LOST 5.10 He’s Our You (Ben/Sayid)

He is Our You refers to the name of Sayid’s torturer.


This episode explores the Ben and Sayid dynamic.  We see a flashback from Tikrit, Iraq.  A boy is told to kill a chicken to be a man.  He can’t do it.  Another boy comes along with some chicken feed.  He brings the chicken close, grabs it, and does a neck snap.  He is congratulated for being a man.  His name is Sayid.  Thirty some years later… Sayid is locked up in the barracks jail.  Ben brings him another sandwich (chicken.  He wants to know if Richard is his leader.  4 years ago Richard told Ben to be patient.  Ben will help Sayid if he is patient.

Hotel.  Man is running.  Money in the wardrobe is offered to Sayid.  Sayid pulls a gun on him and shoots him twice.  Looks like Russia.  Sayid goes out and through a B gate to meet Ben.  Andropov was the last one.  Ben is about to leave.  He says there is no on left from Widmore’s organization we need to go after.  Sayid wants to know what to do now.  You are free to live your life, Ben says.

Radzinsky and Horace comes with clippers (looks like they are threatening to get a finger from Sayid.  Oops just to clip his cuffs.  Horace wants to know who he is and what is he doing.  Are you in trouble, is that why the handcufffs, or a spy?  You have one hour to reconsider or we take it to the next level, says Horace.

Sawyer and Juliet see Kate through their window.  Julie thinks their home life is over.  Sawyer says nothing has changed.  Horace asks Sawyer to find out about Sayid’s motives or else he will call Oldham.  Sayid tells Sawyer a 12 year old Ben brought me chicken sandwich.  Head butt.  Sawyer can’t let him go or else he will ruin his life with Dharma.  Sayid would rather take his chances on the run – sounds like Kate.

Dharma cafeteria.  Hurley brings Jack and Kate some lunch.  Try the dipping sauce.  Jack tells Kate that Saywer said to leave him alone to work out the Sayid problem.  Juliet and Kate are together at the motor pool.  Kate looks hurt to confirm that Julie and Sawyer are together.  More love triangle seems to be on the way… please make it stop!

Ben’s dad Roger is cleaning up in the jail cell area.  How dumb are you for getting caught… How dumb are you for sweeping they tell each other.  Oldham will be coming to get you. Ben gets caught by dad trying to bring Sayid food.  Roger beats Ben up and makes him confess.

Sayid is back to home building Santo Domingo.  Sayid meets Ben some time later.  John Locke is dead he says.  I think he was murdered.  A man in a sedan is watching Hugo for a week.  Sayid does not want to kill him.  Ben says this is not a choice at all it, is who you are – a killer.  I don’t like killing Sayid says.  Ben leaves.

Sawyer gives Sayid his last chance.  Zaps him.  Takes him to … Music is playing Anything but love.  Oldum are you ready.  He is our you says Sawyer (its the episode title).  Restraints are for Sayid’s protection.  Sugar pill drug is given to him.  You will tell us the truth, says Oldham.

Replay of Sayid leaving the marina.  If I see you again it will be unpleasant he tells Ben.  Illana sees Sayid at a bar.  Why pay for 120 scotch.  Rib eye bloody she wants.  Are you a professional.  I just thought you looked sad.  Banter ensues.  

When you are good at something people will tempt you to be the same.  She arrests him after that for killing Avaleeno. 

Oldham drugs Sayid.  There is no choice but to answer.  He wants to know about handcuffs .. I am a bad man… running away from people… i am not a hostile… from ajira 316… been here before on 815… for a hundred days… who is Sawyer… what do you know about the Flame… communication station… swan not even built yet… you are all going to die in the purge… because i am from the future… he thinks he used too much… sayid goes crazy…

Kate is working the garage… Hurley told me… Juliet did not want it to sound like she wanted Kate to stay away… but of course she did.

Others have a meeting.  We have a rule of law… Radzinsky wants him dead… Horace we need a vote… or i call Ann Arbor… we have to think about the children Amy says… they take a vote on the Radzinsky solution… all but Lafleur say yes… finally it is unanimous.

Sayid gets caught by Illana by family of Seychelles guy, Avaleeno, to return to to Guam.  Sawyer tells him to leave take his keys and escape.  Sayid sees no purpose to being back on the island.  He wants to die.  Sawyer goes to see Kate.  Why did you come back he asks.  I came back for my own reason (looking at Sawyer).  

