LOST 1.12 Whatever the Case May Be (Kate)

In this episode we get a glimpse at Kate’s shady past.  For the girl we trusted on the island, you know the one who couldn’t use a gun, we find out she is pistol packing Freckles.

Kates Regret

Kate's Regret

The case in question is a Halliburton case.  Supposedly practically indestructible.  It’s full of guns and Kate wants to claim it.  Sawyer and Kate find it at the bottom of a lagoon, under the seat of one of the passengers.  After many attempts at getting the case from Sawyer, she finally convinces Jack to get it for her.  He threatens to takes Sawyer’s antibiotics away to do it.  But first they need the key which Kate says is in the Marshall’s wallet.  They have to dig up his remains (another buried body) and Kate grabs it first.  When Jack sees the wallet is empty he tells Kate to open her hand and finds she has quickly palmed the key. The open the case to find the guns and a personal effects envelope (for Kate) with just one item in it – A toy plane.

The flashback was about Kate staging a robbery (and seducing some guy to help her) so she could get said plane out of a safety deposit box which she had the key for.  But you need two keys hence the robbery.  She shoots three of her own accomplices to keep them from shooting an unarmed bank attendant.


  • Why was the case under the seat of a passenger, when Kate claims the Marshall had to check his baggage?
  • Why did Kate go to all the trouble of staging the robbery.  Who was the signatory on the deposit box she mentioned.
  • We know the plane belonged to her childhood friend, Tom.  We saw him carrying it into the convenience store where Kate stole the lunchbox.  The same lunchbox they buried the plane in as a time capsule.
  • Kate says it belongs to the man she loved until she says it belonged to the man she killed.  I am assuming she means Tom who died in an auto accident when Kate was trying to make a getaway.
  • The beach folk said they had not heard Smokey for a couple of weeks.  Did Smokey take a two week vacation?  Where do Smoke Monsters go to hang out.  I am thinking it’s not the beach because Smokey seems to be afraid of water.
  • The safety deposit box is #815. Kate says her name is not Maggie, just like she told the farmer her name was not Annie.
  • The movie that Shannon talks about is Finding Nemo which was released in 2003, one year before the crash.  The lyrics might hold a clue, but not sure what it is (from Lostpedia):

The Sea
That one sees dancing along the clear gulfs
Has silver reflections
The Sea
Changing reflections
Under the rain

The Sea
In the summer sky merge
Its white sheep
With such pure angels
The sea, shepherdess of azure

Close to the ponds
These large wet reeds
These white birds
And these rusted houses

The Sea
Has rocked them
Along the clear gulfs
And with a song of love
The Sea
Has soothed my heart for life

One Response

  1. We see the same waterfall where Kate and Hurley were after they exited the flight Ajira 316

    Magic Box: Kate wanting to find a case, she does, the same way Charlie wanted to find his guitar.

    Poor Sawyer, he’s been beaten, headbutted, stabbed, shot at, and will endure more of it until the end of the show, but is still alive to talk about it.

    It is said that the island moves, is the evidence for this the fact that the tidal movements are irregular? Or is it whenever it rains?

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