Time and Again

I read the book Time and Again after someone on one of the blogs mentioned it as a good book for Lost fans.  The book describes the story of a man who was recruited by a secret group of scientist to participate in one of their experiments.  He is intrigued and goes to their “lab”.  But the lab isn’t full of fancy scientific machines — no, instead it’s a recreation of an old town.  The people are dressed up in old clothes.  And the experiment is to try and recreate a period in time and given the right conditions, to actually travel to that time.  

This so much reminded me of this week’s LOST episode.  In LOST, Jack must recreate the scene on the island when the Oceanic 815 flight “deposits” a bunch of “strangers” there to live together or die alone.  To do this, he needs a dead body, a pregnant girl, a fugitive, a con man, a mashal, a married Korean couple, a lottery winer, a musician, and a torturer.  So here is my guess at Jack’s “first” attempt to recreate.  On the podcast, I said that Jack needs a few tries to get a right, and that this was just his first try.

So here is my guess at the “map” between the Old 815 survivors and the new Proxies for the 815.

Dead Body – WAS (Christian) – NOW (Locke)
It’s interesting in that Christian was the one who told Locke he had to “die” to get back to save his friends and return them to the island.

Pregnant Girl – WAS(Claire) – NOW(Kate)
Again it’s interesting that a “vision” of Claire told Kate not to bring him back.  Did she mean Aaron?  If so, that makes some sense since there weren’t any “babies” on the flight (that we know of).  I know being pregnant means there is a baby about to born, but he was not born yet.

Fugitive – WAS(Kate) – NOW(Sayid)
Kate was accused of killing her father for threatening her mother.  Sayid is accused of killing people for Ben Linus and for killing people who were threatening Hurley.

The Marshal – WAS(Mars) – NOW(New lady) 
Edward Mars was after Kate across the US and into another country (Australia).  Could the Marshal escorting Sayid have done the same?

Con Man – WAS(Sawyer) – NOW(Ben Linus)
Sawyer killed a innocent man (mistakenly) before boarding 815.  Has Ben killed someone mistakenly? An innocent woman maybe?

Lottery Winner – WAS(Hurley) – NOW(Hurley)
Who could possibly replace Hurley?

Musician – WAS(Charlie) – NOW(Charlie’s guitar)
Hey Hurley did the best he could to recreate the memory of his dead friend.

Married couple – WAS(Sun & Jin) – NOW(Sun & Jin’s ring)
Sun could not bring Jin, but she did recreate the memory through his wedding ring.

Torturer – WAS (Sayid) – NOW(New guy??)
I don’t know… the new guy seems too nice to be a torturer, but so did Sayid at the time. 

So there it is.  It’s not a perfect recreation of the key passengers of Oceanic 815.  But it’s a really good start.  Just ask Ms. Hawking !

Time and Again is a time travel romance by Jack Finney.

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