Lost 5.11 What Ever Happened Happened (Kate)

“Whatever Happened Happened” refers to a conversation about time travel that explains everything that is going on with LOST, or not.


Jin wakes up after his being knocked out by Sayid.  He sees young Ben is wounded and bleeding.  He puts him in the van and returns to Dharmaville.  The Others are trying to clean up from the burning bus attack.  Mr. Linus aka Roger Workman asks Kate to use the winch to pull the bus from the burnt out house.  There is some nice chemistry between them which is weird since Roger is usually Mr. tough guy with Ben.  Jack shows up to question Horace about what happened.  Horace figures out that someone within Dharma must have let Sayid loose from jail.  Later they find the keys still in the lock.  The keys are janitor keys and there are only three janitors, Roger, Willey, and the new guy Jack.

Kate takes Aaron to visit Cassidy.  She is still ticked at Saywer and feels sorry for Kate being abandoned by him too.  Somehow she figures out Aaron is not Kate’s just by looking at her.  Kate brought the money from the settlement and lied that Sawyer sent it.

Kate shows up in the security room to ask Sawyer about Sayid and Ben.  Sawyer sends Miles to watch over Jack Kate and Hurley and put them under house arrest.

Roger talks with Sawyer outside while Juliet operates on Ben. Their regular doctor is at the Looking glass till Friday.  Juliet needs a real surgeon aka Jack to find and stop the bleeding.  How did they ever explain Juliet’s move from the motor pool to being a doctor?  I guess when she saved Amy, that was all the Dharma folks needed as explanation.

Miles tells them they are free to leave, but he will shoot them if they try.  Kate stands up for Sawyers plan.  Tubby (Hurley) is  looking to see if he is disappearing ala Back to the Future.  Miles says we never experienced how it all turns out.   What?  Since Ben Linus didn’t die he won’t die now.  Okay, I believe that.  Sawyer asks for Jack’s help.  Jack says no, he won’t die anyway.  He says he already operated on Ben once to save Sawyer for Kate.  He won’t do it again.  Sorry Freckles.  

Kate thinks Jack is being a stubborn jerk.  Kate says he’s just a boy.  Jack says he did it the first time Kate asks.  Kate says,  This is our fault.  Jack is no longer wanting to fix things.  Kate says she liked the old Jack.  Jack says Maybe the island will do it, and I was just getting in the way.  You did not like the old me Kate anyway.  Kate is a universal blood donor.  So Roger keeps Kate company while she gives blood for Ben.

Roger is full of regret for Ben hating him.  His mother is dead, died the day he was born.  He tried to do what she wanted, but a boy needs his mother.  Kate is thinking about Claire, Aaron’s real mother.  Ben is going into shock.  

The conversation already happened but not for you and me.  Once Ben turned the wheel the time is not a straight line.    When Ben got shot why did he not remember it?  Thank you Miles for not getting it either !  I am not the only one.

Juliet hatches a plan.  The Others can help Ben.  So Kate takes him in the van to the sonic fence.  Sawyer comes in the nick of time (of course this means he can be alone with Kate).  Oh well, we saw this coming, didn’t we.

Kate loses Aaron in the supermarket. She visits Cassidy and Clementine.  She lost him she tells her.  As scared as I was not surprised.  It is about time (for him to be taken).  Cassidy says it’s because you took him.  Claire was gone.  You needed him, not the other way around.  Sawyer broke your heart.

Back on the island Sawyer says I’m doing it for her (Juliet?) not wanting any kid to die, even evil Ben.  Juliet is a fertility doctor so this makes sense.  But she seems to have forgotten about her sister for the past three years.  

Juliet is ticked at Jack.  You came back for you.  No I came back because I was supposed to.  The island has a purpose for me, I just don’t know it yet.  JACK HAS BECOME LOCKE!  

Kate tells Sawyer, Clementine is beautiful.  Looks just like you.  Sawyer says something about not being a good boyfriend or father.  But now I am grown up.  Sawyer is finally doing the right thing.  SAWYER HAS BECOME JACK!

And Kate has become… Kate from Season 1 and 2.  The caring about other people Kate.

Mrs Littleton I am Kate Austin.  I know who you are.  Dr. Shepherd said something about Aaron.  He is your grandson.  Your daughter Claire is alive.  She wanted him to be adopted, but I couldn’t.  Because I needed him (to get over Sawyer??).  I checked in 2 doors down.  He is waiting when you ready.  He knows you will take care of him and I will be back soon.  Kate is going back to the island to find her daughter, Claire.  Good bye Aaron.  Why couldn’t she tell Jack this news.  It is not all that shocking.  Why did she tell Jack never to ask about Aaron?  I don’t think this explains it.

Kate asks Richard, Can you save his life.  He is not ever going to be the same.  He says he will forget this happened.  His innocence will be gone.  He will be one of us.  Richard does not answer to Ellie or Charles and so he takes Ben back to the temple for healing (I guessed correctly ! – look under comments from last week’s blog post).

Flash forward 30 years.  Locke says Hello to Ben in the Hydra hospital.  Welcome back to the land of the living.  Ben is very surprised to see Locke alive after he killed him.


Sorry to say the next week’s preview clip was more exciting then this show!  I am looking forward to next week where we will see more of the Temple and what looks like lots of action.  This week was very talky and not very mysterious.  See you then and hopefully I will have the new 2009 LOST baseball lineup to share.

4 Responses

  1. Where is Daniel Faraday, where is Desmond, and where is Annie, Ben’s girlfriend?

  2. I always had my doubts when I first listened to your podcast. Why they would call you TLE, because as I listened to you, it didn’t seem like you were a Lost Expert. Now you have proven me wrong. You totally guess it right with the island/hostiles reviving Ben. These writers have a way of conning us into thinking the most predictable circumstances, and twisting at the last moment. Even from the trailer it seemed like Juliet was going to save Ben’s life.

  3. I just watched the episode again. Was that Aldo with the others. If only he had a sham-wow.

  4. Jay Jay,
    I really got lucky with the Hostile’s reviving Ben thing. Now let’s see if the “Juliet has to die theory” holds up. I am still surprised we haven’t seen Faraday. I thought for sure this episode had to have something to do with him. Next week looks like a good episode for sure. Maybe we will get a visit from Annie, but I am just guessing.

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