Lost Season 4 Awards

Best Action Scenes

  • Kate and Sayid Rescue Ben from Keamy
  • Hurley car chase scene
  • Juliet vs Charlotte fight to stop the Power station from releasing toxic gas
  • Smokey attacks !

Best Locke / Lincoln Moment

  • Locke “I couldn’t find the arboreums to enter the Orchid station.
  • Locke “Is this the magic box”  Ben, “No John”.

Most cringe worthy scene

  • Helo splashdown
  • Christian Shepherd saying he speaks for Jacob (where is the real Jacob already)
  • Ben serving ham on his date with Juliet (he forget to mention she was the only one invited)
  • Ben telling Juliet that she is HIS

Scenes we want to forget

  • Jin staying to defuse the bomb while pregnant Sun is waiting on deck
  • Miles 3.2 million dollar red herring
  • Miles chewing on a grenade for how many days?
  • Jack’s appendectomy 
  • Sawyer dodging bullets and rockets while the extras get mowed down around him

Scenes we can’t forget

  • Miles talking to the ghost and stealing his money
  • Jack accusing Kate of siding with Sawyer over him
  • Creepy Claire
  • Ben’s reaction to his daughter’s murder
  • A frozen donkey wheel?

Best scene

  • Penny promising Desmond she will find him when they talk on the telephone
  • Sun’s emotional scene at Jin’s grave
Funniest scene
  • Locke watches video telling them not to put metal objects in the Orchid machine while Ben is doing just that.  Ben turns on the machine blowing a huge hole out the back.
Best new character
  • Daniel Faraday
  • Charlotte (I just like saying that)
  • Keamy
Best plot twist
  • Sayid working as Ben’s assasin
  • Sun takes over her father’s shady business to get revenge on those responsible for Jin’s death

Best episode

  • The Constant
  • The Shape of Things to Come
  • Finale – There’s No Place Like Home
Worst Episode
  • Eggtown
  • The Other Woman
Biggest Disappointments
  • No Libby backstory only a brief dream appearance or two
  • No temple or 4 toed statue
  • No resolution to Rosseau’s story yet