All About Lost ReWatch Eps 2 (S1 5-8)

In this edition of All About Lost, Jeremy and T.L.E. discuss episodes 5-8 of Lost season 1. Each episode is covered individually before listener feedback and the first official All About Lost poll question.

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3 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for season 2, I just want to see Desmond again.

  2. White Rabbit:

    Charlie says “I don’t swim” and as we all know he does swim. Point here is that he said don’t not can’t.

    Jack, excluding Boone, is the only one of 47 who makes an attempt at the rescue. Typical analogy “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

    Locke who was on a water run, suddenly appears and rescues Jack. who is in a near death situation, from the cliff.

  3. Jeremy,

    what happened to all the music during the podcast, seems like you stayed up too late that you forgot to add any music, instead we are left with gaps in the podcast. Don’t worry though, I know how busy you are, and the long nights really make it tough.

    One thing I will say about BuzMeg’s comment in regards to Charlie. When we get to rewatch the “Greatest Hit’s” episode in season three, pay special attention to the background speach. There is a boy who calls out “Come on, Desmond!”, just as Charlie is about to jump into the pool with his dad. Now this brings up a really big question, since Desmond is so unique, is he really about to change the course of time. Maybe he was able to influence Charlie to swim, and thus when season one starts, he can’t swim, but when Desmond obtains his abilities from the hatch implosion, he is able to change the course of time therefore when Charlie decides to swim, he is able to swim.

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