LOST 5.01 Because You Left / 5.02 The Lie


This was an excellent premier. Time seemed to go by quickly while watching these two episodes (no pun intended), except for a couple of scenes which I will dispatch with here quickly.

The bit on Penny’s boat the Searcher (the “we all have to lie” scene), seemed a bit repetitive with last year’s scene in the rescue raft until it was brought out that Hurley was not okay with lying.  Now he expects bad things to come from it. He also said Sayid would not get his help in the future (although he saved Sayid from the people at the hotel).

The scene with Hurley and his Dad seemed kinda slow.  “Son, you are in trouble”.  “Yes I am in trouble”  “What trouble are you in?” etc.  etc.. But these are minor issues.  Now on to the good stuff.

Hurley and Sayid

Hurley scenes were “okay” funny but not really funny. They did a “Weekend with Bernie” with an unconscious Sayid (although I was expecting it to be with Locke).
Sayid is getting tougher and tougher (guy thrown off balcony, other guy impaled in the dishwasher – that’s a new one). But he says not to trust Ben. I guess Sayid has finally come around to not following Ben’s orders any more. Hurley had some fun things to say… Sayid is my friend, but also a spy with ninja moves. And Man if you just ate more comfort food maybe you would not want to kill everybody.

Ben and Jack (Locke and Hawking)

Who was that person that Ben talked to in the butcher shop? Why do they need to watch a dead Locke?

On the island Alpert gave Locke a compass that points north which Alpert said he got from Locke.  Before that

Ethan threatens Locke

Ethan threatens Locke (Lost-media.com)

Ethan came to point a gun at Locke when the Beechcraft crashed on the island.  I am thinking that when Ben turned the donkey wheel, the island and the plane were both in the same wormhole at different ends of the earth.  What was the deal with Ms. Hawking.  Is she part of some secret society?  How does she know Ben only has 70 days to complete his mission?  And what’s up with the pendulum thingy?

Kate and Sun (and Widmore)

Sun is on her way from England to LA when Widmore stops her? How did he get the airline or customs people to ID her picture and arrest her. He must have high level connections within the government.
Widmore certainly insists upon respect. Although I thought he overstated it a bit when he said she dissed him in front of his employees. They seemed to be out of earshot in that scene from last year.
The one touching scene was Sun and Kate. I never really expected that Sun ever blamed Kate for Jin’s apparent death, but instead I thought the two blamies’ were Ben and Jack. Although it could easily be Ben and Widmore.
But can Sun be trusted? She said we all need to protect our loved ones no matter what the cost. Sun is getting “darker”.
BTW I thought somehow Sawyer was the one calling Kate on the cell phone. Meaning that he got off the island with Locke, but I guess not. Was it me or did that phone look really fake. I guess they needed to clearly show that the call was from an unknown number.

Des and Dan (Penny and Charlotte)

Why did Desmond take so long to get to the door (he wanted to put his hazmat suit on and load his rifle).
Who are the new army folks and what time was it? What accent was that (maybe British?)
I was surprised Desmond was willing to leave his ideal life with Penny so quickly (maybe he had other memories of the island before this). By the way he has to get to Oxford before 2004… before Dan becomes part of the freighter team. He will probably get there after their first encounter at Oxford (when Des was in the army).
Is Charlotte going to die? If you can’t find your constant (like Minkowsky) your nose bleeds and you eventually cant get back in time. Who could be her constant (it is not Dan)?

Sawyer and Juliet (and Frogurt)

When Sawyer said all of our people are here (with them and Miles, Dan etc) he said except one (John Locke). Did he forget about Claire?
I really enjoyed seeing Neil Frogurt get hit by two flaming arrows. Man that guy is annoying!

Issues with Time Travel

Theory: Chang knows that the exotic matter can cause time travel and is extremely dangerous but how? This infers that some other person or group might have told him or that he was on the island before and discovered this earlier. If you think of Chronicles of Narnia the “pirates” traveled back and forth to Narnia via some secret caves like this one. whereas the children were “called” to Narnia by Aslan. BTW what was Dan Faraday doing there? That was like twenty years before his time in Oxford.

Chang and his wife had a baby (probably not born on the island). But if the baby was born on island than something must of changed later so that babies that stopped babies from being born there (except Aaron of course).Since we are talking time travel. Dan described it as being able to move a record needle from one location

Faraday Time Travel (Lost-media.com)

Faraday Time Travel (Lost-media.com)

to another an a record. Sometimes it skips around and can’t find a track and sometime it falls off the record entirely. This is a great analogy for all the time traveling we see on LOST.Dr. Chang appears to be one of the first Dharma scientists on the island. He seems to be the man in charge of everything. There are constructions workers around too (seen building the Orchid station). What happened to them. They had to be kept quiet if they left the island, or did they leave — alive?

Practical problems: It is strange to me that Dan says you can’t change what has happened, but he told Des to find him in Oxford right?
So when Des was living in the hatch, he not only saw Dan but learned his name. And was told to find Dan’s mother? Later on Des talks to him via the walkie while on the freighter but can’t remember his name.

