LOST 5.04 The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a reference to the book by the same name.  It’s a story about a boy from another planet who says he has to die to get home.

From wikipedia… After some thought, the Prince bids an emotional farewell to the narrator, explaining to him that while it will look as though he has died, he has not, but rather that his body is too heavy to take with him to his planet. He tells the narrator that it was wrong of the narrator to come and watch, as it will make him sad. The Prince then allows the snake to bite him. The next morning when the narrator looks for the Prince, he finds his body has disappeared. 


Hatch light (lostpedia)

Hatch light (lostpedia)


Here is my analysis:

Sayid / Jack / Hurley / Ben

Jack is tending to Sayid who was out for like 72 hours after being hit by three horse tranquilizers.  Sayid is okay now, but a little woozy.  So Jack is giving him intravenous fluids.  A hospital administrator finds Jack and questions him as to why he has returned to the hospital after being kicked out for being under the influence.  Jack starts to explain when he gets a phone call.  It’s Hurley calling from the LA county jail.  He gave himself up to the law in Episode 2 in order to keep away from Ben Linus.  Jack is frustrated at Hurley because he wants to get all the Oceanic 6 back to the island, and getting Hurley out of jail (charged for murder) won’t be easy.  Meanwhile an orderly comes into Sayid’s hospital room.  Not to worry he just wants to give Sayid his medicine through the intravenous.  Sayid is on to him and jumps out of bed before the man can fire more tranquilizers at him.  He wrestles the man (choking him).  They find an address in the man’s pocket, it is Kate’s address.  Jack is worried, calls her, and goes to meet her.

Kate / Aaron / Sun

Kate is staying with Sun in her penthouse apartment.  It looks like Kate has decided to find out why a lawyer wants her blood sample to prove she is not Aaron’s true mom.  She goes to the lawyer’s office to work a deal.  She and Aaron will give blood samples if the lawyer will reveal his client to her.  But he refuses and Kate leaves only to stake out the lawyer and later follow him.  But before she does that Jack shows up.  She is reluctant to talk to him since Kate s last saw Jack popping pills and talking crazy about going back to the island.  But now she sees that Jack is sober and all cleaned up (no beard).  She finally trusts him enough to tell him about her situation.  They follow the lawyer to a hotel.  And when the lawyer visits a woman, they can see it is Claire’s mom.  Jack goes to talk to her to tell her that he and Kate have only been trying to look after Aaron.  But Ms. Littleton does not even know anything about the child.  She just came to LA to pick up her Oceanic settlement money for the crash victim’s families.  Jack tells Kate about this and they go to the pier to meet Ben.  Kate is shocked that Jack has teamed up with Ben (Ben had kept them on the island and used the women there for fertility experiments).  Suddenly Kate realizes it was Ben who was behind the whole lawyer blood test thing.  Jack defends him but Ben admits it indeed was him behind the plot.  ( I actually got this one right… I guessed Ben was working this angle in order to get Kate to reconsider her vow not to go back to the island).  However Sun has also made it to the pier.  In a previous scene, Sun is delivered a package.  Inside are surveillance pictures of Jack and Ben.  Also included is a gun hidden under a box of chocolates (Forest Gump reference, maybe).  ( In Forest Gump, his mom says to him “life is like a box of chocolates”, “you never know what you you are going to get”).  At the pier, we see Sun reach for the gun as she stares at Ben.  

On the Island:

Charlotte is still unconscious after going through time travel “jet lag”.  Juliet asks why this is happening.  Daniel explains that the conscious mind needs to know what time it is, and all the time travel they have done is having an adverse effect on some people.  Miles asks a similar question when he experiences the same nosebleeds as Charlotte.  Dan explains that it has something to do with how long you have been on the island.  But Miles says he has only been there two weeks.  Dan says “really”, as in maybe you have been here longer Miles.  Locke has a plan:  if they can get back to the Orchid where all this time traveling started maybe he can find a way off the island.  Locke was given instructions to go find the Oceanic 6 and convince them to come back.  He tells Sawyer “don’t you want to see her again” meaning Kate of course.  So they go off to find the Orchid.  They plan to use the zodiac boat on the beach.  While travelling there they here voices in the jungle.  It sounds like Claire and Kate.  Sawyer sees them in a scene from Season 1, the scene where Kate delivers Aaron from Claire (also at this time Boone dies and Locke pounds on the hatch door causing it to shine a bright ray of light).  Sawyer sees Kate but does not talk to her.  He tells Juliet (who is also nose bleeding) that’s what’s done is done and so he does not try to change future events.  Also I think Locke was afraid to go back to the hatch for fear of seeing “himself” which would cause all sorts of time travel conundrums. They make it to the beach but know one is there.  Dharma beer cans are strewn everywhere and two catamaran boats are docked there.  They take one of the boats and make there way to the other side of the island in search of the Orchid.  When they get about half way, the other catamaran starts shooting at them.  They return fire and then the time travel flash starts and ends with Sawyer thanking God.  Sawyer takes back his thank you when they end up paddling in a huge thunderstorm at night.  They end up on a beach with wreckage that has French writing on it.  Just then we see another life raft.  There are a number of people inside speaking French.  They pull a man out of the water.  The next day they give him water and find out his name is Jin.  The French team includes a man names Robert and a pregnant woman names Danielle Rousseau.  The same Rousseau who was trapped on the island for 16 years and who killed all the members of her team (including the father of her Alex her child).  Jin must have gone back in time to when the French expedition first landed on the island 16 years ago.

