All About Lost ReWatch Eps 1 (S1.1-4)

Our first ReWatch episode in conjunction with the LOST ReWatch project. TLE and Jeremy discuss the first four episodes of Season 1 in light of we've s learned on the show. We theorize and debate Dark Locke's early appearances.

MP3 File

4 Responses

  1. We see in Pilot Part 2 that Kate got the cuffs off in the plane after getting the keys off the marshal after he was knocked out.

  2. Anthony Cooper told Sawyer about Locke being thrown out of the window. Locke hasn’t even said anything to anyone else

  3. TLE I love the idea of having something lost related to listen to all the way to season 6 starts and I’m glad someone is doing this but it’s going to be tough if everything that happens you figure is alternate time loop. Basically you are relating every single line and happening to time loop. Danielle team was killed 14 years after the bomb blew up and still you connect it to bomb and time loop.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have gone a bit time “loop happy”, I know. Hopefully we can all get out of this time travel stuff and get back to a more straight forward narrative in Season 6. I think I have heard that is where the writers are going. I am starting to obsess now about why Jacob is so old but looks so young. We saw him when the statue was an entire body with the Black Rock ship making its way to the island. Like circa 1850 or so. And then we saw him in 2007 with Locke and Illana. How is he so old? Is he some kind of god? Don’t worry I don’t see any time loop theory explaining this one. My guess is the island’s healing properties. And Richard Alpert is the same way. But why did Richard say Jacob made me this way? What does that mean?

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