LOST 1.08 Confidence Man (Sawyer)

We haven’t seen the Long Con yet, but maybe we have.   The entire series of Lost seems to be one long con where the writers build up a certain expectation about characters or events and then totally reveal something shocking instead.

Sawyer cons Jessica (Rabbit?)

Sawyer cons Jessica (Rabbit?)

Here are my high points from Confidence Man:

Sawyers reads a book about bunnies.  Ben keeps a bunny that he uses to trick Sawyer in Season 3.  “Your good at conning, but we are better”, I think he says.  John Locke cooks a bunny, which leads to a funny joke by Ben.  Dr. Chang gets scared when two bunnies almost collide in the time-space continuum. The Looking Glass station logo is a bunny.  Jack’s episode was called White Rabbit.  There is obviously a theme here, but I am not sure what it all means.

Sayid stabs Sawyer in the arm after he refuses to submit to torture.  Sawyer gets shot in the arm in a future episode.

Sawyer and Kate have a connection says Kate.  This has vexed me for years.  Maybe its that they are both criminals on the run.  Maybe she knows they will have a connection, but right now she seems to dislike Sawyer immensely.

Jack agrees to allowing Sayid to torture Sawyer. But in Season 2 he stops him from torturing Benry (Ben Linus).  But then Jack beats the crap out of Ben in the Season 3 finale.  Sawyer then beats the crap out of Jack in the Season 5 finale.  What goes around comes around they say.  Or it’s said, we sow what we reap.

Sawyer seems to be taunting the dark side out of both Jack (To take life not save it), and Sayid (To become the torturer I dare you).

Boone actually gets Sawyer in trouble by saying the book was in his suitcase.  True statement, but Sawyer actually found it when it washed ashore.

Shannon’s asthma is cured by something found on the island, not the inhalers.  Sun’s connection to plants is again reinforced.

Sun and Michael are sneaking around without Jin knowing what is going on, bringing out Jin’s jealousy.  We find out later why he is suspicious.

Kate finds out that Sawyer is not the person he claimed to be when he showed the letter to her the first time.  He is actually the writer of the letter.  But he won’t allow her to pity him for it.  But his act in sharing the letter and his life story, with her, is what releases him from his past.  This is emphasized by the song that plays at the end of the show.

One Response

  1. YOU CAN’T SEE THE BIG PICTURE. Is a common saying from Sawyer. I wonder if it means anything?

    What goes around certainly comes around for Sawyer, His parents were conned the same way he conned the parents of the little boy he called the deal off.

    You said in a previous Synopsis that Jack & Charlie should have in the cave collapse, now we see Kate tell Sawyer, that he should have died due to the knife wound to an artery in his arm.

    Charlie brings an empty jar to convince Claire it’s really peanut butter. Is it possible we are seeing somethings that’s not real?

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