LOST Blu Ray Review

LOST S4.  I really enjoyed S4.  This season brought out what is great about LOST:  The mysteries of the island intertwined with the mysteries of the people.  Who were the Oceanic 6?  How did they get off the island and not the rest of the survivors?  What happened to make Jack regret his decision to leave?  Who died and was in the coffin?  

Season 4 just flew by for me.  The pace picked up, the action increased and the melodrama was kept to a minimum (no cages, yeah); although the love triangle became a love quadrangle (Kate Sawyer Jack Juliet) and a new triangle (Ben Juliet Goodwin).  But I will never forget Sun mourning over Jin or the heartbreak on Kate’s face when Jack tells her she should stop caring about Aaron and then when Jack leaves under the addiction of drugs.

And seeing Hurley revert back to the mental institution, and a huge shocker – Sayid working as Ben’s assassin, Wow! 

Last year we had Nikki and Paulo.  This year made up for that detour Big time with perfect introduction of 4 new characters Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Frank all with their own ties to the island or flight 815.  

It was a great season and watching the DVD’s brought it all back.  I especially liked the gun segment and watching all the flashbacks in their proper order (even scenes from S3).  Wow those were great scenes and great acting especially from Matthew Fox who tied it all together with his descent into maddness for his guilt of leaving the island.  Who would have predicted that, not me.

Okay, now for a few questions.  In the deleted scenes Claire asks Hurley if they are dead (after seeing a vision of her dead father).  Is Claire really dead, I can’t tell?  But how did she survive her house being blown up?  How did Miles walk through a sonic fence? I thought he was a ghostbuster but not able to read sonic energy.  How did Ben teleport himself to a location with his passports when he said that time travel off the island was unpredictable?  Well, these are deleted scenes so maybe the writers decided not to follow these story threads.

Anyway can’t wait for Season 5.  The writers are planning a new story telling device (different from flash forwards), so that will be really interesting.  I hope they can get in all the episodes this season, and not be effected be a pending actors strike.  Stay tuned to the All About Lost podcast for news about that.  And feel free to leave any comments about your favorite parts of Season 4 and/or if you have an answer to any of the questions I posed. 


LOST notes

Well it is just a few weeks  to go until the next season of Lost. I wanted to refresh your memory (and mine) on what has happened up to now on the show and what we may have to look forward to.

However, I must admit right now I am not quite as jazzed as usual looking forward to the new season probably because the story arc (for once) seems pretty predictable.

1. Jack wants to get back to the island and Ben has some ideas to help him
2. We saw a clip of Kate and Aaron being forced out of their home by a paternity warrant (but we don’t know who sent it yet). I have a guess (see item 1 above).


The plan to Return to the Island

The plan to Return to the Island



3. We know that all of the O6 + Locke must return to the island
– Hurley is ready to go prompted by his visions of Charlie saying they need you Hurley.
– Sun wants to go back to see if Jin might be alive while she plots to take down Widmore and Paik industries
– Sayid works for Ben, so if Ben wants to go back you know Sayid has to follow Ben’s orders.
– Jack and Kate were the most reluctant to return but Jack is driven by guilt and Kate is driven by her fear of capture and her loyalty to Jack and Sawyer.

4. The only real wild card to me is Locke. We know he is still alive on the island (from the preview clip with him holding the bloody compass). So how do they get him back there? For that matter how can they find the island? Even Ben said before he turned that Frozen Donkey Wheel that no one knows what will happen (to the island). And don’t forget that Ben and Widmore both want to find the island but neither is sure how to get there.

5. And what is Widmore’s motivation? Ben said he is going to kill Wid’s daughter Penny but the O6 aren’t going to let that happen if they can help it since Penny is the girlfriend of Desmond fellow island castway. Widmore said he will kill Ben if that happens so maybe the play will be Sun helping Widmore find Ben while she prepares her double-cross.

Okay now I am getting a little bit more jazzed for Season 5. I’ld like to hear your thoughts on what might happen. Drop a line to (tlepodcast@gmail.com).  Or just visit the blog to see episode recaps, pictures and theories from previous seasons of LOST, and leave your comments here.  We will talk about them on the podcast.