All About Lost eps 5.10 (He’s Our You)

In this edition of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss episode 5.10 of Lost, "He's Our You." Episode complete with mindless banter, Rapid fire recap, official recap, entertainment rating, thoughts/questions, feedback, and T.L.E. goes on the clock to conclude the show.

Intro: The Undercard
Segways: Kill Hannah

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LOST 5.10 He’s Our You (Ben/Sayid)

He is Our You refers to the name of Sayid’s torturer.


This episode explores the Ben and Sayid dynamic.  We see a flashback from Tikrit, Iraq.  A boy is told to kill a chicken to be a man.  He can’t do it.  Another boy comes along with some chicken feed.  He brings the chicken close, grabs it, and does a neck snap.  He is congratulated for being a man.  His name is Sayid.  Thirty some years later… Sayid is locked up in the barracks jail.  Ben brings him another sandwich (chicken.  He wants to know if Richard is his leader.  4 years ago Richard told Ben to be patient.  Ben will help Sayid if he is patient.

Hotel.  Man is running.  Money in the wardrobe is offered to Sayid.  Sayid pulls a gun on him and shoots him twice.  Looks like Russia.  Sayid goes out and through a B gate to meet Ben.  Andropov was the last one.  Ben is about to leave.  He says there is no on left from Widmore’s organization we need to go after.  Sayid wants to know what to do now.  You are free to live your life, Ben says.

Radzinsky and Horace comes with clippers (looks like they are threatening to get a finger from Sayid.  Oops just to clip his cuffs.  Horace wants to know who he is and what is he doing.  Are you in trouble, is that why the handcufffs, or a spy?  You have one hour to reconsider or we take it to the next level, says Horace.

Sawyer and Juliet see Kate through their window.  Julie thinks their home life is over.  Sawyer says nothing has changed.  Horace asks Sawyer to find out about Sayid’s motives or else he will call Oldham.  Sayid tells Sawyer a 12 year old Ben brought me chicken sandwich.  Head butt.  Sawyer can’t let him go or else he will ruin his life with Dharma.  Sayid would rather take his chances on the run – sounds like Kate.

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All About Lost eps 5.09 (Namaste)

In this episode of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. analyze Lost eps 5.09. Episode complete with rapid fire recap, official recap, thoughts/analysis, questions, feedback and T.L.E. goes on the clock.

Opening: The Undercard
Segways" Electric Valentine

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Lost Island


Lost Island - Empire Magazine

Lost Island - Empire Magazine

LOST 5.09 Namaste’

This episode filled in the blanks from previous shows telling us how the Ajira passengers survived and how Kate, Jack and Hurley were infiltrated into Dharma.

Back on Ajira 316… Kate, Sun, Jack, Hurley, Ben, Sayid and others are flying to the island.  Lapidus tells the co-pilot that Hurley must think lightning won’t strike twice and crash their plane like Oceanic 815.  Of course, just as he says that the plane shakes and shudders.  They have flown into the island’s electromagnetic field!  The plane goes from night into day and then crashes on the Hydra island on the runway Sawyer and Kate help make.  The copilot is skewered but there are survivors including Ben, Sun, Lapidus, Cesar, and Illana.

Juliet is looking for Sawyer.  He comes back to tell her “they” are back.  She mentions a possible cover story “the sub”.

Radzinsky looks like Paul Giamotta.  Jin says “did a plane land here?”  We are in the Flame. Radzinsky is making a Geodesic dome which is what the Swan looks like.  Dialogue is soo bad.. excuse me is said over and over.  Lapidus tells the survivors on the beach that the radio is  dead.  There will be more socks to kill off later.  Ben heads off for the Hydra that Cesar has found.  Sun follows him.  He asks her if she wants to get back to the island.  Jeremy thought Ben would get shot on the outrigger.

Juliet wakes up Amy.  She will name her baby Ethan.  Kate wonders what they will do now that its 30 years ago and Hawking never warned them.  Sawyer brings them 1977 clothes.  Since the new recruits are knocked out on sedatives on the sub they will never know.  The Muppets are playing on a tv.  We see a message on the monitor… there is a Hostile inside the perimeter.  Jin goes to find out who.  It’s Sayid.  Why was he separated from Kate and Jack during the flash?  Jin pretends to threaten his life.  This episode is somewhat boring so far.

Driving back to the barracks, Hurley warns them about the Dharma initiative being wiped out. Should we tell them? Sawyer says that Faraday has some ideas why not to (“what happened happened”).  “Ride Captain Ride upon this mystery ship” is playing.  I’ve always like that song. Juliet gets their names on the list.  They go to be indoctrinated.  Miles sees that they are back.  Jin says there is a “14J” at the Flame.  The 14J is Sayid.  Radzinsky locks him up.  Jin tells Sawyer he was alone.  Ben knows about the outriggers.  His arm was healed (or never hurt).  Lapidus follows them.  Sun wants to find Jin.  The big island is half mile to the Hydra.  Sun clocks Ben with an oar.  She “lied” about trusting him.

They call Jack’s name.  Chang welcomes him.  Amy was supposed to do it.  Jack is assigned to the shed as the Workman based on his aptitude test.  Kate is first not on the list.  Then Juliet saves her.  They pretend to meet.  Radzinsky thinks Sayid is a spy and wants to shot him.  Sawyer talks to him first.  “We are not referred to Hostiles” but I am one.  The outrigger gets to the sub pier.  Smokey seems to be there.  Just an animal says Sun.  They end up in the barracks.  We hear whispers and a light goes on in the building.  It’s Christian Shepherd being all backlit and mysterious.  He tells them to follow him and they will find Jin.

