All About Lost ReWatch Eps 4 (S1 13-16)

In the 4th episode of All About Lost ReWatch we cover Hearts and Minds, Special, Homecoming and Outlaws. Includes short recaps of each, with thoughts/theories, and the Lost poll.

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LOST 1.16 Outlaws (Sawyer)

This is Sawyer’s story.  We learn how he got into the mess he is in, but Kate plays a big part too, as she is an outlaw as well.  This is the connection they share.  But there are more connections.  Sawyer meets up with a man at a bar, a man who tells him to do what he has to do, to stop the pain.  But the pain comes anyway and the man who tells him is Christian Shephard.

Sawyer is taunted by a boar who ruins his tent and runs off with the tarp.  Out of revenge Sawyer goes hunting for it.  Kate joins him and makes a deal to track the boar if she can have whatever she wants carte blanche or blank check.

In the flashback, Sawyer has conned another woman, and brings her back to his room.  They are surprised by a man named Hibbs who is sitting there.  He has news for Sawyer, the man who he is after (the Real Sawyer who killed his parents) has been found.  Sawyer reads this from a dossier (just like the one Locke is given on his father, the Real Sawyer – Anthony Cooper).  Sawyer tracks him down, buys a gun, and makes his decision to kill him.  The man works at shrimp stand and one night Sawyer yells to him and shoots him.  But the man (Duckett) knows nothing about what’s going on.  His last words are, “It will come around”.  These are the same words that Sawyer hears whispered in the jungle.

Back on the island, Kate and Sawyer play a game of “I never” and Kate reveals she has killed a man, just like Sawyer, and now they do really have something in common.  The next day, Locke shows up and tells a story about his mom, his step sister, and a golden retriever.  The mom is guilty about the sisters death and the dog comes to “take the sisters” place for a while, which leads the mom to realize she is forgiven for what happened.


Locke is eating a mango, like in Season 5 when he returns as Esau.

Christian says he is proud of Jack but is too weak to call and tell him.  Christian used to tell his son that he did not have what it takes.  He also believes in Fate and that some thing’s were meant to be no matter what you do to change things.  Jack seems to be headed in that direction.

“That’s why the Red Sox never win the series” was supposed be how Fate works, but in a great irony, the Red Sox did win in 2004.

Sawyer tells Duckett his first name is James.  I think it takes until Season 2 before the Losties learn this when Juliet blurts it out.  But that is just a guess on my part.

The game “I never” parallels another Kate episode “I do”.  During the game she mentions she was married (but it didn’t last long) and in “I do” we see exactly who she married and why it was a short one.

LOST 1.15 Homecoming (Charlie)

Charlie’s desperation for a drug fix leads him to con a rich girl and her dad.  “Homecoming” might refer to Charlie’s visit to the girl’s house and his attempts to be a provider/protector, or it also may refer to Claire’s return to the Losties camp where she gets a suspicious welcome back.

Claire loses her memory

Claire loses her memory

Claire returns to the camp with the old TV tradition, “a case of amnesia”.  They like to do this so the character in question  delays revealing too much plot too soon.  Anyway, Charlie is relieved she’s back and gives her the diary she has been keeping to stir her memories.  She realizes after a while that Charlie is her friend but everyone else stares at her.  Charlie won’t tell her about evil Ethan, so she gets mad when she finds out the truth of her abduction from Shannon.

Ethan confronts Charlie for the last time

Ethan confronts Charlie for the last time

Jack,  Sayid and Locke devise a plan to lure Ethan with Claire and then capture him after Charlie is accosted by Ethan who threatens to kill a Lostie a day until he gets Claire.  Jack shows them the guns he stashed from the Marshall’s case.  They wait for Ethan and Charlie shoots him dead.


Here Charlie and his friend devise a con in order to pay for their drug habit.  Charlie plays the rock star to a bunch of girls and catches a rich one named Lucy (as in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds recorded by two Brits – The Beatles and Elton John).  Also Charlie has a tattoo on his arm “living is easy with eyes closed” from another Beatles song. He becomes her boyfriend and she treats him very well, but Charlie is out to steal something.  But he also becomes attached to the family when they offer him a job, and for once Charlie can be a respectable person.  His greatest goal right now is to take care of people (most likely because his big brother Liam never bothered to take care of him).

