All About Lost ReWatch Eps 4 (S1 13-16)

In the 4th episode of All About Lost ReWatch we cover Hearts and Minds, Special, Homecoming and Outlaws. Includes short recaps of each, with thoughts/theories, and the Lost poll.

MP3 File

2 Responses

  1. lock is very special indeed.
    i hope his story hasn’t ended.
    i want him to have and happy ending; unless, lock was flock the whole time.
    i hate sun in season 5, almost as much as michael yelling walt.

  2. Yeah I agree, Sun is annoying. But Kate has always been annoying.

    It could be that Jacob will take on another form when he was pushed into the fire. Maybe he might be able to inhabit Locke’s physical body, something the nemesis was not able to do.

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