They end up up in a room with pictures of Dharma from past year.  They see Jin in a 1977 picture.  “You have a journey ahead of you” he tells Sun.   They have burgers and punch for the new recruits.  Sayid shows up still in handcuffs.  They go down to the basement lock up.  And they are to bring him food.  Jack wants James LaFleour’s house.  He hates the name James, a DI guy says.  Jack shows up at LaFleur’s house and Juliet answers.  They greet and Jack realizes that Juliet and Sawyer are together.

Jack is getting on Sawyers case.  C’mon Jack! I know you weren’t happy with Sawyer but he just saved you!  Sawyer lets him have it.  Sawyer says “he thinks things through, while Jack reacts”.  Kate is hanging out waiting for her moment with Sawyer.  They wave hello.  This is killing me, its so soapy.

We guessed it was young Ben giving the sandwich to Sayid.  Of course Sayid does not know him.  Ben asks if he is a hostile.  I’m Ben he tells him.  LOST

I really like the plane crash special effects.  Especially seeing the Hydra island appear out of the clouds.  We got to see the old Dhara stations again, including the Flame where Radzinsky was building a model of the Swan’s geodesic dome.  We know that Radzinsky will end up dead (that is what Kelvin told us in Season 2) and he seemed pretty paranoid and annoying in this episode.  Faraday is a no show again and I am pretty sure his story will soon be told.  Dr. Chang makes another appearance as Jack’s indoctrinator.  Sun’s conking Ben on he head was a surprise (I was wondering how just her and Lapidus were going to end up on the boat since it seemed that Ben was going to take her).  Overall this was not my favorite episode.  I suppose it was a little too easy to figure out what was going to happen for the most part.  Plus the dialog was a bit repetitive, especially the “excuse me” line anytime a character says something that is unexpected.  It sure did not take long for the survivors to meet up and start hating each other.  Looks like more of this is to come next week.

Where is Faraday?  Sawyer says he was here, but not any more.
How did Allana know that Lapidus and Sun left by outrigger when we did not see her watching them?
Did Smokey back off from attacking them when they landed because he “knew” them, or maybe he is just afraid of the water?
Where is Locke right now?  We know he made it back alive to the island.
Now that Sayid has met young Ben, what do you think Sayids reaction to this will be?
What jobs did the DI give Kate and Hurley (they gave Jack the janitor job based on his aptitude test)?  Which reminds me… where is Ben’s dad, the real janitor?
Why did Sayid end up in a different place then Hurley, Jack and Kate did when they “flashed” off the plane in mid air?

Who’s Got the Time (for Time Travel)?

That’s right.  Who’s got the time to think about all the crazy time traveling on Lost?  Well apparently I do, so please indulge me while I try to get my head on straight about all this time travel stuff.

Okay the first time we ever explicitly notice time traveling going on was in the episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes” inSeason 3.  Desmond meets Ms. Hawking in England who tells him he can’t marry Penny (or buy her an engagement ring) because his destiny is to push a button on the Island for 3 years in order to save “all of us”.  He breaks off his engagement to Penny and sails to the Island (though not intentionally) where he ends up pushing a button every 108 minutes.  Obviously Ms. Hawking knew about events that had not happened yet. That is why Ms. Hawking is called a temporal policeman (aka Time Cop) by the writers.

Also in “Flashes Before Your Eyes“, Desmond “sees” Charlie die by drowning and warns him that whatever he tries to do to keep this from happening, Charlie is still going to die just as he said.  Sure enough Charlie dies in the Looking Glass when it floods underwater.  Again Desmond seemed to “see” the future.

Now in this most recent episode “La Fleur“, another person comments about the future.  I’m talking about Juliet.  She tells Daniel, Miles and Sawyer that she used to live in one of the Dharma barracks.  But she is talking about living there in the future, since it is 1974 and she ends up living there from 2001-2004.  

So it seems anyone can see into the future if they have been to Lost island (or knows someone who has lived there).

Now who else has popped up here or there?  Well we have seen a soaking wet Walt appear to Shannon.  And Harper appeared to Juliet.  Ana Lucia and Charlie appeared to Hurley.  And most famously we saw Jack’s dad appear all the way back in Season 1 and again in the “Something Nice Back Home” in Season 4.  (Jack makes reference to this visit in the finale for season 3, when he says something like “you tell my father to come down here and we will see who is really drunk”).  Most people thought Jack was out of his mind on pills, causing a hullicination, but with all this evidence of time travel, I think we can safely say that he really did see his father as he had traveled in time.

But how could Jack’s father who died in Sydney in 2004 travel to visit Jack in 2007?  The writers say once someone dies they are really dead.  But Locke died this season (killed by Ben) only to show up again a few weeks later alive and well back on the island.  How could this be possible?

Well consider this.  There are two ways to time travel.  The first is through “flashes” where you remember something that happens in the future.  This is just like Deja Vu.  “Deja Vu” in French means “already seen”. It’s where we have a dream in the past about something that happens in the future.  When the “future” arrives we remember the dream we had in the past, viola! Deja Vu.

Desmond experienced this in “Flashes” where his conscious mind jumps back and forth to his body in different time periods between 1986 and 2004.  Of course too much flashing will cause death without a constant (i.e. a single frame of reference in both time periods).

The other way to time travel is to “die”.  John Locke did this and so do I think did Jack’s dad.  They both died and they both appeared on the island alive again.  The island controls their destiny (maybe if you are the guy who turns the donkey wheel this is your “fate”).  The “fate” being to die, but to always return to the island and a future time.

Hope you enjoyed this time traveling adventure.  Now it’s time for me get lunch.


All About Lost 5.08 (LaFleur) AAC Enhanced Podcast

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