LOST 5.05 This Place is Death

A very creepy LOST episode indeed.  It is Charlotte who tells Jin “This Place is Death” … and it is.

On the island:

Jin is with young Danielle.  He knows how to get to the radio tower which is broadcasting the Transmission of the Numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42).  He will take Danielle’s team there in hopes of sending out a signal for rescue.  And from there Jin may be able to get back to the beach camp to look for Sun.  As they make their way there, a female member of the team disappears.  Some say she went to get some water, but when they find her canteen empty, they realize she is missing.  Suddenly we hear the click click of the monster (aka “Smokey”).  They look for her but she falls down dead from high up in a tree.  The monster attacks, they run but Montand is grabbed by Smokey and dragged to the temple into one of the Cerebus vents (described on the Blast door map in Season 2).  They grabbed him while he is dragged into the vent and “pop” off comes his arm.  (This explains a mystery from Season 1 in which old Danielle decribes the fate of her team… Montand loses his arm and she kills the rest who become infected with the sickness).  The men go after what is left of Montand who is deep within the temple.  Jin and Danielle stay behind and Jin then time travels into the future (about a week later).  He sees the decayed arm on the ground and he leaves the temple to find Danielle talking to someone on the beach.  He sees two dead bodies as well (shot by Danielle).  Danielle is talking to Robert, her husband, father of their child Alex.  Danielle wants him to stay away, but he tells her everything is going to be alright.  Danielle lowers her gun but Robert tries to shot Danielle but his gun has no bullets.  Danielle shoots him and kills “him”.

Thoughts:  This scene confirms that Danielle went crazy that day.  But the story she told Sayid in Season 1 was true.  She did kill her team that was infected by the sickness.  The sickness could be time travel or it could be Smokey taking over the identities of her team, just like Eko’s brother Yemmi was a manifestation of the Smoke monster.

Jin is chased by Danielle but gets away when another flash occurs.  This time he ends up in the same time (and place) as Sawyer, Locke and Juliet.  They have a happy reunion.  But Jin asks “where is Sun”.  To which of course they have no answer.

Locke tells them they need to find the Orchid to make all this time shifting stop. He needs to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the island (all of them).   They nearly get there when they experience three or more flashes in a row.  It effects everyone with nosebleeds, but Charlotte takes it the worse.  She is stricken and cannot go any further.  Daniel stays behind while the rest go on.  Charlotte seems to be flashing in time,  with memories of her childhood on the island.  She wakes up to tell Dan that she used to live here.  She knows the Orchid is near a well.  She remembers her mom and her leaving the island.  She used to listen to Geronimo Jackson records (found in the hatch).  She tells him that a scary man told them not to come back to the island or else she would die.  She suddenly recognizes that man was Daniel and she dies.

Locke and the remaining group make it to the Orchid.  Juliet says what luck that it is still there.  Just then another flash and the Orchid is gone.  But Locke finds the well.  Jin hearing from Charlotte that this place is death, tells Locke not to bring back Sun.  Locke promises that he won’t. Jin tells him to lie to Sun and say he is dead.  He gives him his wedding ring.  Locke makes his way down the well shaft (similar to scenes he took down to the Swan hatch and into the submarine).  He climbs down a rope but slips and falls during a time flash which seems to emanate from the well.  His leg is injured (again).  In the meantime, the well disappears from Sawyers point of view and he ends up holding a rope that is just buried in the earth.  

Locke is alive and someone is coming.  It is creepy Jack’s dad, Christian Shepherd.  What he is doing there we can only guess.  He tells Locke that he was told to move the island – not Ben.  Christian tells him that Ben is not one to tell the truth (or something like that).  But now Locke can accomplish his task.  Christian won’t help Locke up, but does tell him to “jiggle” the frozen donkey wheel and he will be transported.  He is just after Christian tells like to say hi to his son (who is Jack, but Locke still does not know this).

Thoughts:  I thought the scene with Charlotte was not as moving or emotional as it should be. Probably because we never really got to know her.  Although I am pretty sure she is related to Annie in some way.  Annie was Ben’s childhood sweetheart.  The scenes with the frozen donkey wheel always seem to be cheesy to me.  Just “jiggling” it to put it back on straight did not help the cheesy factor.  Why couldn’t Christian help.  Christian is looking to be more and more like he is Jacob all the time.  (Jacob is the man who gave Ben and Richard their orders and now does the same with Locke).

Off the island:

Kate and Jack pick up on the scene from last week.  Ben admits he staged events to get Kate there.  Sun gets out of her car and threatens Ben with a gun.  She wants revenge and blames Ben for Jin’s death.  But Ben says Jin is alive.  He will take her to someone that will verify his story.  She agrees but Sayid and Kate have had enough of Ben’s mind games and leave the scene.  Which means they have to retrieve them again to get back to the island.  Ben takes Jack and Sun to Ms. Hawking’s monastery?  On the way, Ben freaks out and tells them to stop questionign his motives.  He has been keeping them safe all this time.  They stop outside the monastery.  Just then Desmond shows up.  He was told by Daniel to find Faraday’s mom who is Ms. Eloise (Ellie) Hawkings.  

