Most Popular Season 4 Episodes

Okay this turned out to be harder than I thought.  Last year I just looked at the scores from each episode poll.  This time I could not find the individual polls, so what I have are polls taken throughout the season comparing multiple episodes.  Scroll down to get my take on the MOST POPULAR episodes of Season 4.

From polls:

Most votes on who want commentary for these episodes

There’s No Place Like Home (37%)
The Constant (29%)
The Shape of Things to Come (23%)

Best Episode as of March 24

The Constant (xx) this was excluded from the poll (i.e. assumed already to be more popular)
The Economist (30%)
Meet Kevin Johnson (21%)
Confirmed Dead (15%)

Best Episode Ever for All Seasons – 22 June

Through the Looking Glass (25%)
The Constant (22%)
Pilot (18%) 
There’s No Place Like Home (15%) 
The Shape of Things to Come (11%) 

So based on this last poll and previous polls I would say the MOST POPULAR Episodes for S4 were (in order)

1. The Constant
2. There’s No Place Like Home (3 part finale)
3. The Shape of Things to Come 
4. The Economist 

The Constant

The Constant

There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home

The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come

The Economist

The Economist


 Will We Ever See Radzinsky ?

Yes We will see him in a flashback with an important line (22)
We will see him in a flashback but it won’t be important to the story (24)
Yes in the present time with an important story line (2)
Yes in present but really not important to the story line (1)
No his is dead and we will never see him in the story line (46)
We will only see him in a island dream/vision (5)

Quality of Seasons Best to Worst

1432 (22)
4132 (21)
1423 (13)
1342 (11)
4123 (9)
1234 (7)

Most Boring S4 Episode in order

The Other Woman
Something Nice Back Home
Ji Yeon

Top Twenty Most Visited on this site during Season 4

Here we are…  All of Season 4’s shows have aired and now it’s time for the most visited entries for this blog.  The top 20 list is below.   The Season 4 episodes with the most hits were: The Economist, Something Nice Back Home, Confirmed Dead and There’s No Place Like Home.  In my next post will be the most popular episodes for this season.


Title Views  
LOST Island Maps 7,007 More stats
3.14 Expose’ (Nikki and Paulo) 1,229 More stats
LOST Season 1 Recap 881 More stats
LOST Season 2 Recap 655 More stats
Cloverfield, Voltron, Lost and Godzilla 455 More stats
TLE’s LOST 2007 Baseball Lineup 406 More stats
Site Index 404 More stats
Episode 3.01 A Tale of Two Cities (Jack) 386 More stats
TLE’s LOST Survival Guide 297 More stats
3.13 Man from Tallahasee (Locke) 284 More stats
3.18 D.O.C. (Sun) 278 More stats
3.19 The Brig (Locke/Sawyer) 259 More stats
3.22b Through the Looking Glass, part 2 227 More stats
Lost, Cloverfield and JJ Abrams 221 More stats
4.03 The Economist (Sayid) 221 More stats
4.10 Something Nice Back Home (Jack/Kate 217 More stats
3.10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Hurley) 205 More stats
4.02 Confirmed Dead (Dan, Miles, Charlot 184 More stats
3.21 Greatest Hits (Charlie) 181 More stats
There’s No Place Like Home (Parts 2 and 153 More stats

Movie Review – Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

If you have listened to our podcast you might know that I am a fan of Jules Verne’s books.  My favorites are Journey to the Center of Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Well it’s been about 30 years, but yesterday I got to see a new version of Journey and this time in 3D.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well at least I thought so.  So here’s my impressions of this movie compared with the 1959 movie and the book.  Warning:  Many spoilers.

The book seemed more realistic to me in some ways (yeah I know, a journey to the center of the earth is probably not too realistic to start with), but in the book they use ropes and tunnels to get to the center of the earth.  And they do the same in the ’59 version.  But in this one they end up “falling” into the center of the earth.  They don’t die because the deep hole becomes a massive “water slide”.  Clever device by the writers, I say.  It also leads to a funny line.. After the main characters scream for a minute they realize their fall down the hole is not over yet, they look at each other and one says… We’re still falling… And then they scream some more.

In the ’59 version they find remnants of a lost civilization and then push a huge cup into the volcanic vent which then shoots them to the surface.  In the 3D version it’s a dinosaur’s head that gets lodged into a “geyser” that has stopped working.  The hero uses a flare to light the geyser wall which just so happens to made of magnesium and is highly combustible.  The wall explodes sending water down to the magma below creating an instant release of steam sending them all to the surface.  In the ’59 version they had to ride the hot lava out.

Now the 3D movie had totally contemporary characters with scientists who study volcano-logy who are looking for a man named Max who disappeared years ago, but who also studied the work of Jules Verne.  His brother and son find written side bar clues (ala National Treasure in a way) to find themselves in Iceland.  They meet a pretty mountain guide who is the daughter of another volcanolgist who leads them to the mountain of Snaeffels the same mountain where Jules Verne said a journey to the center of the earth would begin.

In the book and the ’59 movie Professor Oliver Lindenbrook follows the trail of Arne Saknussem an explorer who left coded messages behind from a journey 300 years earlier.  The events then take place around Jules Vernes lifetime in the 1800’s.  The 3D movie hints that all of these events did take place and that Lindenbrook told the story to Verne and that Max and Hannah’s father picked up the pieces from there.

So what about the 3D?  Well the effects were pretty cool.  Especially the “jump” scenes with the prehistoric fish.  The dinosaur and the man eating plants were scary but since I just saw Peter Jackson’s King Kong it took a bit away from the novelty of these scary monsters.

Overall I liked the movie.  It could have been more detailed with more history about the exploration and the clues left behind but for a PG movie (meaning young kids need to follow along) it was pretty good.

Now is there a connection to the Lost Island disappearing in one part of the world and showing up in another to this story?  I don’t know but maybe we will find out.