Flaming bus smashes into a house.  The Fire brigade is joined by Jack and Kate.  

Ben did the flaming bus to free Sayid.  My father beat me up.  Will you take me to your people.  That is why I am here.  My father was a hard man too, says Sayid. 

Sayid and Illana are at the Airport to get Ajira flight 316.  Hurley is there.  Are you sure we are going Guam?  Jack and Kate are there too.  Sayid wants another plane.  Ben seems surprised to see Sayid.  Illana says she does not work for him.  Linus is a monster.  I did work for him, says Sayid.

Into the jungle they go.  Van drives by.  Its jin.  Sayid flips him over.  Sayid kills young Ben with a gun.  He admits that Ben was right.  “I am a killer “, he says.  LOST


This reminded me of the story of Eko and Yemmi.  Two brothers.  One kills to protect the other’s viewpoint against killing.  Eko killed for Yemmi and Sayid killed so his brother did not have to.  It seemed by the end of the episode that Sayid had made up his mind about his purpose for returning to the island.  It was to kill Ben before he grew up.  Illana really fooled Sayid, but it seems like she was taking a huge risk by capturing him the way she did.  Also Sayid really must have been remorseful and kind of agreed to go back to Guam, because he could have refused to follow Illana to the airport if he really wanted to.  Ann Arbor must be Ann Arbor Michigan the home of the DeGroots who founded the Dharma initiative.  That is who they were going to kill to get some advice on what to do about their prisoner, Sayid.  Ben obviously staged the Flaming Dharma bus as a diversion to get Sayid out of jail so he could meet Richard and be rid of his father.  Kate met Cassidy at a gas station, which reminded me of the scene with Kate and Juliet at the motor pool.  Kate acted pretty guilty when Sawyer glanced at her.  I guess the love triangle is not over (Rats!).  Ben is actually surprised to see Sayid.


Why did Kate come back?  It had something to do with Sawyer by the way she is looking at him.  But maybe it’s not what we expect.

Was Ben telling the truth about the man watching Hurley being an enemy or was it a setup by Ben to get Sayid to come back.

Did Sayid really succeed at killing Ben?  I have a theory as to might happen next that undo’s what just happened.  I will save it for the podcast.

How can we explain the coincidence of Sayid showing up the airport to get on Ajira 316 if Ben did not arrange this?

Overall I thought this was a good episode.  But I must admit I am dreading the revisited love triangle. I also think they may have to kill off Juliet in order to keep the triangle going without putting Sawyer in a bad spot.  Too bad because I like Juliet (although I have never trusted her).

3 Responses

  1. Yes I totally agree, this love triangle or quadrangle needs to stop.

    Wow, Sayid kills Ben. Didn’t Faraday say that what happened, happened. So Ben survives somehow, or is this changing the course of time? What a coincidence that there are two doctors on the island. Well three actually, Ethan will become one, but that doesn’t count at this stage. Maybe the part-time doctors will save a life or few. Maybe we also have to watch out for how Ben develops a tumor in his spine that Jack had to operate years later.

    Isn’t Roger Linus a bad-ass? I even think Sayid felt sorry for him for a breif moment.

  2. Roger Linus “Workman” is about the meanest guy ever on TV. He is no Bill Cosby that’s for sure. The only father on Lost that is good at all is Hurley’s dad, although I think he ran away for about 15. After he came back he paid off a fortune teller to convince his son that the numbers weren’t cursed. But most of the time he seems to be helpful.

    The doctor angle is interesting. Both Jack and Juliet don’t really like Ben so it was be interesting to see if they would operate on young Ben.

    My theory is that Richard Alpert will find young Ben, bring him back to the temple and resurrect him somehow.
    I mean he took Paul and his two dead hostiles back for a reason. Maybe he revived them from the dead already.

    • That is a good theory on the Hostile reviving Ben.

      Back on the idea that Jack and Juliet being doctors. Jack is a surgeon while Juliet is a fertility doctor. So I don’t think Juliet will be equiped to perform the operation. Now if Jack does it, it may blow this secret wide open. As Jack is supposed to have a low IQ, so how the heck is able to perform surgery. But the interesting thing is Jack has made this decision to help Ben before in the future with his tumor. So will this come back around again. After all what ever happen, will happen, but not necessarily at the sime instance in time.

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