LOST 5.03 Jughead

In turns out that Jughead does not refer to Penny and Des’s beautiful baby boy.  No it’s a bomb.  Literally it’s a hydrogen bomb from the 1950’s.  It takes us almost an episode to get there so let’s get started with the recap, followed by thoughts and questions.

Jughead (lost-media)

Jughead (lost-media)



Des and Penny:

In the last episode Desmond had a vision/dream which he says is a recollection of an actual event.  He “saw” Dan Faraday knock on the hatch door to give him a message about going back to Oxford, England to find his mother.  Desmond is so sure this really happened that he tells Penny he must go there to fulfill Dan’s request lest all the people they know will die.  Some time later we see Des land at an outpost island place where he finds a doctor.  Turns out Penny is about to have their baby, which they name Charlie (in honor of Charlie Pace, of course, who saved them all from a surprise attack from a mercenary group sent by Charles Widmore in Season 4).

After the birth, Des goes to Oxford trying to find Dan’s mom.  He retraces his steps to the physics department (after talking to someone there who claims no knowledge of Faraday).   Des finds a locked door, and kicks it in to reveal Dan’s old lab (including a picture of Dan and an old “girlfriend” (maybe) named Theresa.  He is surprised by a caretaker (reminded me of the head monk who Desmond knew) who was there to burn the lab equipment who tells Desmond that Faraday did work their but was considered kooky for trying to send a mouse’s consciousness through time.  But he gives Des an address for the real Theresa’s location.  Des tracks it down and finds her in a bed unconscious.  She is a time traveler by the likes of it.  She wakes up talking about memories of her past and then goes out again.  Before he leaves Des finds out that Widmore has been funding Dan’s research and has been paying for Theresa’s care since Dan took off years ago (not to return).

Des goes to Widmore’s office and asks for Dan’s mom address.  He gives it to him.  It’s LA (another clue that the mom is Ms Hawking).  Widmore warns him not to pursue her, that there are forces beyond Desmond’s control and he would be better off leaving well enough alone.  Go back to your hiding place, but Des walks out not convinced.  When he gets back to Penny he lies to her.  She knows that Des will not allow his friends to be in danger so she agrees to go with him to LA.

Thoughts up to now:  Des is going to be in danger and would be taking Penny closer to Ben who wants to kill Penny.  Widmore is looking out for his daughter and not lying to Des.  Naming the baby Charlie was a very nice touch by the writers.  Desmond kept his word, but I was thinking Penny should just let him try and forget (so Penny could be saved.  I am worried she will have the same fate as Sayid’s wife Nadia).

Questions so far:  Was that really Desmond’s old boss the monk?  How did he know he would be there?  I am just seeing things?

On the Island:

Miles Charlotte and Faraday are heading to meet Sawyer and Juliet at the creek.  On the way they notice a tripwire on the ground.  But their traveling red shirts do not and are blown “up the creek without a paddle”.  We are losing all the old survivors of the crash.  By episodes’ end all of the background survivors seem to be dead (just a guess).  The three are captured and taken to the soldiers camp.  There they are questioned by none other than Richard Alpert.  He wants Faraday to disable the bomb.  He thinks Faraday is part of a US Army division that he killed when they came to inhabit the island.  (Miles finds their grave-site).  Faraday tell them to pretend to be part of the Army group in order to stall until the next “flashy thingy” – me taking a quote from Men in Black.  

Ellie (lostpedia)

Ellie (lostpedia)

A young girl takes Faraday to the bomb after he promises to diffuse it saying he does not want his love Charlotte to be hurt.  Sure enough the bomb is just hanging their but is leaking something (toxic chemical or radiation I guess).  Dan tells the girl he looks like someone he knows (young Abigail?).  He says he is from the future and that the bomb will not be harmful, because he knows that in fifty years the island is there when he visits there again.


Meanwhile Locke saves Sawyer and Juliet by killing some of the soldiers.  He captures two of them and questions them.  Somehow Juliet thinks that Richard is still on the island (because he has always been there).  Juliet notes the men are speaking in Latin therefore they must be Others.  Why?  Because that is the language they learn in Others school!  Juliet gets one of the guys (Cunningham – reference to Richie Cunningham from the nostalgic 1950’s show “Happy Days”) to tell them where their camp is located.  But just as he does so, the Other soldier, snaps his nick.  His name-tag says “Jones” but a part of it is missing.  He runs off thinking that Locke is too old and feeble to follow.

He does find the camp and wants to speak to Richard to find out the rest of their conversation on how Locke is to leave the island to bring the Oceanic 6 back.  One of the soldiers tells Richard not to trust him.  His name is Charles Widmore (yes on in the same).  But when he talks to him Richard does not know Locke or believe his story about time travel and the compass that Richard gave Locke.  But Locke asks what year is this and Richard replies its 1954.  Well in two years you can find me, Locke says, I will be born then.  Just then the time shift occurs again.

After the shift the Losties and Freighties are there but no camp and no Richard or his people.  Charlotte has made it through okay, until she passes out and then nose bleeds.  Faraday holds her body and then – LOST.

Thoughts/Questions:  References to the US Army remind me of Kate’s dad who was in the Army and who left his daughter for many years.  They also found a US Army knife back in either Season 1 or 2 on the island.  Is it his knife?  Did he visit the island?  My old theory is that Kate has been to island before?  Did her Dad teach her to track there?

