LOST 1.09 Solitary

Solitary refers to Sayid’s solitary journey into the wilderness (kind of a walkabout) after feeling the guilt for torturing someone to get information.  Torturing is what he did to extract information during the Gulf war and in this episode he is faced with torturing a woman from his childhood named Nadia.  Solitary confinement was what Nadia was under while she awaited interrogation, but isolation is what followed Sayid for years afterwards.

Things to note:  Sayid’s isolation storyline is juxtaposed with the rest of the Losties bonding over a game of golf.  In Season 4 we see Sayid befriend a man on a golf course and then shoot him out of revenge for Nadia’s death.  Side note: Andrea Gabriel (who plays Nadia) was interviewed recently about her on-screen demise).


Nadia, if you dont let me win musical chairs, I may have to hurt you

Nadia, if you don't let me win musical chairs, I may have to hurt you

Sayid is seen sitting alone on the beach when he discovers a cable sticking out of the sand.  It leads from the ocean into the jungle, so he follows it until he finds a booby trap trip wire.  He avoids it at first but then is caught somehow and speared in the leg with a stick by the trap.  After nightfall an unknown woman comes and cuts him down and he blacks out. When he wakes up he is in her shelter strapped down and wired with electrodes.  He hears “where’s Alex” in about five different languages.  He then gets some shocks and then talks to the mystery girl.  Seems that she doesn’t believe his story about crashing on the island.  Instead she thinks he one of them (the Others).  She says they control the broadcast.  He sees her name is Rousseau and she figures out he’s Sayid by finding Nadia’s note to him.  He followed the cable to find the person on the Transmission and sure enough he found her.  She tells him she was part of a science expedition out of Tahiti that lost communication near the island, and ran up on the rocks before their ship was destroyed.  After being on the island for two months, her group becomes sick, and then she kills them all after leaving the location of the Black Rock.

Find me somebody to love - Rousseau

Find me somebody to love - Rousseau

Things to note: Sawyer appropriates part of this for his cover story in Dharmaville during Season 5.  Nadia’s note to Sayid writes about ‘seeing Sayid in the next life, if not in this one’. This statement is similar to Desmond’s “See you in another life brother”.

Sayid says Nadia is dead because of me.  In this part of the story, we see Sayid help Nadia escape both capture and execution.  Nadia wants Sayid to go with her, but they would kill his family if he deserts.  So he shoots an Iraqi and then himself in the leg (like Michael shot himself to cover up his shooting of Ana Lucia).  And sends Nadia off the base in a army truck.  In a future episode, Sayid is suppose to reunite with Nadia after working for the CIA, but Sayid does not go through his part of the bargain.  So maybe he thinks they killed her?


  • We see Ethan with Locke out hunting rabbits.  Locke as a hunter = Esau?  Ethan is with him.  More bunnys.  Lots of creepy forshadowing there.
  • The golf course looked like the same location as the camp where Richard and the hostiles were in the 1950’s.
  • Sayid gets an injection from Rousseau, but its just a sedative to knock him out, not what Desmond uses to ward off the sickness.
  • Rousseau says “They were the carriers”.  The carriers of what?  Jacob’s nemesis?  Did he move from one dead body to another?
  • This is the first time we hear the whispers.  Rousseau says she does not see the Others but she hears them whisper.  Rousseau has traveled all over the island.  She has seen the others because when she captures Ben she calls him an other and she tells the Losties not to believe his lies.
  • The standoff between Sayid and Rousseau is played out with her and Robert in Season 5.  Same rifles and same firing pin removed which causes Sayid’s/Robert’s gun to not fire.  But Rousseau kills Robert, this time she does not kill Sayid.  Maybe it’s because she is so lonely or that she trusts Sayid after he did something nice by fixing her music box.
  • She tells Sayid not to trust his Oceanic friends.  In fact she tells him to watch them closely (for changes, I guess).  In the next episode the first person Sayid encounters back at the caves is John Locke standing in the shadows.  Has Locke changed already?

4 Responses

  1. It’s funny when Rosseau explains her adventures on the island, that it may sound unreal. And Hurely does the same in Season 5.

    Sayid explains to Danielle that Nadia is dead. Kate is starting to have a liking to Sawyer. It must have been that kiss, or the fact she knows the real reason for his rebelious nature and feel sympathy for him. But she gave him good advice.

    We see the same music box that was with Danielle the night Alex was taken from her. It’s funny she said there’s no such things as monsters. The golf course has really given the losties an opportunity to relax and stress-less, like a time-out. Which we should all do once in a while, if our lives are too busy and hectic. Remember how Jack’s dad told Jack to take a time out during his first surgical operation.

  2. I am enjoying the idea of Locke either already being transformed or possibly being who he was at the end of season 5, only the first season is actually showing him looped. (did that make sense?)

    However, its a real stretch when you consider how lost he is with Ben, and how desperate he is for answers, and how often he makes mistakes. Also, we all sensed a noticeable personality shift when Locke came back from the dead. He was instilled with a sense of purpose, and the change is very drastic. Its most apparent when new Locke orders Richard to help old Locke, who is whirling through time with the island (‘Follow the Leader’, I believe). If you watch those two Lockes, they are completely different people, and I can’t chalk it all up to Jacob’s Nemesis playing a very convincing Locke for the first 4.85 seasons.

  3. Upon reading what I just wrote, I think I should clarify that while Locke has always acted with a sense of purpose, it wasn’t until he came back from the dead that he could actually NAME his purpose (eg kill Jacob). Before then he would just say things like “This island is special, and it is my destiny.” Not only did his mission become that much more clear, but it was also a severe change from what we all perceived his destiny was culminating to,

  4. Sayid’s got stabbed in the leg by a twig, and coincidentally in the same area he shot himself for Nadia to escape.

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