All About Lost eps 5.01/02 (Because You Left/The Lie)

In this edition of All About Lost T.L.E. and Jeremy discuss the two part season premiere of Lost Season 5. Episode complete with show analysis, questions, feedback, and T.L.E. goes on the clock for the first time in almost a year.

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3 Responses

  1. Hey Check out Knicks personality and dedicated LOST fan Al Trautwig’s Lost Thoughts: Episode 1 right now:

    He is definitely knows his stuff!

  2. T.L.E. its 70 hours not 70 days like you said… I think, I knew it wasn’t that long. Of course I’m not positive of what you said.

  3. Jeremy
    I did say 70 days. My bad. 70 days would give Ben way too much time given that LOST usually does one episode per day of island time. Of course who can predict what a day is anymore with this new time travel angle the show is going in. But yes it should be 70 hours.

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