Where is Charlotte’s constant?  Why can Dan say he want let anything happen to her and then something happens to her?

I thought it was cool that Locke played the “Jacob” card to get Richard to believe he knew him.  Is Jacob alive in the 1950’s and leading the Others/Hostiles with Richard as the number two guy?  Richard admits they have a process to pick their leaders which is what John Locke becomes.  Richard uses the compass to test Locke (back when Locke is a boy.  But Locke fails the test by choosing the knife (if I remember right).

So Charles Widmore was on the island as an British army guy who joins Richard’s group of Others.  How did he get there?

What do you guys think of this episode.  Leave your comments here or email (tlepodcast@gmail.com).

6 Responses

  1. […] I thought tonight’s episode was great. This time the episode Jughead dealt more on the remaining survivors on the island during […]

  2. I don’t think that Widmore is necessarily a British army guy. He’s wearing the uniform that had could have belonged to someone else. (The Others have a habit of playing dress up.) I think the uniforms belong to soldiers that had previously come to the island (possibly scouting locations to drop the bomb or looking for the bomb?) but were all killed by the Others. They are also probably the ones who placed the mines. (The bomb may have been intentionally dropped after the scouting expedition because the Others killed all the scouts.)

    I still think that Widmore (and at least some of the Others) may have previously came from the Black Rock. Richard Alpert could have been captain. I think we will discover that Richard isn’t the only one not aging on the island. It’s part of the island’s healing ability. Widmore doesn’t start aging again until after getting kicked off the island.

    On second thought, Richard could have crashed on the Black Rock and been the only survivor. Widmore and the rest of the Others could have all come to the island at different times over the years. Widmore and a group of soldiers could have landed on the island and the Others selected who they wanted and killed the rest the same way they were doing with the Losties. The uniforms do look kind of WWII and since it’s now 1954, Widmore has probably been on the island for several years.

    I don’t think quite all the old survivors are dead. We didn’t see Rose and Bernard and there may be some other nameless Losties with them.

    I think you went back a little far on your Happy Days reference, 50’s?! Really?? Happy Days was the 70’s.

    It was nice to see a confirmation that Widmore had previously been on the island. Also it was nice that they pointed us again towards Ms Hawking being Faraday’s mom.

    What significance is the new girl going to play? She seemed to be shown too much to be a throwaway character. She’s close enough to Widmore’s age so could possibly be Penny’s mother, Faraday’s mother or maybe Ms Hawking. It’s possible that Ms Hawking, Penny’s mom and Faraday’s mom are all the same person. Maybe Widmore is actually Faraday’s father which is an additional reason he funded the research and helped cover up and take care of Abigail. At a minimum she’s probably Faraday’s mother which is why he recognized her. Either he figured it out for sure but didn’t want to tell her or his brain is slightly swiss-cheesed and he didn’t quite make the connection.

    Now we know why Richard was there when Locke was born. He was confirming Locke’s story because apparently disappearing wasn’t enough.

  3. Such an amazing episode!!

    Reading Lee’s comment, it could be very possible that that girl is Ms Hawking. Richard was so cool- “Richard’s always been there” 🙂

    No theories which I can come up with about it.. Although I believe that if the show had to end, it would end with that bomb blowing up all the people living on the island. (very unlikely, but you never know!)

    I believe that Rose and Bernard are dead. It makes most sense seeing as (no offense to them) but they are old, and won’t be able to keep up with the constant running etc.

    I honestly thought that Widmore was Locke (before we found out who Widmore was)- when John didn’t shoot him. We should be glad that he did not shoot him, as otherwise everything wouldn’t have happened. Nearly everything can trace back to him, except the plane crash, but I am sure that had Widmore been dead, the plane wouldn’t have crashed.

    Daniel is so sweet. 🙂
    I think Charlotte is dead, and he knew that she was going to die, and that was why he professed her love for her, because either way, she would be gone.

    This episode answered far more questions than it asked in my opinion.

    “How old is Richard?”

  4. Lee,
    Good catch. Agree with you that Widmore is an Other who got his suit off some dead Army guy. Yes Rose and Bernard are still alive. I think Rose said she was at “the church” in the first episode. This may be church that Eko was building in season 2. What I meant to say was that “Happy Days” was set in the 1950’s, but it did not come out quite right in what I wrote. It aired in the 70’s as you say. We use to watch that show a lot when I was a kid.

  5. Chiara,
    Dan is my favorite character this season so far. Although there is a hint he might be up to no good. Why did that girl (Ellie?) on the island say “you just can’t stay away”? Seems suspicious to me. If she is Ms. Hawking then the mother was holding the son (Daniel) at gunpoint…. very strange.

  6. My theory of how Charles Widmore got on the island was that he crashed there whilst serving during the WWII. Like Desmond, I think the island drew Widmore to it becasue it knew he was special and then the island through Jacob convinced Richard that Widemore was special.

    My crazy theroy of who is Charlotte’s constant is Ben. I think that Charlotte is Ben’s daughter with Annie but she died in child birth on the island. Ben blamed the Dharma Initatiive because they did not have the right medical technology to stop it and that is why he carried out the purge and gave up Charolette for adoption off the island because he was hurt of the pain of losing Annie.

    As for who is Daniel’s mother like Lee said the writers are swaying the auidence towards the idea that Ms Hawking is his mother. I think this right and maybe she is only helping Ben locate the island whilst reporting back to Widmore so when the O6 go back Widmore will come as well.

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