LOST 5.01 Because You Left / 5.02 The Lie


This was an excellent premier. Time seemed to go by quickly while watching these two episodes (no pun intended), except for a couple of scenes which I will dispatch with here quickly.

The bit on Penny’s boat the Searcher (the “we all have to lie” scene), seemed a bit repetitive with last year’s scene in the rescue raft until it was brought out that Hurley was not okay with lying.  Now he expects bad things to come from it. He also said Sayid would not get his help in the future (although he saved Sayid from the people at the hotel).

The scene with Hurley and his Dad seemed kinda slow.  “Son, you are in trouble”.  “Yes I am in trouble”  “What trouble are you in?” etc.  etc.. But these are minor issues.  Now on to the good stuff.

Hurley and Sayid

Hurley scenes were “okay” funny but not really funny. They did a “Weekend with Bernie” with an unconscious Sayid (although I was expecting it to be with Locke).
Sayid is getting tougher and tougher (guy thrown off balcony, other guy impaled in the dishwasher – that’s a new one). But he says not to trust Ben. I guess Sayid has finally come around to not following Ben’s orders any more. Hurley had some fun things to say… Sayid is my friend, but also a spy with ninja moves. And Man if you just ate more comfort food maybe you would not want to kill everybody.

Ben and Jack (Locke and Hawking)

Who was that person that Ben talked to in the butcher shop? Why do they need to watch a dead Locke?

On the island Alpert gave Locke a compass that points north which Alpert said he got from Locke.  Before that

Ethan threatens Locke

Ethan threatens Locke (Lost-media.com)

Ethan came to point a gun at Locke when the Beechcraft crashed on the island.  I am thinking that when Ben turned the donkey wheel, the island and the plane were both in the same wormhole at different ends of the earth.  What was the deal with Ms. Hawking.  Is she part of some secret society?  How does she know Ben only has 70 days to complete his mission?  And what’s up with the pendulum thingy?

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