LOST 1.10 Raised by Another (Claire)

Claire.  We see her eye in closeup and hear a baby crying.  That’s weird, she hasn’t delivered her baby yet.  Is there another baby on the island?  She gets up and we see she’s not pregnant anymore.  Oh this must be like a dream or something.  She walks through the jungle and encounters John Locke playing cards.  He looks up and we see he has one white eye and one black eye. He tells her it’s her responsibility (to raise him) and no one else’s.  A child is running away through the jungle.  She spies a crib.  The Oceanic airplane mobile is spinning faster and faster.  She reaches into the crib only to pull out a handful of blood.  Then she “wakes up” screaming until Charlie is able to calm her.  What does it all mean?

Claire wonders what shes doing hare

Claire wonders what she's doing "hare"

Later she wakes up after experiencing someone trying to inject her baby with a needle.

Jack thinks it’s hallucinations brought on by dehydration and stress.  Claire tells Jack she’s not crazy and “who said it was a nightmare?”. She has fingernail prints driven into her hand.  She won’t take the sedative pills he gives her.  She leaves saying “she is not supposed to be here”.


Claire and her boyfriend Thomas are looking at a pregnancy test.  It turns out to be positive.  Claire is worried, but Thomas says he and Claire can raise the baby.  She has doubts but agrees.

Claire and a friend go to visit a psychic.  Claire is in to astrology.  The psychic (Malkin) appears to be a fraud, but sometime during the “reading” he pulls back and says he can’ t go on.  He knows that Claire is pregnant and he sees a “blur” which scares him.

When Claire returns home her boyfriend is cold to her.  He suddenly goes off about this being a mistake and blaming Claire for the situation.  He doesn’t want to hear about Claire being abandoned by her father.  Claire can’t believe his sudden change of heart and yells at him to come back, but he leaves her for good.

She meets Malkin again.  He tells Claire that only she can raise the baby, no one else.  His says danger follows that baby and that her goodness must be an influence.  But Claire is already thinking about adoption.  When Malkin insists she listen to him she leaves.

She meets with adoptive services.  She is given the chance to sign the adoption paperwork, but hesitates when the pen stops working.  She tells them to sing “Catch a Falling Star” to him at night like her father did.  But she can’t go through with it.

Malkin persists and Claire is willing to listen to his plan to fly to LA to give the baby to a good couple.  He gives her $6K now and another $6K when she gets there.  But she must leave tomorrow on flight 815 and only that flight.

Back to the island:

After Claire leaves, Hurley shows up to tell Jack that one of the people on the beach is not on the manifest and his name is Ethan.  Later on we find out his full name is Ethan Rom (Other Man) from Ontario, Canada.  If someone on the show says they are from Canada they actually are just pretending. Mea Culpa, on our early podcasts we said we were from Canada (it was kind of an inside joke).  Later, Claire and Charlie talk about Malkin.  Maybe he did know Claire would end up on the island to raise Aaron, and therefore his only plan was to get Claire on flight 815.  Ethan catches up to Claire and Charlie, and he kidnaps them.


  • There is definitely a Rosemary’s Baby vibe to this episode.  It’s a movie where the protagonist is forced to have a baby against her will, so an evil child can be born.  But this episode seems to be an opposite of that.
  • Here’s something even more creepy.  Rosemary’ Baby the movie was filmed in The Dakota a gothic looking apartment building in Manhattan.  This is the same location the protagonist in the book Time and Again does his time traveling from.
  • Catch a Falling Star was sung by Christian Shephard to Claire when she was a baby, and Kate sings it to Aaron when she is taking care of him.
  • In a deleted scene, Malkin talks about receiving $16,000 dollars from a couple in LA to get Claire to go to LA.  So, if he gave Claire $6K he would pocket the other $10K.
  • Funny scene:  Hurley easily talks Sawyer into giving him the manifest, because “man you need the points”, but mostly he’s just brutally honest with him.
  • Is the psychic a fake who had an actual true vision with Claire?  That would be my guess.
  • I know people are getting a bit tired of this, but is it possible that Claire found herself back in time and that’s why she said she “is not supposed to be here“?  Or is she just refering to Malkin’s promise about the LA couple?

One Response

  1. Locke said to Claire in her dream, “It was your fault you gave him away, now we all have to pay the price”. What price? is this the reason they are on the island?

    I think Claire’s boyfriend looks alot like Ben Linus. Funny how his name is Thomas and in season 5 Ben talks to Jack about doublting Thomas the apostle. Is he the son of Annie & Ben.

    The look on Jack and Kate’s face when he says that Claire’s going to have the baby soon, is almost as if they know what’s coming next.

    The psychic’s analysis of Claire’s hands were similar to the way Mile’s performed it with a Mr Grey. That whole thing was creepy. As if he knows Claire will be a walking ghost. I think he’s working for Widmore or Ben in trying to get Claire where she should be. So she must get on flight 815.

    Hurley has a list, the others are great with lists.

    Jack’s talk with Claire and her dreams is almost what the show is about. Seeing things that aren’t really there. Time-travel, monsters, walking dead, plane crash survival, OTHERS

    Claire wishes to herself: “let that be the last one” (contraction). Magic Box again.

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