More thoughts on the finale


I originally thought that the whole fake cover story was devised by Oceanic Airlines in secret cooperation with Ben/Widmore to keep the island protected from the outside world and to protect Oceanic from any legal repercussions. But now it appears that Jack and the rest of the O6 came up with the story while on Penny’s rescue ship.

Jack was convinced to lie when he finally accepted that miracles do happen (even though earlier in the day he told Locke there is no such thing as miracles). These were a a few miracles Jack saw that day.

  1. The rescue helicopter develops a fuel leak but thanks to heroics by Sawyer and some others they make it on to the freighter and escape before the bomb goes off.
  2. The island disappears in front of his own eyes.
  3. The helicopter can’t find a place to land and crashes into the sea. All survive (even though Desmond nearly drowns) with little injury.
  4. Kate tells him it’s a miracle that baby Aaron survived the crash.

This in my opinion was a BIG turning point in Jack’s character (the man of science). We get confirmation of this in the last scene when Jack goes back to visit Locke in the funeral parlor knowing that he was at fault for not listening to the man of Faith. Jack’s leaving the island was disastrous just as Locke had told him it would be. Both those who escaped and those left behind on the island suffered because of Jack’s not listening to Locke.


Sayid said that Jeremy Bentham/Locke died a few “weeks” ago?
Where was the safe place he was taking Hurley to?
Hurley playing chess with an invisible Mr. Eko, weird.

Charlotte’s birth place. Could it be The island, and might she be Annie.  See a resemblance in this photo?

What was it Sawyer whispered to Kate? Here is my guess (essentially later confirmed by people who rewatched the episode with the volume up)

I have a daughter named Clementime who lives in Albuquerque.
Please contact Cassidy Phillips and make sure she is taken care of?
And don’t tell anyone what I just told you.
By the way take a deep breath I am going to give you a very long kiss 🙂

Since Jack saw Sawyer whispering to Kate why didn’t he ask her then what he said?
Jack is usually the nosy type.

Why did Jack go back to the funeral home and break in to see the body… to pay his last respects?
How did locke die, did Ben kill him, or Widmore, or was it really suicide?
If someone killed him, they covered it up with the phoney newspaper article.

The first scene with Kate and Jack was interesting.
How dare you ask me to go back after insisting we get off the island,
and all the people who we left behind (sawyer juliet and CLAIRE!).
The subtext is: Thanks for leaving me to take care of Aaron *alone* while you are popping pills!

it would be interesting to get a lost “chronology” version where all the events are in
chronological order. Then we would see the last scene of season 3 combined with this one.

The casimir cave, as I like to call it, where the island “cloaking” device was seemed a bit too special “effectsy”. I would have liked to have seen some Arne Saknussemm like markings or maybe some old relics of the previous civilization. I know we saw some Runes there, but I would have liked Ben to follow a series a tunnels with markings that led to the cave with the “Frozen Donkey Wheel”.
A.S. was a character in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth who left clues to find all the secret passages. By the way a new movie version is coming soon out on July 11, 2008. I am definitely planning to see that.
It looked like the island had not been moved for a long time as everything was iced over. By the way for ice there needs to be both cold and water.
Did Ben teleport to Tunisia right after he turned the wheel and the weird noise and light moved the island?
Why was there an ice “shield” blocking the way down from the Orchid?


3 Responses

  1. I dont think that charlotte is annie…
    she is too young, and not bens age.

  2. do you think that michael is in love with sun??
    i think so, as when she told him that shes pregnant, he looked sad..
    and in a mobisode, they nearly kissed

  3. why was it nessecary to move the island? all the frieghter people were dead, the boat was blown up…

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