LOST 5.14 The Variable (Faraday)

One of our favorite characters dies suddenly on this episode.  He is the one who realizes that you can change your destiny (or fate) because the human spirit can make its own way and can choose its own path.  We are the variable that determines the future (our future).

Daniel Faraday is playing the piano when his mom walks in.  She says he destiny is not to play, but to work at his gift of intelligence and its her job to nurture it.  Young Dan wants to do both but at his mom’s insistence he follows her advice and becomes the youngest graduate at Oxford.  His research assistant is also his girlfriend and her name is Theresa.  But his mom (Eloise Hawking) thinks Dan is wasting his time with her.  He needs to get back to his true destiny as a scientist.  Luckily Dan has just received a research grant from Charles Widmore to do just that.  At lunch she gives him a journal which says roughly paraphrasing ” Daniel… even if you forget, I still love you, Mom”.

Daniel’s research goes on for a while and we later see him watching the newscast of Oceanic 815 deep underwater in the Sunda trench.  His caretaker wonders why he is so upset.  He does not know.  Apparently Dan has been testing out his research on himself causing memory loss.  A man comes to his apartment (flat) and tells him he is Charles Widmore his benefactor.  He mentions he is a friend of Eloise and that the Daniel should not be upset of being kicked out of Oxford.  (Dan’s experiments led to his girlfriend ending up in a coma).  Widmore says he has not come about that.  He has come to offer Dan a job.  He wants him to return to the island because the real 815 crashed there.  Dan asks how he knows this.  It’s because Widmore faked the crash and put another plane into the Ocean to hide the real whereabouts of the island.  He promises the Dan’s memory will be restored if he returns to the island.  After talking to his mom, Dan agrees to go back.

Last we Desmond he was shot by Ben before Ben threatened to shoot Penny Widmore out of revenge.  Now we see Des in the hospital.  He may be dying.  They take him to surgery.  Penny and young Charlie are there too.  Suddenly Elloise shows up to apologize.  She says Des was just an innocent bystander in a much greater power play.  She is sorry for what her son did to get Des involved.  Penny thinks she means Ben, but really Elloise means Daniel.  Later we see that Des is okay, he has survived.  He tells Penny he promised to never leave her.

On the island:

Dan has returned from Ann Arbor home of the Dharma Initiative by submarine back to the island.  He is met by Miles.  Dan asks when did they come back (referring to Jack, Kate and Hurley).  Miles takes him to see Jack.  Dan promises Jack he can change the past by influencing their present.  Dan knows that their will be an electromagnetic discharge coming from the Swan that wipes out the people there.  His plan is to stop it using the Hydrogen bomb left on the island in 1954.  His backup plan is to get everyone off the island by warning Dr. Chang.  He tells Chang he knows this because he is from the future and so is Miles (his son).  But Miles denies it (probably because he is not ready yet to become friends with his father, but also because he thinks Dan is off his rocker and will expose the secret that all the new people are from the future).

Sawyer (aka LaFleur) is dealing with his problem from last week.  He tied and locked up his security team member after he discovered a tape showing Sawyer stealing Ben and taking him into the jungle to the Hostiles.  Sawyer calls a meeting with everyone to tell them the jig is up and they must either leave the island by sub or head off into the jungle to start a new civilization.  Just then Dan shows up.  He wants to find his mother (who is on the island in 1977 as part of the Hostiles).  Jack and Kate agree to go with him.  Before they leave Daniel warns young Charlotte to go with Chang on the sub before something terrible happens.  He tells her his name is Daniel.  They then head for the motor pool to get a vehicle when Radzinsky shows up.  A gun fight ensues and Dan is injured.  They escape and head for the sonic fence.  They disable it and make their way into the jungle.  

Jack asks Dan why he wanted to know how they got back to the island.  He tells them that Eloise sent them on a plane.  And she convinced them it was their destiny.  But Dan does not believe it anymore.  He tells them he focused so much on the Constant that he forgot about the Variable.  The Variable is our free spirit, how we can make our own choices and that we are not destined to live for fate.  His plan is to use the hydrogen bomb to stop the Incident from happening.  When that happens there will be no EM discharge and therefore no reason for Desmond to push the Swan station button.  The same button when not pushed which causes flight 815 to crash on the island.  If Dan succeeds there will be no more suffering from the crash that put Jack Kate and the other survivors here.  Their flight will land in LA just as it was supposed to.

