All About Lost eps 5.03 Jughead

In this episode of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. rush through this weeks episode of the podcast. Episode complete with recap and analysis, and concludes with Listener Feedback.

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LOST 5.03 Jughead

In turns out that Jughead does not refer to Penny and Des’s beautiful baby boy.  No it’s a bomb.  Literally it’s a hydrogen bomb from the 1950’s.  It takes us almost an episode to get there so let’s get started with the recap, followed by thoughts and questions.

Jughead (lost-media)

Jughead (lost-media)



Des and Penny:

In the last episode Desmond had a vision/dream which he says is a recollection of an actual event.  He “saw” Dan Faraday knock on the hatch door to give him a message about going back to Oxford, England to find his mother.  Desmond is so sure this really happened that he tells Penny he must go there to fulfill Dan’s request lest all the people they know will die.  Some time later we see Des land at an outpost island place where he finds a doctor.  Turns out Penny is about to have their baby, which they name Charlie (in honor of Charlie Pace, of course, who saved them all from a surprise attack from a mercenary group sent by Charles Widmore in Season 4).

After the birth, Des goes to Oxford trying to find Dan’s mom.  He retraces his steps to the physics department (after talking to someone there who claims no knowledge of Faraday).   Des finds a locked door, and kicks it in to reveal Dan’s old lab (including a picture of Dan and an old “girlfriend” (maybe) named Theresa.  He is surprised by a caretaker (reminded me of the head monk who Desmond knew) who was there to burn the lab equipment who tells Desmond that Faraday did work their but was considered kooky for trying to send a mouse’s consciousness through time.  But he gives Des an address for the real Theresa’s location.  Des tracks it down and finds her in a bed unconscious.  She is a time traveler by the likes of it.  She wakes up talking about memories of her past and then goes out again.  Before he leaves Des finds out that Widmore has been funding Dan’s research and has been paying for Theresa’s care since Dan took off years ago (not to return).

Des goes to Widmore’s office and asks for Dan’s mom address.  He gives it to him.  It’s LA (another clue that the mom is Ms Hawking).  Widmore warns him not to pursue her, that there are forces beyond Desmond’s control and he would be better off leaving well enough alone.  Go back to your hiding place, but Des walks out not convinced.  When he gets back to Penny he lies to her.  She knows that Des will not allow his friends to be in danger so she agrees to go with him to LA.
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Updating the Site – Missing Photos

Just a quick post to let you know that I am trying to update all the pictures on the site.

Here is why there are pictures missing:  I linked most of the photos to Lostpedia and over the fall they upgraded their site which changed the picture file locations.

I will fix the problem as soon as possible.  I am guessing it could take a few weeks to complete so  I will do the “most visited” posts first.


All About Lost 5.01 /5.02 AAC Enhanced version


Special version of the podcast with Chapter markers and pictures. Download this file and watch with a Quicktime compatible player.

All About Lost eps 5.01/02 (Because You Left/The Lie)

In this edition of All About Lost T.L.E. and Jeremy discuss the two part season premiere of Lost Season 5. Episode complete with show analysis, questions, feedback, and T.L.E. goes on the clock for the first time in almost a year.

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LOST 5.01 Because You Left / 5.02 The Lie


This was an excellent premier. Time seemed to go by quickly while watching these two episodes (no pun intended), except for a couple of scenes which I will dispatch with here quickly.

The bit on Penny’s boat the Searcher (the “we all have to lie” scene), seemed a bit repetitive with last year’s scene in the rescue raft until it was brought out that Hurley was not okay with lying.  Now he expects bad things to come from it. He also said Sayid would not get his help in the future (although he saved Sayid from the people at the hotel).

The scene with Hurley and his Dad seemed kinda slow.  “Son, you are in trouble”.  “Yes I am in trouble”  “What trouble are you in?” etc.  etc.. But these are minor issues.  Now on to the good stuff.

Hurley and Sayid

Hurley scenes were “okay” funny but not really funny. They did a “Weekend with Bernie” with an unconscious Sayid (although I was expecting it to be with Locke).
Sayid is getting tougher and tougher (guy thrown off balcony, other guy impaled in the dishwasher – that’s a new one). But he says not to trust Ben. I guess Sayid has finally come around to not following Ben’s orders any more. Hurley had some fun things to say… Sayid is my friend, but also a spy with ninja moves. And Man if you just ate more comfort food maybe you would not want to kill everybody.

Ben and Jack (Locke and Hawking)

Who was that person that Ben talked to in the butcher shop? Why do they need to watch a dead Locke?

On the island Alpert gave Locke a compass that points north which Alpert said he got from Locke.  Before that

Ethan threatens Locke

Ethan threatens Locke (

Ethan came to point a gun at Locke when the Beechcraft crashed on the island.  I am thinking that when Ben turned the donkey wheel, the island and the plane were both in the same wormhole at different ends of the earth.  What was the deal with Ms. Hawking.  Is she part of some secret society?  How does she know Ben only has 70 days to complete his mission?  And what’s up with the pendulum thingy?

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All About Lost Season 5 Preview

T.L.E. and Jeremy preview season 5 as well as give information on how to contact the show as everyone eagerly anticipates the Season 5 Premiere.

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all-about-lost-episode-50  Transcript Show Notes

all-about-lost-eps 5.0  AAC version with Chapter Headings and pictures (download the file and drag into Itunes)