LOST 5:16 and 5:17 – The Incident


Kate and Jack decide to detonate the bomb in The Incident

Kate and Jack decide to detonate the bomb in The Incident

WOW.  Another great Lost finale.  There were more twists and turns than I can count.  Lets see..

1. It’s not Kate that turns the sub back to the island, but Juliet.
2. We see Jacob for the first time and probably the last time.
3.  Locke is evil not good.  (This explains all those scenes from previous seasons where we saw this scowl on his face which seemed so out of place at the time).
4.  Sawyer wants Juliet but Juliet has given up on Sawyer because her parents got a divorce and she does not trust him to stay with her.
5. Chang tries to stop the incident from happening, but it happens anyway because of Radzinsky’s mad zeal to finish his experimental research on electromagnetism.  
6.  Locke does not kill Jacob as he promised, but Jacob dies anyway
7. Locke is dead again
8. Richard who had all the answers for Ben, does not know much about Jacob except you must be invited to see him.  Locke thinks its all made up so he convinces and dupes Richard into letting him in to see Jacob with Ben in tow.  Big mistake.
9.  Locke is not Locke

10.  Ben has had it with Jacob, after years of following his orders to the letter.  He wants to know why Jacob never asked to see him.  Ben was patient and his patience wears out when Jacob tells him he is not special (in so many words).
11. Ben has a choice.
12.  Jack has a choice.  Sawyer tells him he can just talk to Kate and get her back, but Jack says it is too late.  Later however Kate agrees with Jack that is a good plan to blow up the bomb.  This was just after she said she was mad at Jack for forcing her to go back to the island.  I think I am getting whiplash.
 13.  Ben makes his choice by killing Jacob.  The same Jacob that has been nudging our Losties for years and years.  He was there for Sun and Jin’s wedding, Lockes fall, Jack’s surgery accident, young Kate’s thievery, Nadia’s murder, and Hurley’s return to the island from jail.
14.  Jack’s bomb is dropped but does not detonate on impact.  Juliet gets sucked into the magnetic field.  Both Kate and Sawyer try to save her.  And in a scene reminiscent of Lord of the Rings with Sam and Frodo inside Mount Doom, Sawyer tells Juliet to not let go.  But in a scene reminiscent of Day After Tomorrow, Juliet lets go to keep Sawyer from being pulled down also.  She falls into the drill hole and tons of equipment fall on her.
15.  Everyone else is okay except for Chang (who loses an arm) which we noticed all the way back in Orientation in Season 2.  And Phil who dies “Frogurt style” impaled by metal rods. 

16.  The two big scenes:  Scene 1 is Jacob being confronted by Locke who has Ben kill him.  But it is not really Locke because LOCKE IS IN THE BOX ! (Jeremy called it).  This is the real John Locke who was killed by Ben.  The fake John Locke has been trying to find a “Loophole” so he can kill Jacob.  Jacob was inviting people to the island (including the crew of the Black Rock from 100 years ago).  Fake Locke did not like it, so he has been working time travel for at least a hundred years to find a way to trick Jacob and kill him.  Now we know why  Jacob only took visitors he invited.  He knew fake Locke was coming for him.

17.  Big Scene 2 was the “fork in the outlet” scene.  We see Juliet laying dead at the bottom of the drill hole (I called Juliet’s death weeks ago) but she moves.  She is alive.  She beats on the undetonated bomb and it EXPLODES !  This reminded me so much of Desmond’s scene where he turns the fail safe key in the same exact place (but 27 years later) in the Season 2 finale.

Oh no, what happened to our Losties?  Did Faraday guess right?  Will we see all the Oceanic folk land at LAX like as if none of this had happened.  Will they forget all about their time on the island and not remember one another or is there another Destiny for them?

Loved the finale.  What did you all think about this one?  Stayed tuned for our finale edition of our All About Lost podcast.


Man house spindle

Beach fish

New man

See boat

You invited them.  I want to kill.  One of these days, I will find a loophole.  Nice talking Jacob.  Younger guy is Jacob.

