LOST 1.01 Pilot – Part 1

THE EYE.  The all knowing and all seeing eye.  Looking into the eye is like looking directly into the soul.  This is the pilot episode of LOST where all the mysteries start.

We see a man’s eye (Jack’s eye).  The pupils dilate (a cool CGI trick).  He is in the jungle lying on his back looking up at the sky and the trees.  He did he get there?  He sees a dog.  The dog (Vincent) runs away.  Jack gets up and is in pain.  He starts to run.  He gets to a deserted beach.  Suddenly he turns and hears screaming and yelling.  How did he know to run that way?  He went directly to the beach as if he knew he needed to get there.  He sees something, suddenly we see an engine on fire.  There are people running and screaming.  Bodies on the beach and wreckage from a plane crash.  A man (Charlie) is dazed, another is looking for someone (Jin looking for Sun).   Jack and the others save a man who is traped under the wreckage. His leg is badly bleeding (I am getting a queazy feeling).  A man Locke tells another to stay away from the engine which then sucks the man in and explodes.  Jack and Hurley (the big guy) save the pregnant girl (Claire) from the leaky fueled wing, which also explodes.  We finally get to rest when we see Jack looking into the wrecked fuselage with a look of “how did this all happen?“.

At first, I did not know what to expect from this new show, so I quietly got downstairs and watched it alone.  It was scary and unexpected.  So much screaming.  It set me on edge.  And the violent nature of the crash, the victims, the characters from many nations.  Who is the guy saving everyone, he must be the hero, but is he some kind of superman?  Why was he in the jungle and not at the crash site?  Whoa, did that guy just get sucked into the plane’s engine?  He should not have listened to that guy who told him to stop.  This was Locke’s first attempt to help someone and it ended in disaster. Why did the guy not run when the falling debris nearly landed on him?  It was Charlie, who we find out in the next episode was high on drugs.  Wow cool special effects like I had never seen on TV.  This is like a movie.  Awesome.

This is what I get for writing that Bad Twin book.

This is what I get for writing that Bad Twin book.

And it gets better.  In the next scene, Jack is searching for some thread.  He finds it and heads off to fix a long scratch wound on his side.  He sees a woman (Kate) and asks him to stitch his wound.  She agrees reluctantly.  She wonders why he’s not afraid.  He tells her he learned to let the fear in but just for five seconds and then to get on with whatever was necessary.  He cut a womans spinal cord (dural sac) and counted to five, letting the fear in for just that long.  Kate is wearing white, Jack asks for black thread.  Kate says she would have run.  Jack says “you are not running now”.

We see Charlie drawing FATE on his fingers.  Shannon tells Boone she will eat on the rescue boat, confident that people are coming soon to save them.  Hurley gets Claire some food (and in a nice gesture brings her a second portion for the baby).  We meet Walt and Michael, Jin and Sun and a man with a gruesome piece of shrapnel in his chest.

Jack tells Kate they need to find the transceiver from the cockpit.  Kate says she saw smoke in the jungle and that she is going with Jack to find it.  Just then a huge roar is heard and the jungle moves nearby.  There is a monster out there, but what is it?

Flashback to the plane.  Jack keeps a bottle of liquor and puts it in his pocket (the same one they use later to cleanse Jack’s wound).  He pours the other bottle into some orange juice, just like he does again in the first episode of Season 4.  It’s interesting that Jack tells Rose “It’s going to be over” when they hit turbulence.  I wonder if he might mean the time loop they have been in is soon to be over. I am definitely going to be talking about time travel clues I might see in Season 1.

Kate spies an evil looking Locke with an orange peel in his mouth.  Is this Jacob’s nemesis making his first appearance disguised in the body of Locke?

They head out to the get the transceiver.  Charlie goes also ( to get his drug stash).  He shows Kate his DriveShaft ring (is this a Lord of the Rings shoutout by any chance?)  We see Locke staring out at the ocean (we saw FakeLocke looking at the ocean in Season 5.  Day turns into night and the rain falls.  Locke raises his hands to catch the rain.  Happy that he can walk or happy that he finally has found his loophole to kill Jacob?

They get the transceiver after the pilot says they are way off course.  The monster kills him when he looks outside.  They run from it.  Kate hides in a mangrove (a safe place from the monster) and counts to five to handle the fear as Jack told her earlier.

Kate loses Jack and is desparate to find him.  She does. And they find the pilot mutilated and dead up high in the tree. LOST.


Is it possible that Jack and the other survivors are alive because they did not crash in the plane, but were put there?  In Season 5 Jack ends up on the island after being transported out of Ajira flight 316.  In this episode, he ends up in the jungle far away from everything at the beach.  So maybe he was transported and did not crash with the plane.  Remember Widmore was able to fake a crash.  Did he or someone else fake this one?

We see Vincent in the scene as well.  In a season 4 mobisode, Vincent was told by Jack’s dad to find his son, and wake him up, because he had work to do.  Only problem is Jack’s dad is supposed to be dead.

Has the Evil Locke already made his appearance on the island.  If not now, just wait until we get to the third episode.


I miss Claire.  She was so cute in her scenes with Hurley, Shannon and Jin.

The numbers show up already.  48 people survive the crash (4,8).  16 hours into the flight they lose contact.  16 year old girl that Jack does surgery on.

We see allusions to Kate being someone who runs away from danger, but not in this episode.

Stay tuned here for Part 2.

3 Responses

  1. Accually the number is 42. A good review though, thanks!

    • Thanks Stevie, I was cheating a bit. I used 4 and 8 and combined them to make 48. You are right that 42 is one of the numbers. For anyone wondering what we are talking about, the Numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. These numbers had to be entered into a computer or else the world would end and/or the island would destroy itself. The Numbers show up often in the show, but you have to look and listen closely to notice them.

  2. Kate seems like she’s done it before, or has prior knowledge.

    When Jack went missing after the pilot got ripped out of the cockpit, he seemed to be different, as if he’s a different Jack.

    The smoke monster sounds bigger and more mechanical. then the smoke monster we know now, which is much more dosile.

    Some passengers seemed like they have been marked. Jack has a few scratches, Locke has one over his right eye, and several of the other survivors have a graze or buise over the top right/left corner of the head. I wonder if this is the island marking those to survive. Or course the cop got hit by luggage square across the head and bled.

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