But the timing is bad, and Charlie who is now off drugs is having withdrawal symptoms.  He becomes desperate and steals a Winston Churchill artifact (cigarette case) from Lucy’s house and the first day on the job vomits on the copy machine he is trying to sell.  The ambulance comes and a person at the company finds the artifact and returns it to Lucy.

Charlie goes to apologize, but Lucy won’t hear it.  She throws Charlie out and tells him “you will never take care of anyone”.  But he does, he goes all out to protect Claire from Ethan, but instead of just capturing him he shoots him and now has to live with that memory forever.


  • Charlie is trying to do the right thing but circumstances cause him to fail.  This repeats on the island many times in his effort to protect Claire.  Is it Fate as Christian Shephard would say?
  • When Jack asks Charlie if he has ever fired a weapon, Charlie just stares at him.  They don’t give him a gun but he gets one during the fistfate to subdue Ethan.   He also doesn’t swim but that never stopped him from doing that either.  Strange, no?
  • Scott is killed when Ethan attacks from the Sea.  Hurley used to call him Steve and this becomes a running joke for a couple of seasons.   Ethan seems to have superhuman strength.  Do you get that when you are on the island for a long time?
  • There is a really touching scene when Claire remembers soemthing about peanut butter and Charlie admits it was just imaginary peanut butter.  And Claire wants to trust Charlie now even though she is scared.

LOST 1.14 Special (Walt! and Michael)

Waalt!  Who could forget that yell.  Well by the end of Season 2 we were all ready to forget it.  I must say that of all the characters I feel most sorry for it’s Walt’s dad Michael.

Okay, first, he meets a beautiful girl, Susan.  Then more good news,  they have a baby on the way.  Mike gets a construction job to bring in some extra money (he’s an artist).  Mike wants to name him Walt and Susan gives him her last name Lloyd.  Hmm, I think the bad news is starting.  Then after a year or so, she decides to take a job in Amsterdam, just for a while.  Then after a year she calls Mike to tell him that she wants to talk to Walt, that’s when Mike hears another man in the background.  Then he gets upset and walks into a moving car (or maybe the car is after him ala Nadia).  After some recuperation, Susan returns for a visit only to demand that her and her boyfriend want to adopt Walt.

However she gets sick and dies of a blood disorder in just a week.  The boyfriend returns to leave Walt with his Dad.   Mike gets his son back but not the way he expected.

Michael and Walt, reunited father and son

Michael and Walt, reunited father and son

Back on the island, Charlie is still worried about Claire so he goes to find her diary and discovers that Claire likes him and that she mentions dreams about a Black Rock.  Sayid believes that the coordinates on the map (when the triangles are lined up) may point to exactly that location since Rousseau mentioned that place.  Claire shows up disoriented and without a clue as to what happened to her.


The couple talks about living on a boat.  Michael builds a raft on island, then escapes said island by using a trawler given to him by one of the Others, then returns to the island’s proximity being placed on a freighter, then blows up said freighter.

  • This episode was written by David Fury, who also wrote Walkabout, which he earned an Emmy nomination for.  He also is a writer/producer on 24 who just finished Day 7 of the show.
  • Jeremy points out that the crib looks a lot like the Swan station computer room sorta canopy.  Speaking of that, the house Walt is living in has a weird octagonal ceiling, like a Dharma logo.
  • Walt follows Locke around and at one point learns to throw a knife by visualizing it.  He also visualizes a bird and it crashes into a window.  Lostpedia says this is the first time Egypt is mentioned when Walt says he should be studying Egyptian birds.  We think this “power” is part of what makes Walt special.  He also called for the rain to stop and it did, and needed double 6’s in backgammon and got them.  He thinks of a polar bear via the comic book and one shows up to attack him.
  • In future episodes he causes a bunch of birds to die outside room 23 and his keepers ask if anyone has seen Walt in place(s) he should not be.  Walt is special, a nice kid, but just a little bit dangerous.
  • The comic book that burned is probably the same comic that Hurley brought to the island through his time travel to 1977.
  • A penguin with a sunburn (part of a birthday card to Walt) reminds me of a few things:  the bloody snow globe and the snowman smells carrots joke.  Does this have anything to do with polar bears, the arctic listening station and why it’s so cold where the frozen donkey wheel is located??

