LOST 5.13 Some Like It Hoth (Miles)

The title is a takeoff on the old Marilyn Monroe movie, “Some Like it Hot” and a Star Wars reference to the Hoth planet.  In “Some Like it Hot” two guys who are on the run from the mob pretend to be part of woman’s band to allude capture.  In this show, Hurley and Miles pretend to be Dharmaites to avoid detection as time travelers from the future.  The “Hoth” reference ties into Hurley’s writing a screenplay for “The Empire Strikes Back” to save George Lucas some time (plus Hurley has added a few improvements as he calls them).  Since Hurley’s seen the movie gazillion times, it should be easy to do.

This was a Miles centric episode that explored his life from the time he was about five until he became part of the freighter crew who return to the island under the leadership of Naomi (who works for Widmore).  Miles became aware of his ability to read the thoughts of dead people when he stumbled upon a dead body in his apartment complex.  The body was calling out to someone and Miles could understand the body’s thoughts.  He later used this talent to make money helping the relatives of the dearly departed resolve any open issues.  Last season he told a ghost to leave his grandma alone.  This season a man asked to resolve an issue with his dead son.  This tied in nicely with Miles unresolved relationship with his true father Dr. Chang.

Miles realizes that having regrets for not having a relationship with someone is a heavy price to pay.  So after swindling the man he goes back to him to tell the truth (he lied about contacting the son) and returning the money.  His arguments with Hurley about his own father Chang have now come full circle.  Even though his father apparently abandoned him, he is here with Miles now and they have a chance to restart their relationship.  What makes this a bit weird is that Miles knows his father will die shortly and even weirder is that old Miles is alive at the same time as baby Miles.

Overall this a fairly good episode with Hurley and Miles providing much needed comic relief.  Here are few questions to ponder.  


How can old Miles and young Miles occupy the same time and place?  What will happen if they somehow come in contact (maybe “The Incident” happens, but I guess I doubt it)?

Juliet is definitely putting herself in danger.  What will happen when Horace and the Others realize that Jack’s group and Sawyer’s group are from the future?

It’s good that Daniel has reappeared.  What was he doing on the sub and where had he travelled and why did he leave the island?

5 Responses

  1. I’m still LOST! I still don’t know who planted that oceanic plane in ocean. Some might think it’s Widmore, but to me it’s still not clear. It’s possible the messenger could have intercepted these documents and photo’s after discovering what Ben had done.

    How many factions are there now? We know the main players are Widmore and Linus. Could there be another? maybe Hawking? Because the large guy driving the van which seems to be on the beach with Ilana is not working for Widmore, who we thought it could be, and Ilana deny’s she knows Ben, which she could be lying or is working for him indirectly. Just say Hawking is another party involved in finding the island and wanting to take possession of it (as she might have been a previous leader), it’s possible she could persuade the O6 to travel back on the plane, making the conditions good enough to have spies on the plane to carry out her instructions. Which would mean Christian Shepherd is working for her also.

  2. Seems like it has to be Hawking behind all this. Who else knew that Sayid was not going back to island, except Ben who was not going to be able to talk Sayid into going (after using him like he did). At least it makes sense now that Illana knew all along she was going to island. And yeah you are right, Hawking was a previous leader because when Richard was going to take Ben to the temple, one of the Others said he should check with Ellie and Widmore. Ellie Hawking.

    Christian could be part of this conspiracy too, as he told Locke to go looking for her. Who works for who, I am not sure if he works for her or vice versa.

    Now what is motivating them. Are they trying to get their kids back from the grip of the island or are they working for the island, or none of the above?

  3. It could be that Eloise Hawking’s is working for Dharma. After all she was found in an off island Dharma station. But I still don’t know how she didn’t know who Ben was when they were in the lamp-post.

  4. What’s happening to the podcast? Are you doing one for the latest episode?

  5. We have not made a podcast yet. Jeremy is swamped with school work and tennis. I may have to go solo this week. I am going to put up a new blog post pretty soon.

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