LOST 1.15 Homecoming (Charlie)

Charlie’s desperation for a drug fix leads him to con a rich girl and her dad.  “Homecoming” might refer to Charlie’s visit to the girl’s house and his attempts to be a provider/protector, or it also may refer to Claire’s return to the Losties camp where she gets a suspicious welcome back.

Claire loses her memory

Claire loses her memory

Claire returns to the camp with the old TV tradition, “a case of amnesia”.  They like to do this so the character in question  delays revealing too much plot too soon.  Anyway, Charlie is relieved she’s back and gives her the diary she has been keeping to stir her memories.  She realizes after a while that Charlie is her friend but everyone else stares at her.  Charlie won’t tell her about evil Ethan, so she gets mad when she finds out the truth of her abduction from Shannon.

Ethan confronts Charlie for the last time

Ethan confronts Charlie for the last time

Jack,  Sayid and Locke devise a plan to lure Ethan with Claire and then capture him after Charlie is accosted by Ethan who threatens to kill a Lostie a day until he gets Claire.  Jack shows them the guns he stashed from the Marshall’s case.  They wait for Ethan and Charlie shoots him dead.


Here Charlie and his friend devise a con in order to pay for their drug habit.  Charlie plays the rock star to a bunch of girls and catches a rich one named Lucy (as in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds recorded by two Brits – The Beatles and Elton John).  Also Charlie has a tattoo on his arm “living is easy with eyes closed” from another Beatles song. He becomes her boyfriend and she treats him very well, but Charlie is out to steal something.  But he also becomes attached to the family when they offer him a job, and for once Charlie can be a respectable person.  His greatest goal right now is to take care of people (most likely because his big brother Liam never bothered to take care of him).

But the timing is bad, and Charlie who is now off drugs is having withdrawal symptoms.  He becomes desperate and steals a Winston Churchill artifact (cigarette case) from Lucy’s house and the first day on the job vomits on the copy machine he is trying to sell.  The ambulance comes and a person at the company finds the artifact and returns it to Lucy.

Charlie goes to apologize, but Lucy won’t hear it.  She throws Charlie out and tells him “you will never take care of anyone”.  But he does, he goes all out to protect Claire from Ethan, but instead of just capturing him he shoots him and now has to live with that memory forever.


  • Charlie is trying to do the right thing but circumstances cause him to fail.  This repeats on the island many times in his effort to protect Claire.  Is it Fate as Christian Shephard would say?
  • When Jack asks Charlie if he has ever fired a weapon, Charlie just stares at him.  They don’t give him a gun but he gets one during the fistfate to subdue Ethan.   He also doesn’t swim but that never stopped him from doing that either.  Strange, no?
  • Scott is killed when Ethan attacks from the Sea.  Hurley used to call him Steve and this becomes a running joke for a couple of seasons.   Ethan seems to have superhuman strength.  Do you get that when you are on the island for a long time?
  • There is a really touching scene when Claire remembers soemthing about peanut butter and Charlie admits it was just imaginary peanut butter.  And Claire wants to trust Charlie now even though she is scared.

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  1. Another castaway dies. We had 48 survivors, the marshall died and the lady swimming had drowned, so we are down to 46. Ethan is an other and he had killed someone on the beach that makes 44. We are getting ever closer to the magic 42 number.

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