off of the island are as well. I really hope they don’t go back, that would be really dumb. I have said from the beginning the whole story-line of wanting to stay on the island because it’s this “magical” place is a bunch of bologna.

  4. Last night’s show rocked, didn’t it? I really believe that John is alive, and is, once again, being manipulated by Ben. You can check out my ideas on my own blog about last night’s show is you are interested.

    The Girl From The Ghetto

  5. First off, I really enjoyed Miles this episode. I like his attitude. I liked the way Locke smiled when standing over the Others. And this season was much stronger than last season. Last season finished well but it really dragged in the middle.

    I think the raft people were probably close enough to the island that they were taken with it. If they had been left, they would have seen the helicopter crash and would have gone over to help.

    Michael’s dead. Christian was there to tell Michael his work was done and he could die now. Then he did. I wonder if Michael would have still been so brave if he knew he could die again.

    I’m guessing the O6 is going to have to find an open end of a wormhole or something to get back. I think that Locke now knows the new ‘doorway’ to get there and probably told one of them. I’m wondering if Walt, Desmond & Frank are included in the group that needs to go back.

    I think you’re correct in saying the island is in a different time and a different location. In the new Orchid video they showed the scientist guy said something like “the rabbit will go ahead in time 100 ms and seem to disappear”. I think ‘moving’ the island was the same thing in a grander scale in both time and size. How far in time the island got moved will be interesting to find out. I think that when Ben would up in Tunisia in his parka it was right after moving the island. I think his arm was hurt at the time and everyone assumed it was from falling but now we saw him hurt his arm and wearing the same coat.

    I think Ben truly let his emotions take control and didn’t care about anybody else. I don’t think Ben knows everything about the future but he does know some things. He probably timeshifts and brings good notes back with him. He blew up the machine to make the hole and to make sure nobody else could use it. They said the machine was electromagnetic which is why you can’t put metal in it. It focused the power from the ‘exotic matter’ in a controlled fashion for experimenting. When using the ‘exotic matter without the machine the results can’t be controlled causing Ben to wind up in the future in Tunisia and also moving the island.

    It was cool that Desmond and Penny got back together. It brought a tear to my eye. It will be sad when Ben tracks her down and kills her.

    I don’t think that Jack believes in miracles but he doesn’t have a good explanation for what happened. Maybe he won’t ever reconcile with Kate. We know now that Sawyer is still alive on the island and maybe there’s still a chance for them. I still think that Sawyer wanted her to go find his kid or ex or somebody that he wronged. I think Locke was killed by Widmore for not telling him the location of the island.

    My questions:
    In response to Jamie’s comment about Desmond and Frank being the 2 dead survivors, it’s not them. I watched the press conference portion of the part 1 repeat and they revealed who they were just like thy said they would. The dead survivors are Charlie, Boone and Libby. I had to think about it for a minute before I realized that there were 8 survivors, 3 died, but then 1 was born to make the 6. I understand why they chose people who were actually dead, but why those 3 and why mention any of them?

    Who was the guy outside the mental institution working for? Widmore?

    Why would Sun tell Widmore they have common interests? Is it finding Ben, finding the island, or is she setting a trap for Widmore?

    Does Richard Alpert not age because he keeps jumping forward in time? Can he still do that now that the Casimir machine has been blown up?

    Why wouldn’t Kate have stayed with Desmond and Penny and started a new life with a new identity? Of all people, she had no family she really cared about and was looking at a possible life sentence when she returned.

    What bad things happen on the island after the O6 left? Why does Ben want them to go back so bad? Is he trying to hitch a ride back to the island? Will Jack try to trick some of them into going back? Is there a significance to the name Jeremy Bentham? Will we get to see Ben and Jack dragging Locke’s (Bentham’s) body around Weekend at Bernie’s style? That would make a great episode.

  6. What an amazing season finale! i would be happy with a finale like this for the whole series.- not saying that i want it to end now, although, they explained a REALLY lot!

    which was the spectacular kiss?
    desmond and penny?
    kate and sawyer?

    i think they were both spectacular. sawyer probably thinks that kate is dead now… and he will blame himself for jumping off the helicopter, giving it more time to land on the freighter.

    when sawyer whispered to kate he told her;
    “could you find her, tell her i’m sorry”
    at least, thats what i heard.
    remember cassidy- the woman sawyer conned? she met kat too. that was relevant im guessing.. she has a daughter, and sawyer is the father. im guessing he wants to tell her that he is sorry that he ignored her, and for the way he treated her.
    thats probably the reason that kate and jack broke up.

    jack is such an idiot. i really dont like him anymore! ben was so nice, to apologise to locke, although i think there is more to when he said something like ‘im sorry for making your life miserable’.

    as you probably remember, jack didnt have a scar of his operation, in the flash forward where he was topless.. neither did locke have the scar over his eye. im guessing that every scarred injury gotten on the island was removed when the island was moved.

    this brings me to my next theory. i think that locke would have moved the island, and left it, and killed himself, as he is a nobody. didnt they say that the person in the coffin committed suicide? or is that in my head?

    the best parts were the desmond and penny reunion, and the sawyer jumping out of the helicopter for kate…

    another great part in this episode was when ben killed keamy! although keamy was an amazing character, i was glad to see ben get revenge.
    im guessing that ben accepted his fate, and decided that he was going to spend the rest of his life killing people who killed his daughter.

    which were your favourite parts? id like at least two from each of you 😛

    i hate jack, for leaving jin behind. couldnt they have thrown the ladder, and picked him up? well, it isnt really jacks fault, but jack annoys me.

    im quite unsure whether claire is alive, as boone appeared in dreams, and he was dead. at the same time, so did locke appear in claires dreams, and he was alive. what do you think happened to her?

    Check this out:

    ” Well in Lost terms, Jeremy Bentham is a pseudonym for John Locke. But in real life, Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher and social reformer.

    Bentham, born in 1748 and deceased in 1832, was one of the originators of Utilitarianism. Bentham argued for a variety of freedoms – including freedom of expression, women’s rights, the end of slavery, abolishing physical punishment, and the right to divorce.

    Upon his death, Bentham wanted his body to be preserved and displayed. His body was dissected in a school of anatomy and stored in a wooden box, his “auto-icon”. His organs were removed and his head was replaced by a wax one, whch now is kept in a safe at the College after multiple thefts.”


    thats really interesting. locke could have wanted to preserve his body, so that the O6 could return with it to the island..

  7. oh, and in summer, you could do an award show, for lost and prison break..

    my preference is lost, as prison break was boring this year

  8. didnt ben say that no mother managed to give birth on the island?
    how was charlotte born there?!

    remember in the second episode- why was faraday crying when he saw that the plane crashed?

  9. how did ben accept to never return to the island? how did he accept that fate?
    how did he know what to do?
    how did he know it would be cold?

    they took too long to show that desmond was in the helicopter.

    after the helicopter went downi was really crying as i thought he was dead.

  10. jack told desmond- dont let them find you brother.

    widmore told bem- you ll never find her.

    does this mean, that they are hiding somewhere, possibly on a boat or something?
    ben cant kill penny! desmond has waited too long

  11. why did ben apologise to locke:

    “sorry i made your life so miserable”

    not sure if i mentioned this before, but his life on the island? or before the island?
    could it be that ben was responsible for locke being thrown out a the window, becuase ben knew that locke was special, and wanted everyone to doubt him?

    how cool! ben time travelled!! XD

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