LOST 1.14 Special (Walt! and Michael)

Waalt!  Who could forget that yell.  Well by the end of Season 2 we were all ready to forget it.  I must say that of all the characters I feel most sorry for it’s Walt’s dad Michael.

Okay, first, he meets a beautiful girl, Susan.  Then more good news,  they have a baby on the way.  Mike gets a construction job to bring in some extra money (he’s an artist).  Mike wants to name him Walt and Susan gives him her last name Lloyd.  Hmm, I think the bad news is starting.  Then after a year or so, she decides to take a job in Amsterdam, just for a while.  Then after a year she calls Mike to tell him that she wants to talk to Walt, that’s when Mike hears another man in the background.  Then he gets upset and walks into a moving car (or maybe the car is after him ala Nadia).  After some recuperation, Susan returns for a visit only to demand that her and her boyfriend want to adopt Walt.

However she gets sick and dies of a blood disorder in just a week.  The boyfriend returns to leave Walt with his Dad.   Mike gets his son back but not the way he expected.

Michael and Walt, reunited father and son

Michael and Walt, reunited father and son

Back on the island, Charlie is still worried about Claire so he goes to find her diary and discovers that Claire likes him and that she mentions dreams about a Black Rock.  Sayid believes that the coordinates on the map (when the triangles are lined up) may point to exactly that location since Rousseau mentioned that place.  Claire shows up disoriented and without a clue as to what happened to her.


The couple talks about living on a boat.  Michael builds a raft on island, then escapes said island by using a trawler given to him by one of the Others, then returns to the island’s proximity being placed on a freighter, then blows up said freighter.

  • This episode was written by David Fury, who also wrote Walkabout, which he earned an Emmy nomination for.  He also is a writer/producer on 24 who just finished Day 7 of the show.
  • Jeremy points out that the crib looks a lot like the Swan station computer room sorta canopy.  Speaking of that, the house Walt is living in has a weird octagonal ceiling, like a Dharma logo.
  • Walt follows Locke around and at one point learns to throw a knife by visualizing it.  He also visualizes a bird and it crashes into a window.  Lostpedia says this is the first time Egypt is mentioned when Walt says he should be studying Egyptian birds.  We think this “power” is part of what makes Walt special.  He also called for the rain to stop and it did, and needed double 6’s in backgammon and got them.  He thinks of a polar bear via the comic book and one shows up to attack him.
  • In future episodes he causes a bunch of birds to die outside room 23 and his keepers ask if anyone has seen Walt in place(s) he should not be.  Walt is special, a nice kid, but just a little bit dangerous.
  • The comic book that burned is probably the same comic that Hurley brought to the island through his time travel to 1977.
  • A penguin with a sunburn (part of a birthday card to Walt) reminds me of a few things:  the bloody snow globe and the snowman smells carrots joke.  Does this have anything to do with polar bears, the arctic listening station and why it’s so cold where the frozen donkey wheel is located??

4 Responses

  1. I really think that this group winds up on the original Black Rock at some point. I think Claire is dreaming about the Black Rock for a reason. Also, when Jacob and his nemesis are discussing the ship they talk about how they are always coming and destroying everything and the process just repeats itself. Who is to say the nemesis isn’t referring to the Oceanic 815 survivors that seem to keep cropping up throughout various times on the island? Plus, how else would they explain the whole Black Rock stuck in the middle of the island story without there being a lot of time devoted to that period of time? Mind you, they could have Richard, Jacob, or Nemesis flash backs.

    • Also, I just re-watched the episode “Par Avion” from season 3. In it, Mikael says that neither Sayid, Kate, or John were on the “list” made by the man who is “great” and in charge of Ben. He starts to say Kate and Sayid are strangers to him, though he knows their full names. Then he says something very important to Locke: “You I might have a fleeting memory of. But I must be confused because the John Locke I knew was … ” and then he gets interrupted by Danielle.

  2. Michaels wife (Susan) suddenly appears out of nowhere, we see mysterious appearances of people all the time, Abbadon, Jacob, Christian Shepherd, Dave etc. Walt’s nanny looks familiar, as if she’s been used as a character in one of the later seasons.

    MagIc box: Walt has to see it in his head before he can throw the knife. Also when he plays Hurley in Backgammon, he’s utilising the magic box 100%.

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