This was another good episode where we get lots of answers and maybe just a few new questions.

Why was Ms. Littleton (Claire’s mom) in LA to get the settlement money from Oceanic?

How long has Miles been on the island?  Did we maybe see him in the first scene in episode 1 as a baby?

Why does Kate consistently say the baby is hers, even when she is being constantly corrected?  Maybe the baby really is hers somehow.

How did Jin survive the crash?

Please feel free to comment on this episode.  You can leave your comments here or send them by email to (tlepodcast@gmail.com).


4 Responses

  1. The O6 have been living high on the Oceanic hog for quite a while. I’m sure families of the other passengers would have been paid settlement money long before now. Claire’s mom is either gullible or greedy. This allowed Ben to trick her into coming to LA. My question is, why would he want her in LA? Just for a cover for the maternity test or is there more?

    I agree that we probably saw Miles on the island as a baby in 5.1.

    I think the only reason Kate refers to Aaron as hers is the fact that she has been raising him for 3 years. Any adoptive parent refers to ‘their’ child especially after a length of time like that. I think that one’s a non-issue and probably not worth podcasting about.

    Jin probably got blown away from the ship in the explosion. He would have been further away from the island than the helicopter when Ben first triggered the Orchid. Maybe he was started jumping through time because he still had a physical connection (via the water) as opposed to the O6 in the helicopter. Presumably Jin has been jumping through time the same as everyone on the island but doing it floating in the ocean. Man, that sucks!

    It will be interesting to see more of Rousseau’s history. Does she kill the rest of her crew to protect Alex? Does she start having conflicts with the others because they steal her baby?

    There are definitely more questions I’m just a little brain dead at the moment. (No nose bleed yet)

  2. Maybe Ms Littleton wanted to pursue a law suite because when the O6 came back she was still in mourning and did not have the strength to go through with it.

    There is a theory that Miles was the baby in background of the Comic-con video with Chang in it, so I think that Miles is his son and was the baby in 5.1.

    Maybe Kate has gotton use to the cover story and believes it to be true but also I think she really does want to be a mother and Aaron is her best chance.

    I think that Jin survived the explosion by jumping into the ocean and then the shockwave knocked him out for several days.

  3. Kate had never adopted Aaron. Kate stole him, pretended to be his birth mother, and deliberately kept him from his grandmother, Carole Littleton, for three years. Out of the selfishness of her heart. The beginning of this episode makes this clear, yet the moment in which Kate convinces Jack to lie on her behalf is never mentioned in this article or by the other commentators.

    To this day, I am amazed at how many “LOST” fans were willing to make excuses for Kate’s actions regarding Aaron. It’s pretty sickening. They were outraged over Ben’s crimes or Michael’s killings of Ana-Lucia and Libby; yet saw nothing wrong in Sawyer’s murders or Kate’s crimes. I guess moral compass depends upon how popular the perpertrator

    • I had a Love/Hate relationship with Kate. I liked it when she would risk her life to help the group, but other times she would tag along and put everyone in danger. Sometimes I thought the writers were a bit lazy and used her character to move the plot along without giving her a motivation for what she was doing.
      My wife was a big Sawyer fan and so I can totally relate to what you are saying about him and Kate. His fans saw him more for his charms than for what he did in swindling a lot of women out of their money and destroying their families.

      Kate had a screwed up sense of loyalty. She wanted to “protect” her mom from the abusive Wayne, but it turned out that her mom actually loved Wayne. Once she killed him, it was too late, and her mom turned on her leaving her alone in the world. It was definitely Kate’s fault that this happened, and when she wasn’t wiling to take responsibility she ended up getting another man killed (Tom her childhood love).
      In terms of Aaron, I think Kate needed someone who would love her unconditionally and could forgive her faults (since Kate couldn’t forgive herself). So when she got the chance she took Aaron, sensing a chance to redeem herself. She should not have taken him, but she felt she had no choice when they fled the island and couldn’t find Claire. She felt guilty about taking Aaron later. I think Kate wanted to protect Aaron from an abusive alcoholic (namely Jack) because she was abused by Wayne.

      You are right, there is no reason, other than Kate’s selfishness that she kept Aaron from her grandmother. There is more but I don’t want to spoil anything. I agree with you comment about popularity causing people to overlook sins too. I see someone like Charlie Sheen being in the same sort of situation. Please send more comments if you get the chance. TLE

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