LOST 5.12 Dead is Dead

Dead is Dead refers to a famous quote by the writers of lost “When you’re dead, you’re dead on LOST”.  It also was said by Ben when referring to his surprise that the island brought Locke back to life.  Even ‘he’ thought the island could not do that.


This was a really entertaining episode about Ben’s life from the time he was revived from Sayid’s shooting him until later when the island judges him.  Ben’s heart was dark but he expressed real regret for threatening to kill Penny but especially for putting his interest in the island above Alex’s life.  Smokey judged him just like he judged Eko.  But Smokey saw real remorse in Ben’s soul.  So he let him live.  But Smokey also saw Ben’s thoughts.  He still wants Locke dead (so he, Ben, can reclaim his leadership position on the island).  Ben knows this has already happened, that Locke is the leader, but he refuses to except it.  So Smokey became Alex (just like Smokey became Yemmi), to warn Ben about what will happen if he does not do exactly what John tells him.  And seeing Alex confirms that Dead is Dead.  Alex really is dead and all we see now is Smokey in the guise of Alex.

Widmore and Ben’s history started out good.  Ben wanted to stay with the Others and Widmore was going to let him.  But then Widmore gave John a test.  (Just like Ben gave John a test).  To kill poor Danielle was this test. (John’s was to kill his father).  But Ben hesitated when he saw young Alex.  He took the baby (to save it from the dangers of the island), which made Widmore mad. But Widmore would not kill the baby or Danielle himself.  Ben said Widmore had a child with an outsider.  Widmore was later banished, but told Ben that the island would kill Alex anyway if that was her destiny and it would be Ben who would later be banished.  All of this came true.  But was it fate?  Ben said he was to blame for letting Alex die.

Ben set up Cesar to be shot and made it look like Cesar was threatening Locke as his justification.  Man that was some manipulation!  But what was funny was Locke seemed to know what was happening on the island for maybe the very first time.  He even says to Ben,  paraphrasing ” how do you feel to be led around not knowing what is going on”. So the tables have turned.  Now Locke is the leader and Ben is the follower.

I really thought Penny was going to die when Ben told Sun to let Des know he was sorry.  It almost came to that at the pier.  Ben was ready to kill her, but was stopped (again) at the appearance of a child (this time it was little Charlie).  Des beat him and threw him into the water before Ben could apologize.  Children have motivated characters to do something kind in this episode and in Kate’s last week.

It looks like Anubis is back in front as the leading candidate for the statue again after we saw him talking to Smokey in the hieroglyph.

This was a great episode.  Full of adventure, mystery and sci-fi.  It was also kind of funny (maybe unintentionally) for Ben needed to pull the plug of water to call smokey.  And then called out to it, “I will meet you outside”.


  • Why did Illana ask Lapidus “What lies in the shadow of the temple”?  It reminded me of the riddle Desmond asked in S2 “What did one snowman say to the other snowman”.  Is this some kind of secret pass phrase?  In other words, did Lapidus tell Illana he would say this if things were okay?  And when he did not repeat it, she clunked him.
  • It looked like Illana was going to take the group away from the beach to somewhere (probably the statue).  What will she find there?
  • Why was Danielle to be killed? Why did Ben save her?  Why did he warn her to run away from the “whispers”?
  • What did Widmore do to be banished?  Does it have something to do with his having a child with an outsider.  Who is it?  My guess is still with Ellie as the mom of Faraday.  But why would she be an outsider?
  • Was Des shot by Ben?  Can Desmond die?  Remember he turned the fail safe key and the hatch imploded, but Desmond lived.  My guess when he turned the key he traveled to another time to avoid dying that time.  He returned to the island again after the implosion.

Check out this week’s podcast for the unveiling of the 2009 Lost baseball lineup.  This year the theme is Life and Death.  After the podcast I will post the line up on the blog.



One Response

  1. I found it ironic that Roger Linus told Kate that the kid needed his mom. Probably the same way Alex needed her mom. I just realised all the losties are been brought up by single parents. Is this the cause of a rebellious life. Those that live with both parents have the requirements they need to live a good life, with a dad who is a protector and a provider with good virtues and law giver, while the mom is a nuturer, giver and comforter, both giving different aspects of their lives but, offering what is needed for a good wholesome life.

    When John asked why Ben moved into the Dharma’s village. I guess he did it so that Alex would lead a happy life. But not thinking about what the Island wanted.

    I’m still not sure what Richard’s role is with the others. Is he like the spiritual leader like a priest. While Ben and Charles were the governing leader. Both taking orders from a higher level, Jacob/Island.

    When Desmond was shot I found it funny that he didn’t have any wounds, he probably fainted due to shock. but no blood or wounds, must have something good in that shopping bag. Maybe a sham-wow that absorbed the impact of the bullet. I was waiting for Vince to come out from behind the vehicle.

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