Crocodile face on statue.

Ames.  Young katie and boy with plane.  She takes lunch box.  Cops.  Jacob pays.

Kate etc on sub.  Sedatives.  We have to stop him.  No thanks, good for Jack.

2o tons.  Details on how to remove plutonion core.  Wipe out the EM field with this plutonium.  Two hours.

Stuart 6 years to use EM – to change the world.  Drilling with water after chang so temps go up.

30 years later.  Locke march.  Going to Jacob.  He is in charge, Locke is leader.  I have never met him.

Richard how are you alive.  I have seen many things but not come back to like.  I am young because of Jacob.  Need to deal with passengers from ajira.

Here they are with crate on outrigger with Lapidus.  Is he a candidate.  We are friends.  Take box.  OPen box.  Terrific.

Funeral.  Kid. Mom and Dad dead.  Jacob gives James pencil.  Dear mr sawyer… Got you move on, nothing you can do to change it.  What’s done is done.  Promise me you wanto finish the letter.  

Juliet does knocks out drugger for gun.  Takes over the sub.  

Sayid takes out pluto.  Richard is there with Ellie.  Tells jack about locke returning .  Richard left a few times.  Jack says not to give up on him (locke)

Locke to Ben.  Why not tell Richard about my plans.  Changed when my dead daughter.  Ben will kill Jacob.  Is he Bens real father, I mean Ben told locke to kill his father cooper, now is Locke telling Ben to kill his father jacob.  Locke was worried about convincing him.

Sayid and Nadia anniversary.  Jacob needs direction.Nadia is killed by car.  Take me home she says.  Horrible car crash.

Ellie in charge as they go through basement of Dharma.  Richard knocks her out.  Protecting our leader from being dead.  I helped you now you are on your own.

They cant escape.  Hostile warning.  Phil is there.  Jack and Sayid have dharma suits.  Roger shoots Sayid.  He has got weapon.  Hurley and bus to the rescue.\

They row to the island.  Vincent alone for three years.  It’s Rose and Bernard.  Bernard looks like Moses.  They found us.

They left with the flaming arrows.  They hiding.  We are retired.  Its always something with you people.  Still trying to shoot each other.  So we die.  We just care about being together.  That;s all the matters in the end.

They give directions to the barracks.

We are the good guys he says to Frank.  They find the cabin.  The ash thingy.  Its broken in one spot.

Eye at thte hospital.  Looks like Illana.  Visitor comes.  Jacob comes.  she knows him.  He needs her help.  She will.

Cabin is ruined.  There is a knife and a message.  Gone a long time.  Someone else using it.  Burn it.  What now.  Picture of statue.  They go to the temple.

Flannery Occonor.  Lcoke falls.  Jacob says everything is going to be alright.  Sorry this happened to you.

They rest at the old Oceanic camp.  Sun recoginizes it.  Ben is wondering how he will kill Jacob.  Door to the hatch.  Ben is sarcastic.  What happened at cabin.  I was talking to an empty chair.  I was surprised when things were flying.  Made it up was embarrassed.  I lied that is what i do.  Your reward was banashment.  Done in the name of a man you never met.  Why wouldnt you kill jacob.  Took out some frustration on Keamy.  

Sun finds charlie ring at camp.  We see her exchange rings with Jin.  Never be apart.  With ring I make these promises.  Jacob shows up to offer blessings.  Never take love for granted.\

Sayid dying.  Needs to modify bomb to blow up on impact.  Sawyer Kate and Julie stop the bus.  Jack is shocked.\

We see Jack pre crash cutting the dural sac like the story he told Kate.  But in this version its his dad who tells him.  Jack has given up.  He had Kate and he lost her.  Sawyer tells him to go get her but he says its too late.  Sawyer tries to stop him.  We had a life here and you messed it up.  But Jack wont stop.  Juliet shows up she says she changed her mind that Jack is right.  Whaaat

Juliet and Rachel.  What if you are supposed to be together.  You looked at her.  I dont care who I looked.  She is having a flashback about who will stay together.  If I never meet you I never have to lose you.

