LOST 5.07 Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

This episode recaps what happened to John Locke aka Bentham after he turned the donkey wheel, got off the island, found the Oceanic 5 (w/o Sun), could not convince them to return, died trying, and returned from the dead to start again on the island.

Quick Summary:

Man and woman explore new station (on an island)
Someone not on the plane was found near the beach
We see a plane off the runway
It’s John Locke. He eats and speaks to the woman about his returning from the dead so to speak
There were three outrigger boats on the beach, now there is two because the pilot and another woman took one 

John wakes up in Tunisia with messed up leg wound
Is rescued and healed by Charles Widmore
Widmore wants him to return to the island
Widmore says he is the good guy who was kicked off the island by Ben 
Widmore sends Abbadon with John to find the O6
Widmore has a file to all their locations

John finds Sayid in Costa Rica?  But he won’t go back
John finds Hurley at Santa Rosa mental hospital.  But he won’t go back
John finds Kate at her house.  But she won’t go back
John finds Helen (his exGF) dead.  But someone does not want John to go back
So they shoot Abadon.  John escapes but crashes and ends up in Jack’s hospital
Jack says John is just a worn out old man.  And he won’t go back

John gives up trying.  He wants to die.  He tries to hang himself
But Ben saves the day, until he kills John himself
Ben makes it look like John hanged himself and says he will miss him 

On the island:
John talks to Ceasar who is looking at Dharma files
He goes to find the other O6 people he used to know thinking they arranged for him to be on the Ajira flight
Instead he looks at the wounded from the plane “crash” 
Lying there half dead is Ben
John tells Ceaser that is “the man who killed me” 

Quick thoughts:
Now we know why John is “special”. He could die and the island could still bring him back
Meaning the island wanted him to die first and then return to the island alive again 

John was not successful at all with getting the O6 back to the island, that was surprising to me
John died just like the newspaper clipping said – the apartment neighbors heard a noise from his apartment
– that was the struggle between Ben and John – he was later found hanged dead 

Ben is evil.  He let John live only to kill him when he mentioned Ms. Hawking
Both Kate and Jack were really cruel to John (that’s sad and disappointing) but consistent with how they left things on the island
I was sad to see that Helen was dead, I wonder if they could not get the actress back (Katy Segal was on that biker show)
Abadon died too, but we know what show he is busy working on – Fringe

Why would Ben save John only to kill him himself?  What does Ms. Hawking have to do with it?
Why did Cesar lie to that woman about stealing something from the Dharma station?
How did their plane crash in one piece and end up just sitting there in the jungle?
Where are Sun and Sayid?
It looks like they have written Abadon off the show, but how did he know to find Locke when he originally broke his back, why did he tell him to go on the walkabout?  Thought:  Could he have been on the Black Rock ship that crashed on the island in the 1800’s?
Why did Ben kill Abadon?  Was he going to kill Locke too, but missed?
Was Widmore or Ben telling the truth about returning to the island?  Is Widmore telling the truth about a war coming?  Is he really on the good side or is Ben?
Where was the new Dharma place they were at.  It looked a bit like the Arrow station where Patchy used to live, but that was much farther from the beach? See answer below in the comments.

All About Lost 5.06 “516” AAC Enhanced version


Time and Again

I read the book Time and Again after someone on one of the blogs mentioned it as a good book for Lost fans.  The book describes the story of a man who was recruited by a secret group of scientist to participate in one of their experiments.  He is intrigued and goes to their “lab”.  But the lab isn’t full of fancy scientific machines — no, instead it’s a recreation of an old town.  The people are dressed up in old clothes.  And the experiment is to try and recreate a period in time and given the right conditions, to actually travel to that time.  

This so much reminded me of this week’s LOST episode.  In LOST, Jack must recreate the scene on the island when the Oceanic 815 flight “deposits” a bunch of “strangers” there to live together or die alone.  To do this, he needs a dead body, a pregnant girl, a fugitive, a con man, a mashal, a married Korean couple, a lottery winer, a musician, and a torturer.  So here is my guess at Jack’s “first” attempt to recreate.  On the podcast, I said that Jack needs a few tries to get a right, and that this was just his first try.

So here is my guess at the “map” between the Old 815 survivors and the new Proxies for the 815.

