All About Lost eps 5.09 (Namaste)

In this episode of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. analyze Lost eps 5.09. Episode complete with rapid fire recap, official recap, thoughts/analysis, questions, feedback and T.L.E. goes on the clock.

Opening: The Undercard
Segways" Electric Valentine

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4 Responses

  1. You mentioned whether time can be changed. I think the island is the only place where time can altered. Off the island the rules can not be changed, but since the island has unique properties, I’m lead to believe the island is the only place on earth that people can change the course of time.

    At this point in time when the story is taking place, I don’t think baby Miles has been born yet. We may see Miles die before the end of the this series, therefore leading the way for baby miles to come into the story. If there are two Miles, it will lead to a paradox.

    The Dock where Sun and Lapidus got off, I don’t think is the Sub dock, because it was only walking distance to the processing station, since all the new recruits were driven to the processing station.

    My theory on how Sun will be re-united with the others is that she will go to the Donkey wheel with Christian’s aid. But only they way she must learn to change her ways, as we’ve seen those with a change of heart have experienced a redemption in their lives (Jack now has faith, Kate now loves and can be a better mother, Sawyer has learned to settle down, Jin forgives his wife etc etc.) Anyway the only reason I think it is her turning the donkey wheel, is that she is on person on a mission, it’s not likely that Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Juliet, Sayid will all turn the donkey wheel. So after Sun turns the wheel, she will either go back or forwards in time. We have only seen the result of turning to go forward in time. So I assume it will be forward. Then she will exit in the Tunisia, will be in custody of Widmore. Together with Widmore, she will work out how to get back, but also along with older Ji Yeon and Aaron. Since the plane method has been done already, maybe they come via a boat (just like the black rock). Maybe since Penny has been attacked by Ben, we will see Desmond, Sun, Aaron, Ji Yeon and Charles Widmore unite and freighter their way to the island. This maybe the start of the war that Charles was talking about. I’ll let you fill in the rest of the story

  2. Sawyer should have told Horace that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid were the lost crew members when they were shipwrecked 3 years ago. Horace and Pierre Chang should have known about the time travelling phenomenon by now, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

  3. Why Pierre as a name, isn’t that french? There’s a french connection now, with Danielle

  4. Pierre is french. That name seems odd paired with Chang. Lostpedia gives a list of interesting things about his name. Pierre is french for Peter which goes with a lot of Lost names coming from the Bible like Naomi, Daniel, Paul, and Benjamin.

    I like the idea that Sawyer could have said those were the lost crew members. Still he would have had the problem explaining where they had been on the island until now and how they looked so clean.

    Sun using the frozen donkey wheel to get back to Jin makes sense. One thing Sun needs to do is to stop lying so maybe if she tells the truth it would be her redemption and the island would let her leave to see Jin. Now that I think about it Sun and Jin could be Adam and Eve (from Season 1), but I still think it being Jack and Kate is cool.

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