LOST – The Ride / Friday’s Poll

This is either amazing news or an extremely good hoax.  LOST may be getting it’s own theme park attraction at DisneyWorld.  This leads me to this week’s poll question:

LOST 1.13 Hearts and Minds (Boone)

Hearts and Minds is a strange episode.  We see one of our “hero” characters, Locke use manipulation (drugs) on Boone to get him to let go of Shannon who was manipulating him.  How did Locke have so much insight into Boone’s obsession?  Well he had insight into Charlie’s obsession with heroin so I guess it’s not that much of a surprise.

Boone and Shannon in a dream

Boone and Shannon in a dream

The above paragraph may have been a reference to Hearts, but the reference to Minds is also strange.  Locke tells the story of Michelangelo, who was mistreated by his father (another Daddy issue) over his desire to create art.  Michelangelo stared at a piece of marble for four months while he figured out how to carve the famous statue of David.  Locke said that is what he was doing with the hatch, trying to figure out how to open it.  And by this he was “working”.  Not to go down this road again, but if this is Fake Locke, could he have been planning the chess moves he needed to kill Jacob, and the hatch was his next big move?

Well it turns out that Boone is just Shannon’s step brother (no blood relation) and that he has had a crush on her since they met.  But Shannon is still bitter at Boone’s mother who refused to allow Shannon to share in her own father’s inheritance when he died.  Even more strange is that Jack Shephard our doctor on the island chose to save a woman instead of Shannon’s father when both were brought into his OR for emergency surgery.  That woman is Sarah his soon to be wife, obsession, and ex-wife.

So Shannon tricks Boone into bailing her out of a jam with a boyfriend who is mistreating her.  But she is the one who gets scammed when he leaves with the money that she conned out of Boone.  This leads to a sad scene between them when Shannon dumps Boone after having him console her.  No, I don’t like Shannon, sorry never did.  Never will.  I thought Sayid was smart, but he is easily fooled by women.  Except by Nadia who really did love him.  So why does he date Shannon?

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Kate brings passion fruit to Sun’s garden (of Eden perhaps).  When she finds out that Sun speaks English.  Kate says she can keep a secret and I believe her.  She knows a lot she hasn’t been telling.
  • Kate told Sun she was on her way to Balli on vacation, but ended up on a flight to LA.  Strange huh?
  • Locke gives Sayid a compass.  But not the one he carried around with him in Season 5.  Locke was a Webelos scout which explains his skills in tracking and hunting.  Sayid notices the compasses does not point due North.  He blames the possibility on Electro Magnetic interference, but says it would have to be very strong.
  • When Shannon and Boone are chased through the jungle in Boone’s drug induced vision, the monster apprears to pop out of the ground.  I think it’s the first time we have gotten this good a view of the monster.
  • Locke stares out to the ocean (again) and Jack asks him if he sees any ships.  “Not yet but I am patient” is the reply.  Fake Locke was seen talking to Jacob about a ship and about how patient he would need to be to find the loophole to kill Jacob.
  • Charlie says that Locke saved his life, and is the one person he has faith in to save us all.  Jack says in the S5 finale to not count Locke out (even though he last saw him dead in a coffin).
  • Locke, who’s face is lit on one side but not the other, tells Boone I gave you an experience to help you survive on the island.  He also seemed to say that Smokey gave him the vision about Shannon, as if his vision was somehow nicer and better (maybe showing Locke as leader of the island).

All About Lost ReWatch Eps 3 (S1 9-12)

In this edition of All About Lost Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss the next set of four episodes in Season 1. Episode includes some simple analysis, listener feedback, and official poll.

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