All About LOST – AAC (There’s No Place Like Home pts 2 and 3)


This is the AAC version with Chapter headings, gobs of pictures, and URL links.  Hope you like it. 

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Picture credits:,, Chiara’s blog and Google images.





All About LOST – 4.13 (There’s No Place Like Home, pts23)

On this Season 4 finale edition of All About Lost, we discuss "the box" man, what Sun is up to, the where & when of the mysterious island, and many other puzzles. The listener feedback segment contains many theories of what happened this season and what may happen in the future of LOST.

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All About Lost – There’s No Place Like Home pt1 AAC

Here is a video version of our All About Lost Podcast on the first part of this season’s LOST finale.  We will be working on parts 2 and 3 this weekend.  This enhanced version has Chapter headings and many pictures from this episode to gaze at.  If you want to skip our tennis ramble, skip right to the Chapter 2 – Recap.

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