LOST 1.04 Walkabout (Locke)

This is one of the most popular Lost episodes of the entire series. In this episode we find out what it is about Locke that makes him special.  Getting right to the punch line here:  Locke is special in that his life is a disaster, at least when he is not on the island.

Lockes’ life before the island:  Locke lived a lonely life off the island.  He pretended to be a man of adventure and with his friend was known as Col. Locke, when in fact he had no military background.  He works in a dead end job at a box company and his boss Randy loves to belittle him every chance he gets.

Locke has a girlfriend named Helen.  He mentions her name on the island and we also see him talking to her on the phone.  But it turns out she was paid to take his phone calls and when his time runs out, she has to hang up on him.  He talks about going on a Walkabout which is an Australian oborigine tradition.  For six months you wonder in the desert with only some hunting gear to determine if you are tough enough to face life.  Locke signs up to take this walkabout trip.  He prepares for it and flies to Australia only to have his hopes dashed when the tour refuses to let him go.  It appears that Locke forget to mention one important fact.  His legs are paralyzed and have been for 4 years.

I have to say this was a big turning point in the show for a lot of people.  Locke the man who is hunting boar on the island was not able to even walk before he got there.  For three years fans of the show wondered how Locke ended up in that wheelchair and what did the island do to heal him.  Also his determination and stubbornness to fulfill his destiny was one of his most intriguing characteristics to us.

Locke was paralyzed but now can walk

Locke was paralyzed but now can walk

On the island:  Locke carries knives and hunt boars.  I thought the show pushed it a bit when he threw the knife at Sawyer.  I know people didn’t like at Sawyer at the time, but if a man throws a knife at someone it usually causes a fight.

Rose/Jack : Roses’ faith is on display when she tells Jack her husband Bernard is not dead – even though the tail section crashed with plane.

Jack/Man in the dark suite:  Jack follows a man in a dark suit into the jungle.  (It’s his dead father).  When they lose him in the jungle Locke shows up suddenly.  Is this more proof that Locke and Smokey are one of the same?  If Smokey was pretending to be Jacks dad, did he suddenly change into Locke right after that.

Locke and Smokey : We see Locke alone in the jungle chasing after the wild boars.  We see Smokey’s footprints as he uproots trees.  Then we see Locke freeze and the sound of Smokey draws near.  Locke is afraid at first then looks at awe at Smokey or what he perceives it to be.

I wonder why Jack wasn’ t going to be part of the memorial service.  Was it because he had “failed” to save all the passengers.  I could see his frustration if he was trying to undo a time loop (by detonating the bomb in Season 5) which would have had Ocenanic 815 end up safely landing in LA.  Or was it that he is just a man of Science , not of Faith, and did not want to participate in how Claire perceived the events when she said “Steve and Kirsten, I don’t know their last name, but they were really in love and were going to be married. At least, wherever they are now, they’re not alone.

Claire at the memorial service

Claire at the memorial service

5 Responses

  1. Magic Box thoughts: Hmm Locke wanted to walk, and when he arrives he does. How does he become so knowledgable, before he came to island he was a nobody, now he’s king of the jungle. Is this because he think he is. Rose knows Bernard is alive. The memorial service makes Jack think about his dad, now he is even seeing visions of him.

    I don’t know if you’re following me, but I’m starting to believe the island is a magic box.

  2. Just throwing this out there! I think there is a possibility thatWhen Locke sees the black smoke (whom I like to call Esau) it took over his body then. That’s why he all of a sudden comes back with knowledge of the island and the black and white odsession. Esau then controls his actions so he does everything he is supossed to do. … Just a thought

  3. The Helen that Locke paid to talk to on the telephone is not the same Helen he met at his therapy session.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that Locke always seems to appear into a situation where he has had no reason to be there?

    • Yes, but I don’t think like Mary, who says Locke became the nemesis at that moment. I think smokey did scan his thoughts, and knew that he could be of some use to him later on. It’s quite obvious from the finale that the only time Locke became Fake-Locke is when the plane crashed. There can’t be two fake-lockes.

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