Dead Body – WAS (Christian) – NOW (Locke)
It’s interesting in that Christian was the one who told Locke he had to “die” to get back to save his friends and return them to the island.

Pregnant Girl – WAS(Claire) – NOW(Kate)
Again it’s interesting that a “vision” of Claire told Kate not to bring him back.  Did she mean Aaron?  If so, that makes some sense since there weren’t any “babies” on the flight (that we know of).  I know being pregnant means there is a baby about to born, but he was not born yet.

Fugitive – WAS(Kate) – NOW(Sayid)
Kate was accused of killing her father for threatening her mother.  Sayid is accused of killing people for Ben Linus and for killing people who were threatening Hurley.

The Marshal – WAS(Mars) – NOW(New lady) 
Edward Mars was after Kate across the US and into another country (Australia).  Could the Marshal escorting Sayid have done the same?

Con Man – WAS(Sawyer) – NOW(Ben Linus)
Sawyer killed a innocent man (mistakenly) before boarding 815.  Has Ben killed someone mistakenly? An innocent woman maybe?

Lottery Winner – WAS(Hurley) – NOW(Hurley)
Who could possibly replace Hurley?

Musician – WAS(Charlie) – NOW(Charlie’s guitar)
Hey Hurley did the best he could to recreate the memory of his dead friend.

Married couple – WAS(Sun & Jin) – NOW(Sun & Jin’s ring)
Sun could not bring Jin, but she did recreate the memory through his wedding ring.

Torturer – WAS (Sayid) – NOW(New guy??)
I don’t know… the new guy seems too nice to be a torturer, but so did Sayid at the time. 

So there it is.  It’s not a perfect recreation of the key passengers of Oceanic 815.  But it’s a really good start.  Just ask Ms. Hawking !

Time and Again is a time travel romance by Jack Finney.

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All About Lost eps 5.06 (316)

In this edition of All About Lost, Jeremy and T.L.E. analyze episode 6 of Lost. Episode complete with rapid fire recap (for Last Week), show rating, full length recap (for This Week), questions/thoughts, listener feedback, and T.L.E. goes on the clock.

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LOST 5.06 “316”


Back to the Island

Kate Hurley & Jack return (from lostpedia)


Jack’s back on the island, but how did he get there?  We see Jack awake on the island with a close up of his eye, just like the very fist scene of the first episode of LOST.  He wakes among the trees gasping for breath as before.  But this time he is not hurt.  And Vincent the dog, does not visit him.  He looks in his hand and sees a note “I wish..” it says, but the rest of note is missing.  He hears a voice in the distance.  It’s Hurley screaming for help.  Jack runs to the waterfall and finds Hurley in the water holding on to a guitar case.  He plunges about 50 feet down into the water and saves Hurley.  A woman is lying on the rocks close by.  It’s Kate but she is not moving.  Jack revives her.

Now we are back in LA.  We pick up from last week’s show.  Ms. Hawking invites Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond into her secret basement laboratory which is protected by a locked door with a Dharma logo.  Hawking explains the mystery of the lab.  It was built by the Dharma Initiative to explore time travel but particularly to find the island.  A very smart scientist figured out that to find it, they needed to figure out where the island would be next because the island is always moving and can’t ever be found in the same location.  She tells them they must all go back on a flight over the next expected location.  They must fly on a specific Ajira airlines flight (FLIGHT 316).  They must also recreate the events leading up to their first trip to the island as closely as possible.  Hawking tells Jack he must bring something of his father’s on board the flight.  In fact, she says, John died to take Jack’s fathers place in the coffin on the flight.  Finally she tells Jack that Locke left a suicide note.  It is addressed specifically to Jack.  Jack is afraid to read it because he never believed Locke’s crazy stories, but also because he is afraid Locke still blamed him for leaving the island in the first place, which caused some terrible events to happen.

Jack goes to a bar (old habits die hard) where he gets a call.  His grandfather Ray has tried to leave the old folks home again and they need Jack to come and talk to him.  Jack does see him and gets from him a pair of his dad’s shoes.  He explains to Kate later that the shoes he dressed his father in for the casket were a bunch of white tennis shoes, because he felt his dad did not deserve anything better.  His dad had died in Sydney after going on a drinking binge brought on by his depression by being dismissed as chief of surgery.