Thoughts:  Sorry but we are not surprised by this reveal.  Daniel named is rat Eliose and we met Ellie on the island back in the 50’s.  So Faraday’s mom being Ms Hawking is not that surprising.  This means of course that Daniel is going to be Widmore’s son if Ellie and Widmore have a child, but I digress.

Anyway, just as they are about to meet Hawkings the power goes out on my TV.  I am not sure what happens for about 42 seconds (yikes it’s the numbers again).  The power comes back on and Ms. Hawkings is telling them that she can “get started” even though the entire O6 group is not there.

Overall thoughts:  This episode was okay.  I was happy to see Danielle’s flashback which we have been waiting for for 4 years (no joke).  I always thought she was telling the truth.  But Danielle says in Season 1 “there is no such thing as monsters”, even though she saw the smoke monster in this episode.  Charlotte’s death could have been less silly (I am seeing my childhood memories seemed a bit forced or something).  I really liked the beautiful scenery near the muddy creek.  And I liked seeing the temple, but I was expecting something a bit more ornate.  


  • Why did Locke escape the grasp of Smokey but not Montand?  
  • How did Ben get Alex and why did he take her from Danielle?  
  • Why did Danielle say to Sayid there is no such thing as monsters after she saw a monster take Montand and turn her team into Yemmi like zombies?
  • Where / when will Locke end up when he time travels?
  • Did his turning of the wheel stop the frequent flashing on the island?

4 Responses

  1. Enjoyed the thoughts; a little more detailed than some on here. Especially agree about the connection between Annie & Charlotte. For a long time now my friend and I have speculated that Annie will be the something that sets Ben off re: Dharma.

    I also think that there is a possibility that Ben takes Alex from Danielle in some way to make up for a daughter he lost? Prior to this speculated it was a daughter with Annie, but now, who knows?

    Oh, and just to continue with the “plot” discussion of the show, the possibility that Locke escapes the smoke monster because at some point in the past, Locke has shown up and saw the smoke monster? (The smoke monster “knew” Locke before Locke “knew” the monster?)

  2. Yes. I believe Annie is key to Ben’s motivation and probably does have something to do with his wiping out Dharma, like you said. I keep wondering why Ben and Kate refer to the children they “adopted” or “stole” as “theirs”. It is funny how Ben makes a point of correcting Kate when she says Aaron was her son, when Ben did the same thing by calling Alex “his” daughter.

    I wonder about Smokey to this day (even after watching the show from the beginning. At first I thought Smokey was a dinosaur (it sounded like one). Then I thought it was nanobots (check out the novel Prey by Michael Crichton).

    Now I don’t know what to think. If it is nanobots then it can “appear” as a 3 dimensional object of whatever it chooses. Remember when Locke saw something beautiful in the “eye” of the island? Maybe he saw a form of Smokey and like you say, Smokey knows him now and won’t kill him.

  3. Glad to finally find out how Montand lost his arm. It has been bothering me for 3 seasons!
    I think that now, they should stop moving through time, and they end up in the time where Charlotte was on the island. Daniel finds “young Charlotte”, and tells her never to come back. It makes sense that way.

    Also, I am not pleased that Jin came back. I had accepted his death, and although we got to see Russeau’s flashback through him, I still think that they shouldn’t have brought him back.

    Ok; What does not make sense is this;

    So, in season 4, the helicopter was flying off the boat, and Jin was running waving his arms. The boat blows up, and Jin apparently gets thrown into the water. At that time, the helicopter, is still very close- above the boat. The island vanishes, along with Jin, but the helicopter doesn’t. It seems a bit fake that Jin ‘managed to get in the island’s radius’, and the helicopter- which was flying back to the island- wasn’t in its radius.

    Anyway- I really enjoyed seeing Danielle’s flashback, and I think that this was my favorite episode. It is true that the last scene was “slightly over exaggerated”, but I prefer seeing what is going on on the island, and it explained quite a lot.
    The main unanswered question of mine is; is the smoke monster, and the ‘tree uprooting monster’ the same thing- meaning: does the smoke monster uproot the trees, or something else.

    Why did Locke escape the grasp of Smokey but not Montand?
    A. They threw dynamite inside the hole at the end of season 1.

    How did Ben get Alex and why did he take her from Danielle?
    A. No clue.
    Why did Danielle say to Sayid there is no such thing as monsters after she saw a monster take Montand and turn her team into Yemmi like zombies?
    A. …

    Where / when will Locke end up when he time travels?
    I’d say in Tunisia like Ben..

    Did his turning of the wheel stop the frequent flashing on the island?
    Yes! (honestly I dont know)

  4. Also, 1 minute, Juliet and Sawyer saw the boat, and after the flash it was gone. Jin couldn’t be so far away from the boat, which makes it fake- unless there is a perfectly good explanation as to why Jin is there.

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