Special: The Superheroes of LOST


Watchmen by Alan Moore

Watchmen by Alan Moore

Damon Lindelof’s biggest influence was the graphic novel “Watchmen” a story about superheroes who were past their prime and being watched by an unknown force who wanted to kill the Watchmen.  In fact, these super’s were just ordinary people who became something special as a result of events that changed their lives.  Now in this past week’s episode of LOST, Hurley makes a somewhat of an off-hand comment to Miles, “My superpowers are better than yours…”.  This made me think that some or maybe all the people of LOST have some sort of special powers.  

Let’s think back.  John Locke was told he was “special”.  He has already proved it by coming back from the dead and now he seems to know some things about the island that he never seemed to know before.  Like knowing how to find the temple for instance without ever being there.  And what about Walt, he too was consider special by his parents and by Ben Linus who said he was much more than we expected (He has also been known to kill birds with his thought power).  

The aforementioned Hurley claims he can talk to dead people while Miles says he knows their last thoughts and emotions.  Jack’s talent is healing people and he was told (by Locke) that he was never meant to leave the island.  Kate seems to act of compassion and empathy even when its not the smart thing to do.  She killed her step dad to save her mom (even though her mom did not want to be saved).  She took care of Aaron and helped make sure Clementine was okay (even though both the mom’s involved told her she did not have to – although Claire had a creepy way of telling her).

Of course we have seen Desmond’s powers pretty clearly.  He aims to do good even if he has to die to do it.  He saved Charlie multiple times and also turned the fail safe key in the Swan hatch.  He can travel through time safely with Penny as his constant and rearrange events (although he can’t stop something that is eventually course corrected).  He seems to have a great faith but not in the power of the island – instead his faith is in goodness.  Speaking of which I wonder, do you have to be born on the island to get these powers.  We know Aaron was on island (but we don’t know his power yet (although he seems to have a rather large head).  And Ethan was born on island (he seems to be super strong).  Locke and Ben were both born off island.  We haven’t seen any other births (that I can think of).  Perhaps the rest were all born on island.  Kate in particular seems to know her way around the place.

Anyway it will be interesting to see if our Losties do have some latent superhero powers yet to be fully revealed.

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  1. I think you’re looking too deep into things, but if you want to play the game, then Jacob has invisibility.

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