However this could make sense if Dan was walkie talking to Desmond’s conscious from 1996, which was before Des came to the island.

Surprisingly Alpert can transcend time (and potentially Desmond as well). My guess is this is what makes Aaron and Walt “special” as well…. time travel does not effect them when other people are moving in and out of Time.

Questions for the Podcast: (Feel free to discuss whatever else as well)

  1. Can Sun be trusted? She seems to be working with (or at least talking to) Widmore.
  2. Who are the new army folks and what time was it? What accent was that (maybe British?)
  3. Is Charlotte going to die? Who is her constant?
  4. What was Dan doing at the Orchid station way back during Dharma times?
  5. Who was that person that Ben talked to in the butcher shop? Why do they need to watch dead Locke?
  6. How does Ms. Hawking play into to all of this?

10 Responses

  1. What an excellent season premiere!
    Flawless in my eyes! – except that Desmond didn’t show much… But thats ok.

    Don’t have much time. I just want to ask you what you think about this;

    Last season when Richard went to Locke (in a flashback), when Locke was still a little boy, and he told him to pick what was already yours. Locke picked up the compass if I am correct. This might have something to do with the compass that Richard gave him this episode. I must search for this. Will get back to you 🙂

  2. Ok; it seems asif it is the same compass. Or- that is what lostpedia believes.


  3. Could it be that Daniel Faraday doesn’t age- same way as Richard Alpert?
    In my weird theory, Mrs/ Hawkings is his mother. I really believe that she is, as he told Desmond to go find his mother, and she is British and has something to do with the island obviously!

    I don’t believe he ages, as we saw him in the past when the Orchid station was being built, and he looked the same age…

    Maybe he is Richards brother. That would be cool!!

  4. Also, I think that that fire arrow attack was way too convenient to get rid on the other losties!

    We have a really great chance of meeting Aldo this season, I guess…

  5. In my crazy world, Locke isn’t really dead. He is drugged. :p
    Then they might need him alive on their way back to the island, and he would die then. But Locke can’t be dead! He’s Locke!!

  6. Locke will be on the show for some time to come. The show runners love to kill off our favorite characters and then bring them back in flashbacks and flashforwards.

    Now my question is… can Locke be raised from the dead? That’s the real kicker. The show runners have been hinting at this since last season. “Do not raise him” could have referred to Jack raising Aaron or maybe they are talking about raising Locke from the dead.

    Maybe by bringing Locke back to the island they will be able to raise him from the dead, since the island has remarkable healing powers on those it wants to heal.

  7. I should mention that raising people from the dead is not unprecedented. People were raised from the dead as recorded in the Bible. Check out Acts 9:36-43 for instance. The entire list both Old and New Testament can be found here: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_people_were_described_in_the_Bible_as_being_raised_from_the_dead

  8. Yes- I study this at school 🙂
    I am really enjoying the direction this season has taken!

    I was thinking that Ben might have left Locke with that lady, so that she could put him in one of her freezers- so that his body wouldn’t rot.
    This is all too confusing for me!

    I just listened to your podcast! It’s great to be back 🙂

  9. So are Chiara and I the only ones who listen? Most of my ideas were covered on the podcast or by Chiara, but here’s a few thoughts:

    1) On the podcast you said that Ms Hawkings told Ben he had 70 days. I’m pretty sure it was 70 hours. 70 days is a really long time on Lost.

    2) I think that Sun sent the lawyers for the maternity test. It’s more than a coincidence that Sun just happened to be there and call right after. I think Sun was either doing it to hurt Kate or to push Kate towards her to gain her trust (or both). Maybe dividing lines are being drawn and Sun wants to make sure Kate joins Team Widmore.

    3) I think that we’re going to find out for sure on the next episode that none of the Oceanic 6 can die while they’re off island. We know Michael couldn’t and I’m guessing that Jack had tried multiple times before the time he was on the bridge. I think that’s why they used darts on Sayid (they knew they couldn’t kill him). I think that Ben and Widmore both can’t be killed either.

    4) I think Hurley was either not picked up by real cops, or that Abaddon is going to visit him in jail.

    I’ll try to post early enough next time to have input for the podcast. Most of my ideas were covered anyway, Ms Hawking is Faraday’s mom, the army guys were from WWII, the possibility that Miles is Chang’s son. Although didn’t we see Miles’ mom before? And I think Faraday probably ages (he just time travels) and is not related to Alpert.

    Great podcast guys.

  10. Lee,
    Thanks for the comments.
    You are right about the 70 hours. My bad. I will mention my mistake on the podcast.
    Sun is a good option (and cool twist) I did not think about. That would make her even more devious than I imagined.
    Since Richard has seemed to live for a long time, your theory about not dying adds up. But I keep remember Damon and Carlton saying that once a character is dead he is really dead. Of course the rules for the O6 may be different.
    Yeah, Abaddon is supposed to show up a lot this season and he likes to visit Hurley (and scare him too).
    We saw Miles visiting the mom of the dead kid, but have not seen his mom yet, I am pretty sure.

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