LOST 1.07 The Moth (Charlie)

This was a Charlie centric episode that deals with the choices we make and what leads us to make them.

Charlie confesses

Charlie confesses

We see Charlie trying to detox himself from his drug addiction.  Locke wants to get Charlie moving, but he refuses to go right away.  Eventually he does but is chased by a wild boar in the jungle.  Locke tells Charlie he makes good bait which Charlie replies, “Glad to oblige (sarcastically), now give me my drugs”.

Jack is looking at Kate’s mug shot.  I thought it was interesting how she joked about it not being her best picture, like being arrested wasn’t a big deal to her.  Jack asks her to go the caves again, but Kate wants to follow Sayid’s plan to use the transceiver to triangulate the signal back to the source of the Transmission using bottle rockets as a signal.  I think Kate may be avoiding the caves because she may possibly have lived there before and it brings back memories (my last post talks about this).

I was wondering what Ethan was doing during this time.  I believe we saw him in Expose’, when they revisited Jack’s “live together, die alone speech, which we saw a couple of episodes ago.  He is no where to be seen at the beach or the caves.  He was told to make his list, which he may have done already and headed back to tell Ben.  But we do get to meet the infamous Scott and Steve, of which one dies, but we are not sure which one.

Back to the story. Charlie confesses to a priest that because of the choices he made, he has succumb to temptation.  Charlie was not a drug user yet, but he was headed down that path and he knew what was happening.  The priest said “Life is really all about the choices we make”, and now we get to see what leads Charlie to give in to despair, make a bad choice, but through the help of Locke and Jack, he recovers.

It’s interesting how they tie the cave-in that Charlie and Jack experience to the flashback when Charlie says the cave is like the confessional.

Kate learns a few things

Kate learns a few things

I also liked the scene with Kate and Sawyer.  Kate says she pities Sawyer for being a parasite, living off others, and she knows why, because he has nothing to go back to civilization for.  This scene plays out again in Season 4 when Sawyer offers Kate a chance to stay with him in Dharmaville. When she says no, he asks her what she has to go back for.  Kate also tells Sawyer he never helps others, but eventually he listens to her and goes to tell her Jack is stuck in the caves, but when she rebukes him instead, he forgets to tell her about Jack.  Sayid warns her to not trust Sawyer, but she says she can handle the situation.  But when she does find out she drops everything to help Jack.  And gives him a huge hug when Jack escapes the caves.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Hurley gives Charlie his guitar case.  In season 5, Hurley is carrying a guitar case that Jacob gave him.
  • Charlie is tempted by Liam to become the rock “god”.  Charlie gives in to this, but then Liam becomes the star of the band, leading Charlie to despair and his feelings of uselessness.  Liam also doesn’t take care of his little brother and is selfish, but finds his purpose by becoming a dad.  Maybe Charlie was never meant to be the rock “god”.  But he does find his usefulness on the island by being a boyfriend to Claire and saving them all by warning them about the freighter people who want to kill them.
  • Kate and Sayid have conversation about the crash.  Sayid says the mid-section cartwheeled in the jungle and they should not have survived. Kate says some things just happen, no rhyme or reason.  Jack says something similar but with a destiny or purpose involved in the season 5 finale.  “If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”.
  • When Charlie finally lets go of his drugs and burns them, he pulls off the hood from his head, like the moth escaping the cocoon.  Locke notes earlier that the caterpillar needs to face adversity to become strong enough to fly like the moth.  In Season 5 Locke tells Sawyer he would not change anything that happened to him on island, because it is what got him to this point in helping him fulfill his destiny.  I found the dialog on Lostpedia (The Little Prince)

SAWYER: So you could tell yourself to do things different, save yourself a world of pain.

LOCKE: No, I needed that pain to get to where I am now.

  • Is it possible Charlie died in the cave-in?  How did he escape but Jack did not?  This was like when Claire escaped her house being blowing up in Dharmaville.  Mysterious, no?
  • Sayid gets clunked on the head with a stick.  This is the first time we realize that someone is trying to keep them on the island.  We find out it’s the same person who exploded a Dharma station and blew up a submarine.
  • Michael is actually a good guy in this episode.  He is a builder we find out.  Was in construction for 8 years.

One Response

  1. Charlie’s been conned by his brother. It would interesting to see of the guitar case is the same one as Hurley is carrying in the season 5 finale.

    I remember Juliet also having a dislocated shoulder like Jack.

    Charlie’s experiences on the island seem to be the opposite to what his life off-island was.

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