LOST 1.06 House of the Rising (Sun)

In this Sun centric episode we learn that the calm and usually pleasant Sun, can speak English, but won’t tell this to her husband.  Why?  House of the Rising Sun refers to a song about a person trapped in a web of their own wickedness.

Kate and Jack talk tatoos

Kate and Jack talk tattoos which leads to the worst episode of Season 3

Things pick up where they left off.  Jack brings some of the beach folk back with him to the caves to retrieve the much needed water.  But there is a big fight on the beach.  Our of nowhere Jin comes flying in to attack Michael and beat him upside his head mulitple times.  It takes Sawyer and Sayid to restrain him.  They have to cuff him to the wreckage, while Sun silent looks on.  She later finds Michael and tells him she can speak English much to his surprise.

In the flashback we learn that Sun and Jin are a couple.  Jin wants to marry her, but refuses to elope, so he goes to talk to Mr. Paik, Sun’s father for permission.  They make a deal.  You work for me and you can marry her.  Jin agrees.  But after a few months of wedded bliss, Jin comes home covered in blood.  I wondered if this was just after Paik sent him to kill Jae Lee (the person who taught Sun english), but I am not sure. Sun decides to leave Jin because he won’t tell her what Mr. Paik is ordering him to do.  She learns English and plans her escape.  The woman helping her tells her to repeat the rendezvous time 4 times.  She will sneak off at 11:15 to meet a car waiting for her to leave Jin.  But the time comes (just as Jack is trying to convince the counter girl to allow dead Christian on board), and she decides to stay with Jin when he shows her a flower.

Charlie is attacked by bees causing Jack and Kate to flee to the caves.  There they find the mysterious skeletons of a man and woman.  They have been there about 40-50 years Jack guesses by looking at their decayed clothing.  Jack finds some white and black stones in a pouch in the clothing of one of the skeletons. Some people think Jack might have kept that pouch with him, but it is impossible to tell from the scene.  Charlie and Locke discuss Charlie’s drug habit.  Locke confronts him and says the island will give him what he wants if he gives the drugs to Locke.  Sure enough Charlie does this and Locke points up to reveal Charlie’s long lost guitar on the hill above.



Sun tells Michael the beating was over a misunderstanding about the watch he found.  She asks Michael to free Jin and give him back the watch (which belonged to her father).

Sayid refuses to give up hope of rescue and elects to stay on the beach. Jack and Kate discuss this as well.  Jack asks her why she is like this (refusing to talk to him).  She tells him he had his chance to know what she did.  They part ways with Jack saying you know where to find me, and Kate says the same.  At night the song lyrics ring out, “Are you sure this is where you want to be?”  LOST


Sun is associated with flowers.  We see her holding one at the beginning of the episode on the island, and again at the end of her flashback waiting to get on flight 815 when Jin hands it to her.

Adam and Eve: Jack mentions that the bones of the skeletons are not broken.  This leads Jack to believe that Adam and Eve lived there in the caves.  They had water, shade and shelter.  There are a lot of hints that Adam and Eve might be Kate and Jack.  They are the ones to discover the skeletons first.  Second Jack invites Kate to live in the caves.  And finally Hurley says to Jack, “So what’s up with you and Kate.  Are you going to move into the caves together?”.  But what is really interesting is that Kate tells Jack she does not want to be Eve.  This is similar to what she told her short-lived husband in Season 3, “I don’t do taco night”.  Kate is not allowed to stay put for some reason.  I think it’s more than her being familiar with playing the fugitive.

Did Charlie’s guitar land there or was it placed there by someone?

I kinda of got the vibe that Sun’s decision at the airport was more than just about her leaving Jin.  She looked to me like one who was deciding whether to go back to the island.

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3 Responses

  1. the 1×17 episode “…In Translation” reveals why Jin has the blood on his hands.
    The blood on Jin’s hands is from Byung Han, when Jin was sent by Mr. Paik to deliver the message “i’m very displeased”—-it’s shown in the episode “…In Translation” season 1 episode 17

  2. Kate is still keeping secrets from Jack the same way she told him not to ask what she did to Aaron.

    How did Charlie find the guitar? The magic box my friend. Is it faith? or is it the fact that the magic box will bring you whatever you wish for.

    I think Adam and Eve could be Rose and Bernard. After all they had been wearing the same clothes long enough.

    I don’t think Sun knows she’s going back, nor have they been there before, or else Jin’s english would be perfect, like when he was in the Dharma Initiative. At this point the only ones summoned to the Island by Jacob is Jack, Sun & Jin, Sawyer & Kate.

  3. Another possibility of Adam & Eve is Jin & Sun.

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