LOST @ 100

Hey LOST Fans,

I just wanted to share my thoughts now that LOST has reached it’s 100th episode.  According to Damon Lindelof, LOST was never going to go this long in his mind.  He was asked where the show would be in the story at episode 74 and he replied he would be laughing if it made it past the first 13.

 Early on in Season 1, LOST had huge ratings and significant social relevance.  How could people of a variety of different backgrounds survive in today’s multicultural “world trade” like environment?  To top that off, there was a huge debate about terrorism, hijacking (the shoe bomber), torture and other such goings on.  And what does Lost do?  It addresses these issues nearly head on with its multinational cast, jungle survivalism, and overt reference to the Iraqi National Guard (Sayid) and torture (again Sayid).  Would the castaways be able to survive the island, and even more, could they survive each other?

Lost won best drama for Season 1.  And we all awaited eagerly the advent of Season 2, and what was ” in the hatch”.  I was betting on a World War II bunker.  But what very few if any of us could guess, what we found was not a “what” but a “who”.  Desmond.  A man cut off from the world but committed to one purpose… to push a button every 108 minutes by faith because someone told him it was his duty and his destiny.  More on Desmond later.  

Now the biggest event to happen to LOST in Season 2 was not the hatch or the button, it was something they found in there.  A video.  It was a video of a much larger story.  The Orientation video for the Swan (starring Dr. Chang aka Wickmond).  This event was the dividing line between the lovers of the Season 1 story line, and those who felt that Lost was telling a greater story.  A story full of mystery and adventure on the island and “about” the island.  Many fans dropped out not wanting a sci fi adventure.  Some others hated that answers to key mysteries were not quickly resolved (what brought down the plane?, where was rescue?, who were the Others?).  

In the meantime, the execs at ABC and the writers of Lost were trying to stretch out the story, a story whose ending was already known, for as long as possible.  That was until fans really started to complain about how slowly things moved.  For me the turning point was the killing of Mr. Eko and the lame introduction of Nikki and Paulo (which was done in an attempt to please the fans).  This marked the end of the “tailies” mostly, so why did they even bother to introduce them in Season 2 in the first place?  I was frustrated!  Really frustrated!  Would Lost regain its glory?  Thankfully the good news was just around the corner and it would literally be a turning point for LOST and it’s fans.

Sometime mid way in Season 3 it was decided that LOST would have an end date.  This let the storytellers map out the rest of the series by pacing the mysteries until the series finale in 2010.  This event brought about some of LOST’s best episodes starting with “Not in Portland” (first backstory of one of the Others) and “Flashes Before Your Eyes” (an episode that told us flat out that the universe will course correct whatever future events Desmond tried to stop).  And my favorite episode, “Through the Looking Glass” which showed how some unknown dramatic event had drastically altered the show and our characters (the man in the coffin, Jack on drugs, and of course “we have to go back” … Jack’s cry to Kate which signalled that somehow Jack and Kate had made it off the island).

Season 4 was just great.  No more dragging things out, we finally got right into the action.  Oceanic 815 was found at the bottom of ocean, Daniel Faraday and the freighter folk arrive to “rescue” the Losties, and we learned that time travel is dangerous and rewarding in probably the most popular episode to date, “The Constant”.  In this one, Desmond starts to travel back and forth in time and Daniel must figure out a way to bring Desmond back to him at Oxford so he can choose a constant to keep him from losing all reality and his life.  He picks Penny his long last love as his constant.  And we see them reunite with a phone call in one of the most heart warming scenes in TV history.  

Okay enough gushing, LOST has made it to episode 100 and its titled “The Variable”.  It has something to do with Faraday and time travel for sure.  It should be great.

Here is the cake they made for the celebration courtesy Dispatches From the Island, Jorge Garcia’s blog.


LOST 100 cake (Jorge Garcias blog)

LOST 100 cake (Jorge Garcia's blog)

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