LOST 5.15 Follow the Leader (Jack/Locke)

LOST 5.15 Follow the Leader

LOST 5.15 Follow the Leader


Follow the leader. Should we follow Locke or should we follow Jack?

Jack wants to find the hydrogen bomb. According to Dan Faraday (recently deceased), if they detonate the bomb it will stop all the events preceding the crash of 815. In fact, flight 815 will continue on its merry way to Los Angeles and according to Jack none of the suffering they have seen on the island will happen. And he flat out says that none of their suffering was worth the trouble. Kate tries to convince him that some of their suffering was worth it, because they met each other. Jack seems to think otherwise. Jack you are very dense.  You need to listen to Kate for once.

Meanwhile Locke has returned to the beach. He finds Richard and the temple people (aka hostiles) waiting for Ben. Ben returns but Locke and Sun are with him (and a boar that Locke brings as a peace offering). Locke has some work to do and he promises Sun if there is any way to find Jin and their other friends, he will find it. Richard says he remembers their friends from 1977. He remembers them distinctly because they all died in front of him.

THOUGHTS / What we find out:
Kate, Richard and Ben all think Locke is a crazy trouble maker.
Miles admits that he is Chang’s son from the future.
Chang gets everyone off the island including young Miles and his mom. They don’t understand why they have to leave.
Sawyer and Juliet are tortured by Radzinsky and Phil. Sawyer gives away the location of the temple Others in exchange for a trip off the island on the sub.
Jack wants to fix things so badly he forgets about what Kate has done for him. Kate won’t follow Jack this time.
So she heads back to Dharma but gets captured and ends up on the sub with Juliet and Sawyer (awkward).
The CGI but cool looking sub leaves the island (but not for long apparently).
Jack, Sayid, Ellie and Richard swim underwater to reach the temple. They follow tunnels which lead them to the bomb ( I always thought there were tunnels on the island, which was my theory for why we used to hear the whispers).
Locke tells Ben he is not there to help or find the Oceanic people even though he told Sun that was the reason. He is there to kill Jacob.

THEORIES / Questions:
Jack’s logic makes no sense to me. Okay say he detonates the bomb. They all die on the island. So Jack and Kate would land in LA and live until 2007. But then they would disappear a few years later only to die on the island in 1977. Right? or am I as crazy as Jack?
Locke is definitely island obsessed. But he has never lied to anyone except to protect the island. But what about Sun? Does he not care for her at all?
Big question: Why does Locke want to kill Jacob? Who is Jacob? Will we finally know this season?
My theory is that Kate knows what is going on more than Jack does. She may have even been in this time loop before. She tells Jack they have to leave when Faraday was shot. Immediately they get arrested by the Others. How would show know that unless she had lived this before?

Will Kate, Jack and Hurley really die as Richard has said?  If so, how will they die?  I am thinking they may end up with the rest of the Dharma folks gassed to death.  Of course if Jack and Kate die, my days watching the show will be numbered as they are my favorite characters.

Podcast Recap:

Meanwhile Jack convinces Ellie to take them to the bomb. Ellie has just killed her son Dan, and recognizes her writing in his journal. Jack tells her she does not remember writing anything because this will happen in the future. Ellie remembers Daniel telling her to bury the bomb, which they did, in some tunnels right below the Dharma village. Ellie and Richard lead them to the tunnel. When they get to a stream Kate tells Jack he is acting like Locke who Jack once said was crazy. Kate says no, you were right Jack, Locke is crazy but now Jack thinks like was telling the truth. Kate is not convinced. She walks away and is about to be shot by the Others when Sayid shows up and kills the man instead. Kate tries again but Jack won’t listen. She heads back to Dharma to warn Juliet, Sawyer, etc. Locke finds the Nigerian plane. The island told Locke to go there. He tells Richard that a man (who is really the old John Locke from the future) will appear. He gives him the directions we saw at the beginning of the season.  As they walk back to the beach, Locke wants to see Jacob.  RA and Ben say it does not work that way (in the past you had to be summoned to see Jacob).  Ben is surprised that the island did not tell Locke how to find him.  Sawyer and Juliet are being interrogated (24 Jack Bauer style) by Radzinsky and Phil.  Sawyer gets hit but won’t talk until Phil hits Juliet.  His deal is the trade the hostiles location for a trip on the sub.  Chang follows Hurley and finds out that old Miles is his son.  He is convinced that Faraday was telling to the truth, so he goes back to evacuate the island.  He ends up finding Sawyer who also confirms the story.  They evacuate everyone they can (except Radzinsky and Phil) who go to find the hostiles.  Sawyer and Julie plan to escape Dharma and become rich on Microsoft stock.   Kate suddenly shows up to ruin their plans.  Julie is thinking I can’t get rid of this love quadrangle.  Sayid swims underwater to meet Jack, RA, and Ellie.  They travel underground to get to Jughead.  It’s there – no what do they do?  They need to see what’s next in the journal.  Jack must have forgot that DAn told them that Eloise lied about their destiny.  She said they were to return to the island, but Dan said it is not so.  So if they believed Dan they actually should not be there.  Locke leads the temple Others to see Jacob.  Ben and Richard take him there.  Ben wonders what Locke’s true mission is, he tells him it is not to find the Oceanic people.  It’s to kill Jacob.  LOST

3 Responses

  1. I myself think John knows exactly what he is supposed to do, but I like that you think Kate knows what is going on.

  2. I’m under the impression that Ben, Widmore and maybe Hawking are seperate factions trying to change things for the interest of the island. If you think about the fact that what happened, happened, and all the talk about destiny and fate. Then people like Hawking and Abbadon would not be needed to put people ‘where they need to be’ as fate will do that anyway. I think putting people ‘where they need to be’ is in the interest of a game or for islands sake. When Faraday say Jack ‘you shouldn’t even be here’. It’s because he shouldn’t and it’s course correction going on, which Hawking is in charge of, and this is the first instance of this happening before in time. But it works to her advantage, because after Faraday dies, they confirm with her that he was her son, and go on a mission to fix things, and is the purpose of the journal in the first place. All the events taking place now is course correction and it is suppose to play out the REAL destiny, instead of the altered destiny that the others are trying to manipulate.

    In answering your first question about why Jack wants to unleash the bomb. You should watch DeJaVu the movie with Denzell Washington, because there is an scenario where there are two instance of himself but one sacrifices himself so the other can live. I feel that’s what’s going to happen. In this point in time, there is probably an off island Jack as a baby, similar to the way Miles is a baby. So if they detonate the bomb, those on the island have sacrifice themselves for the sake of fixing things, but they still exist because there is a second instance of them in the same moment in time. It’s not like they get wiped from existance, only the current self does. It will only be an alternative future that will occur.

    Do you know what’s been bugging me? and it’s obvious too. Why is Daniel’s last name Faraday, his mom is Hawking and his father is Widmore, but his last name is not even one of these.

  3. I can’ believe all the incidents that occurred on this week’s episode…I can only imagine what next week will bring. Al Trautwig already gave his predictions for the finale: http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009/05/07/al-trautwigs-lost-thoughts-episode-14-follow-the-leader/

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