LOST 1.16 Outlaws (Sawyer)

This is Sawyer’s story.  We learn how he got into the mess he is in, but Kate plays a big part too, as she is an outlaw as well.  This is the connection they share.  But there are more connections.  Sawyer meets up with a man at a bar, a man who tells him to do what he has to do, to stop the pain.  But the pain comes anyway and the man who tells him is Christian Shephard.

Sawyer is taunted by a boar who ruins his tent and runs off with the tarp.  Out of revenge Sawyer goes hunting for it.  Kate joins him and makes a deal to track the boar if she can have whatever she wants carte blanche or blank check.

In the flashback, Sawyer has conned another woman, and brings her back to his room.  They are surprised by a man named Hibbs who is sitting there.  He has news for Sawyer, the man who he is after (the Real Sawyer who killed his parents) has been found.  Sawyer reads this from a dossier (just like the one Locke is given on his father, the Real Sawyer – Anthony Cooper).  Sawyer tracks him down, buys a gun, and makes his decision to kill him.  The man works at shrimp stand and one night Sawyer yells to him and shoots him.  But the man (Duckett) knows nothing about what’s going on.  His last words are, “It will come around”.  These are the same words that Sawyer hears whispered in the jungle.

Back on the island, Kate and Sawyer play a game of “I never” and Kate reveals she has killed a man, just like Sawyer, and now they do really have something in common.  The next day, Locke shows up and tells a story about his mom, his step sister, and a golden retriever.  The mom is guilty about the sisters death and the dog comes to “take the sisters” place for a while, which leads the mom to realize she is forgiven for what happened.


Locke is eating a mango, like in Season 5 when he returns as Esau.

Christian says he is proud of Jack but is too weak to call and tell him.  Christian used to tell his son that he did not have what it takes.  He also believes in Fate and that some thing’s were meant to be no matter what you do to change things.  Jack seems to be headed in that direction.

“That’s why the Red Sox never win the series” was supposed be how Fate works, but in a great irony, the Red Sox did win in 2004.

Sawyer tells Duckett his first name is James.  I think it takes until Season 2 before the Losties learn this when Juliet blurts it out.  But that is just a guess on my part.

The game “I never” parallels another Kate episode “I do”.  During the game she mentions she was married (but it didn’t last long) and in “I do” we see exactly who she married and why it was a short one.

2 Responses

  1. Its Red SoX, though an individual player is often referred to as a “Red Sock”. Great articles.

  2. We find that even though Ben tell’s Sayid he a natural killer, he admits he lives with the guilt throughout his life. We get two very interesting stories, one from Sayid, and another from Locke. The only was Sawyer can be set free, is to let go of his past. Maybe he should have taken his Uncle’s advice “What’s done is done”

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