Jack returns home to a dark apartment.  He is about to pour himself a drink when he hears a noise.  In the bedroom is a creepy version of Kate.  She literally looks half dead.  She asks Jack if he is really going back to the island.  She makes him promise that if he wants her to go with him she needs to never ask about her “son” Aaron ever again.  She kisses Jack passionately and stays the night.  The next morning they have an awkward conversation and she leaves promising to see Jack at the airport.

Jack gets a call from Ben.  He is at the marina all bruised up and battered.  He needs Jack to bring dead Locke to the airport for the Ajira flight.  Jack meets Jill (ha ha) and she asks him what’s in the bag (it’s a pail of water, no actually it’s his father’s shoes).  He puts the shoes on dead Locke saying Locke would be laughing now if he saw the crazy thing Jack was doing (Jack is known as the man of science, who needs a reason to do everything).  He sticks John’s suicide note back in Locke’s pocket afraid to revisit Locke’s crazy faith ideas.

At the airport:

Jack needs permission to bring Locke’s body to Guam.  He says it is what Locke wanted for his burial.  He turns around and sees the still depressed Kate walking to security.  Then he sees Sayid and a marshall headed there and finally he runs into Sun also.  A man tells Jack he is sorry for his loss.  That same man (who was in the movie Vantage Point with Matt Fox) also boards the flight.  Hurley buys up a bunch of tickets (I guess to make it so he is the last one on the plane like he was for Oceanic 815 and also to keep a lot of innocent passengers away from danger).  

On the flight:
Jack boards and sees Kate (who is still in no mood to talk), Hurley, Sayid, the female marshall and the Vantage man.  Suddenly Ben shows up which ruins the whole Oceanic 815 reunion plan. Except guess what Lapidus is flying the plane!  Ben tells Jack to read Locke’s letter (after making a quip about learning to read).  Jack reads it, it says “Jack, I wish you would have believed me”  JL.  Just then the seat belt sign flashes and then a flash flashes and Jack, Kate and Hurley are back on the island.  But where is Jin, Sayid and Ben?  Well we know one thing they have returned to a different time.  Because a new looking VW Dharma van pulls up (with music on) to reveal none other than Jin.  LOST


Was that Charlie’s guitar case and why would Hurley have it? Man that was some jump Jack made by the waterfall.  Is this the same waterfall where Sawyer and Kate found the gun case and Paulo found the diamonds?  I wonder if that scientist who found a way to find the island, was none other than Dr. Chang (Wickmond/Candle).  The episode title “316” refers to the Ajira flight number.  John 3:16 is one of the most famous in the Bible (and quoted at sporting events).  For God so loved the world he sent his only son, so that all who believe in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  The son is Jesus.  Ben also mentions Jesus and Doubting Thomas to Jack when explaining the painting.  Doubting Thomas needed to see and touch the wound marks Jesus suffered when he was crucified to believe his Savior was really alive again.  He would not believe his fellow apostles who told them they had seen and talked to Jesus after his death on the cross.  What happened to Aaron?  My guess is that Aaron is now doing creepy stuff just like Walt did.  In season 1 Walt is giving back to his father Michael after his mom dies and his adopted father says he can no longer take care of him (why?)  Well maybe because Walt talks backwords and ends up in places he is not supposed to be at.  And he kills birds with his brain.  Other that that he is barrel of laughs 🙂  Kate seemed very desperate and depressed.  She obviously had given up Aaron, but why?  There were more overt religious references in this show then we have seen in a long time.  Ben praying (maybe) and his recounting of Saint Thomas story from the bible.  “I wish you would have believed me” was all about faith even when we don’t totally understand.  Jin became a Dharma guy like Roger Workman.  So the trio must have returned to about the time of the Dharma Initiative.  This could be after the DI if Jin found a van after he met Rousseau also.  Who beat up Ben Linus and was he out to kill Penny?

Overall thoughts:
I liked this one.  But I like the Jack/Kate episodes and anything to do with the sci-fi mythology.  What are your thoughts?  Check out the questions above and leave your comments below if you would like to discuss this week’s episode.

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