Remember I sewed you up.  Kate why about Aaron.  I was angry at you for making me come back.  If this works Claire will have the baby.  Nothing has ever felt so right.  I just need you to believe that.  Kate is with him.

Hurley and Jacob and guitar.  You are not crazy.

Sayid nothing can save me.  Jacob would have come to you locke if you waited.  Statue like that when I got here.  

Ben is coming with me Richard.  Another secret passage.  Things will change once he is gone, Ben.  Knife.  How can he live in a statue.  \


Podcast recap:

Phil will kill Jack.  Blondie.  Live together die alone.  Miles is not jack the incident.  Gun fight.  Kate and julie shoot.  The a team goes a team.

Drop the guns.  Chang i s helping it wont shut down they have hit the pocket.  Drip it doc.  Kate says okay.  All are crying.  Desmond was right.  Juliet dies when EM pulls her in.  Very LORT except with a different ending.  Chang arm is crushed.  Bomb does not work.  Phil gets skewered.

Sun wants alcohol.  Illana shown ups.  Richardos.  What lies in the shadow.  Richard answers in spanish. they open the box.  Its Locke who is in the box.  Fooled me.  Same place as beginning of episode.  Jacob made it.  You found your loophole.  The fork in the outlet.  What choice says Ben.  Oh so now you have decided to stop ignoring me.  All I ever heard your name, your lists.  I did as I was told.  But when dared to ask, you have to be patient.  But when he asks he gets to see you.  So why him.  What about you … knife many times.  They are coming.  Into the fire goes Jacob.  With evil locke looking.

Back to jack.  Juliet sees the bomb.  Just like Desmond in season 2.  Plutonium goes off.  Destiny found.  Eye.

Will we see the plane land in LA next.  Will Juliet be back on the island.

They are coming like in space aliens or ancient egyptians.

3 Responses

  1. In the beginning of the show did you notice the two sides, black and white. Even when the show ended, did you notice the background then turned to white.

    I believe the guy in the black shirt at the beginning has used a copy of a dead guys body like has has done to Christian Shephard and John Locke. Since he found that Christian didn’t have any authority over anyone on that island he had to be patient to claiming Locke as his vehicle. Someone who had authority and claim over people, and he was able to manipulate Ben like a puppet. Because he couldn’t have killed Jacob directly he needed to Ben to use his free-will in making the decision to kill Jacob.

    Juliet was a sacrifice the island demanded, but in fact the one that detonates the bomb to save the others. The island needed her for this reason, and is why she couldn’t ever leave the island.

    The unexploded bomb, must have become the trigger for the fail-safe key, when Desmond turned it. How else could the electromagnetism be neutralised. But in this instance in time, Juliet detonated it, and has now changed history or time.

    I wonder if Jacob has had an influence on Hawking or was it his nemesis that influenced Hawking. If Widmore tells Locke about a war, and Locke needs to be there, how is he going to help? The real Locke is dead.

    What is meant when Jacob said in his dying breathe, “they are coming”? it’s as if Jack’s team succeeded in changing the past so all that has happened will change. That is why Jacob submits to being killed.

    Jacob had an influence in each of the Losties lives, and saves some of them from death or jail. Sayid: if he had walked across the road with Nadia he too would have been killed, as he was probably the intended target. Locke: He actually revived him, I wonder if it’s the same way Ben was revived. I wonder what is in Hurley’s guitar case?

  2. Do you think the Jacob’s nemesis could be called Esau? You know from the Biblical story. Isaac was his father.

  3. I think Jacob’s nemesis is the smoke monster! Just a theory I’ve been hearing here and there. I wonder what is in Hurler’s guitar case too..so many questions I want answered. Al Trautwig always does a good old breakdown of a Lost episode: http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009/05/15/al-trautwigs-lost-thoughts-episode-15-the-incident/

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