LOST 1.11 All the Best Cowboys (Jack), Have Daddy Issues

Daddy issues.  All of our Lost characters have daddy issues.  In this episode we focus on Christian Shephard’s relationship with Jack.  He says something interesting to his son to the effect of “I raised you differently so you could be a great surgeon and save 100’s of thousands of lives, but our relationship had to suffer”.  Well Jack doesn’t care about any of that, he just wanted a father.  So many of our Lost characters want that too, but were denied that, due to strange circumstances.

We see Jack and Locke set up a rescue party for Claire.  They try to follow the trail but lose it.  Locke and Boone go down one path and Kate and Jack another.  Kate and Jack follow clues left by Charlie, until Jack runs into Ethan, who threatens to kill one of them unless Jack stops the pursuit.  Ethan beats up Jack pretty bad.  But Jack doesn’t give up and finds Charlie instead hanging from a tree.  In a very dramatic scene Jack brings Charlie back to life, or so it seems.  (The famous Life and Death musical theme plays in the background).  I have to admit I got a little emotional the first time I saw this scene.  Charlie now resuscitated, can’t remember anything.


Looking up creepy in the dictionary gives you this picture of Ethan

Looking up "creepy" in the dictionary gives you this picture of Ethan

Jack stops his dad from operating on a patient because his dad is impaired with alcohol.  But Jack’s dad was called to do the surgery while he was out of the hospital.  Why didn’t they call Jack who was in the hospital.  And when Jack took over the surgery that is when the patient died.  Jack turns on his father when he finds out the dead girl was also pregnant.  Are we suppose to tie this in with all the pregnancy issues going on the island?


  • I thought it was interesting that Jack said he wasn’t going to let Ethan do this again.  Did he mean he didn’t want him to hurt someone again, like he hurt Claire or does it go deeper than that?
  • Boone takes the red shirt from Locke.  He even admits that it is the red shirts from Star Trek that always die.  Of course Boone does meet his end very soon, but not this episode.
  • Locke and Ethan were hunting together, but Locke never picked up on Ethan’s evilness.  How come?
  • Charlie leaves a trail for the rescuers to follow after being captured by Ethan.  In LOTR, the Hobbits leave a trail for Aragorn to follow, after they are captured by Orcs.
  • Ethan Rom is an anagram for Other Man.  Ethan was an Other sent by Ben to infiltrate the Losties camp.
  • Sawyer hears the Rousseau ship wreck story from Sayid.  The same story he modifies for himself in Season 5.
  • Kate’s father was an Army ranger.  We have seen soldiers on the island in Season 5, and at the Lamp Post station we saw a picture on the wall taken by the Army of the island.  Kate learned to track from her father, they used to go hiking for hours (or she has been to the island before, you pick).
  • Walt asks for a double-six in backgammon and he gets it.  Hurley says he is good for paying off his $20K loss to Walt.  But we have not yet seen him pay him.  Maybe he will in Season 6.
  • Charlie says “all They wanted was Claire”.  How does Charlie know about the Others, he just knows about Ethan?
  • Locke says “do you feel It”, probably referring to the electromagnetism just below them in the Swan hatch.

4 Responses

  1. I thought about the “let him do this again” comment, too. I am very curious. I mean, Ethan took Claire to check on the baby like he took Alex from Rousseau…but Jack wasn’t around for that, so I don’t think he’d know that even if he learned it in the future. His memories wouldn’t work like that…I’m very curious.

    About Locke never picking up on Ethan’s evilness…Ethan hasn’t been particularly evil any other time that we’ve seen him besides stealing Claire. I don’t think so anyway. He shot Locke in the flashback…maybe that’s why he was so buddy buddy with him when they were hunting and all.

  2. The “let him do this again” comment: I believe that the first time that “he” did it is referring to when Christian killed the pregnant woman and her unborn child by performing the procedure under the influence. Jack doesn’t want to lose another pregnant woman and her child – this would be the second time this were to happen in his life, thus him saying “again.”

  3. Interesting … when I heard the “let him do this again” comment I took it as Jack wanting to find/get Ethan so he couldn’t/wouldn’t kidnap anyone else. Nothing more. Rather a comment coming from someone who is obsessed with ‘fixing’ things. Fixing it so it (kidnapping) won’t occur again. Guess we’ll find out.

  4. I thought we’d get someone elses flashback before we got another Jack centric episode.

    Locke is trying to persuade Boone to head back to camp, is this because he knows what will happen to him later?

    As Christian is talking to the husband of the victim in the surgery, he puts his hand on his shoulder and rubs it. It is very reminiscent of Jacob’s actions of touching people. He even had to touch Jack to persuade him to sign the legal documents in regards to the surgery. I’m really starting to think Christian has abilities similar to Jacob. He can be persuasive with a touch. Where Jacob offer a choice to those he touches.

    Walt playing blackgammon with Hurley, i tell you Walt is able to utilize the magic box better anyone. Plus Locke is commanding the rain to come. Jack believes he can revive Charlie.

    Speaking of the walking dead. Maybe Claire is already a walking dead before the incident in the barracks late in season 4.

    I’m sure the feeling Locke was talking about with his gut he was referring to previously with Boone.

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