Dan finds the Hostile camp.  He carries a gun (big mistake) and shouts for Ellie.  Richard shows up (carrying a coffee cup again, didn’t he have one last time someone showed up to see him).  He says she is not there.  Dan threatens to kill Richard unless Ellie talks to him.  He counts to three and on three a shot rings out.  But Dan is the one who is shot by none other than Elloise.  She asks who he is and he tells her he is her son.  He also says that she knew when she sent him there that this (his death) was going to happen.  LOST


What do you think?  Are our fates decided ,or can we choose our own path?
Did Elloise know she was sending Daniel to his death on the island (because she was the one who killed him there)?
What will change if they do stop the Incident from happening?  Will they all disappear off the island?  Or will something else intervene so that the universe course corrects and puts them back on the same path as before?
Looks like next week we will know.  What do you think is going to happen?

5 Responses

  1. I think Eloise knew she was going to kill Daniel, that why the diary said, “No matter what happens, I will always love you”, the ‘what’ is his murder.

    My question is, if they could revive Ben, why not Daniel also? Richard Alpert asked why Ellie shot him, so Richard would have compassion for him.

    Maybe the island believes in destiny, but because Daniel don’t believe, he would have had the faith to be healed, or would have been rejected by the island.

    If Dan is Widmore’s son, could Penny be his twin sister, like in Star Wars.

    How on earth is Chang going to be able to evacuate the island within 6 hours? And how large will the incident be? Will it encompass the island or just the location of the Swan. Surely if Jughead were to be unleashed on the island to stop the incident, then it would destroy the island and it’s inhabitants.

    • I meant
      “Maybe the island believes in destiny, but because Daniel doesn’t believe, he wouldn’t have had the faith to be healed, or maybe he would have been rejected by the island for his beliefs.”

  2. When watching the show I thought it looked like Eloise at the camp was surprised when Dan said he was her son. But Dan definitely thought older Eloise set him to die there. Older Eloise knew this and sent Dan to the past anyway. Like you said, the journal entry ” I will always love you” seems to indicate that.

    I agree. Why not try to revive Dan at the temple? It worked just a day or two before for Ben. Of course Ben forgot everything that happened before the temple healing, but Dan still remembers the Hydrogen bomb from the 1950’s. So Dan must not have been taken to the temple and is probably totally dead.

    Yes Dan is Penny’s brother or half brother. Are they twins? I don’t know but since Damon and Carlton love Star Wars I would not be surprised.

    Chang could get them to the Hydra by using the boat (the one Jack took after Coleen was buried at sea in Season 3). Or they could use the time machine in the Hydra. Or I guess they could turn the donkey wheel (if they find it in time). I hope Jughead does not detonate because how would we be able to explain the Barracks (aka Otherville) surviving in the 1970’s until 1990’s?

    On the beliefs side of things… we know that Locke has a strong belief in the island and was resurrected, Ben was devoted to the island also. Dan not so much. He mainly was interested in saving Charlotte and later in stopping the Oceanic flight from crashing. So yeah, the island probably does not want him back as you said.

    Should be a good episode this week. We are going to wait and do a double podcast next weekend.

  3. Hey guys,
    I believe things would’ve turned out better for Faraday if only Jack had a Shamwow to stop the bleeding from his flesh wound inflicted by Radsinski. Follow me on this. Daniel was acting a little suicidal when he rushed into the Others camp waving a gun. I blame his blood loss on this irrational behavior. If Jack had the right wonder rag, he would’ve been able to stop the bleeding faster and helped Faraday keep his wits about him.

    This was for you, J. You guys rock. Now I need to post a comment on the Prisonbreak blog. I have a theory about Shamwow that would’ve clearly made that show 100% critic proof.

    Kelli from California

  4. Thanks Kelli,
    Good Shamwow theory. Jeremy will be pleased I bet. The weird thing was Daniel seemed almost sane when he got off the submarine and the island was healing his memory / crazy problem. But both of us said the same thing when we watched the show… “Why is he waving that gun around in the camp of the hostile’s ? Somebody’s going to get shot.” Of course I would have never expected it would be Ellie who would shoot him. TLE

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