Friday Poll Question and LOST 2.07 The Other 48 Days

This episode follows the story of the Oceanic 815 Tailies from crash to Collision.  It’s a happy day for us blog writers, no flashback/flash-forward/or time travel to deal with!  Yeah Baby!

We start out with a quiet day at the beach.  Plenty of sun, nice trade winds, the sound of the surf, white metal objects falling from the sky, a tail section splashdown, burning wreckage, and a row of seats that smashes us to pieces.  Aah, life on a deserted island, what could be better?

Anna Lucia comes up from under the water gasping for air.  Eko, Libby and the rest of the tailes (who are alive) swim to shore.  Zach makes it to the beach, but his sister Emma lies face down in the water, and requires resuscitation to revive her.  Libby snaps a man’s broken leg back into place.  It’s chaos.  Goodwin yells for help and he and Anna make for the jungle where Bernard is stuck in his seat high in a tree.  He jumps to safety just before the seat comes crashing down.

The first night on the beach, people come to take some of them away.  Three are captured but Eko resists and ends up killing two people with a rock.  He is so upset he goes into a state of silence.  The next day, Cindy the stewardess informs them that the plane was going in the wrong direction for two hours and the rescue teams won’t know where to look for them.  On day 5, Donald dies from his leg wound.  On day 7, they find a chicken (on a deserted island, how is that?), and Eko starts carving his stick.  On day 12, they come again and take nine more people.  Anna kills one of them and finds a list with some of their names and descriptions.  Zach and Emma were taken.  Nathan was not taken because he was not a good person we find out later.

On day 15, they make a camp, and they next day Anna digs a pit.  Libby expresses concern about Nathan not being seen on the plane.  Anna throws Nathan into the pit and makes him stay 4 days.  She promised the little girl Emma she would get her to her mother in LA.  Day 23 Goodwin gives food to Nathan and then kills him.  The next day Nathan is gone (they think he escaped), but Goodwin was afraid Anna would find out the truth that Nathan really was on the plane.  She threatened to cut off a finger to get to the truth.

On day 27, they find a Dharma station (no hatch, just a door) with an Arrow in the logo.  They find a bible, an eye, and a working radio.  Quarantine is stenciled on the door, and there are electric lights.  Goodwin says it might be a storage facility.  He and Anna go to see if the radio works on higher ground.

On their trek up hill they stop and Anna shows him the knife she found on one of the Others, it’s an US Army knife from about 20 years ago.  She asks him why he was not wet like the rest of the survivors.  Did he come from the jungle, is that how he saw Bernard?  Earlier Goodwin said the people that were taken were in a “better place” and that the Others were misunderstood.  Anna and Goodwin fight until Goodwin accidently impales himself on Anna’s stake she is holding.

On day 41, Bernard tries out the radio and hears Boone on the Other end.  This is a bit longer conversation than what I remember.  Anna tells him it’s just a trick by the Others to lure them out of hiding.  Anna goes off by herself.  It’s been 40 days since Eko stopped talking.  Anna cries and finally breaks down knowing that she does not have to be strong anymore (now that the infintrated is dead and they have shelter).  She also cries because earlier she was asked if she had children.  We will learn her tragic backstory soon.

On day 45 they find Jin washed up on shore.  (He washed up again in Season 5 in a time travel episode when the freighter blew up and he ended up with Rouseau’s team in 1988).  They try to question him.  He escapes and finds Sawyer and Mike on the beach, but Eko beats them silly with his stick.  They drag a very sick Sawyer back to the Losties and on day 48 they lose Cindy, hear whispers and Anna mistakenly shoots Shannon out of fear.


  • Why was Quarantine stenciled on the Flame station door?  I could see it being on the Swan hatch to keep Desmond from leaving so he would push the button every 108 minutes.   I think they may really have needed to quarantine people after Juliet set off the thermo nuclear bomb in Season 5 (1977).  But our Losties would be safe because they traveled in time at that instant.
  • Forty days is an important Biblical number.  The ark of Noah was at lifted by rains for forty days and forty nights.  Moses was on the mountain of God for 40 days before receiving the 10 commandments, Jonah gave the Ninevites 40 days to repent, Jesus was 40 days in the wilderness.  And Eko waited 40 days to speak as a penance for killing two men.  This was not the first time he killed someone.  Here are some more of the 40 days.
  • Anna found a U.S. Army knife about 20 years old.  But Widmore was British soldier dressed in U.S. Army clothes.  Perhaps the knife comes from the Army folks who brought Jughead to the island in 1954.  I believe the knife may have belonged to Kate’s “dad” Sam Austen, who was in the Army and probably on the Jughead team.
  • Ed. note:  Kate is not a bad person.  She has probably been doing something for her dad from the very beginning to help him undo something he did on the island.  That’s my theory at least.  P.S. I know Kate being “good” is the minority view among most fans.
  • I understand the bible (as it hid the missing part of the Orientation video), and I understand the radio (as they needed it to talk to Boone), but what is the purpose of the glass eye? Patchy never had a glass eye, he had an eye patch.  We saw that patch removed and nothing under it but empty skin.  Also, who put those items there?  My guess is it was put there by the Losties themselves.

All About Lost ReWatch Eps 8 (S2 3-6)

T.L.E. and Jeremy cover the next batch of episodes as a part of the Lost Rewatch. Episode complete with lots of analysis and the Friday poll question.
Episode List:
2.03 Orientation
2.04 Everybody Hates Hugo
2.05 And Found
2.06 Abandoned

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LOST 2.06 Abandoned (Shannon)

Okay, I admit I said I never liked Shannon and I never will like Shannon.  But I kind of respect Shannon now that I remember her flashback episode.  Shannon was a fragile creature and she so desperately wanted to go to NY to be a dancer.  But she had those dreams crushed by a) her father dying, and b) her stepmother giving her none of her inheritance… so, well let’s say… Shannon deserved to have a good life like everyone else, but she feared being abandoned, and it ruined her.


“They’re coming and they’re close” is what Walt appears to say (backward) as Shannon waits for Sayid to return to their tent after he goes to get her some water.  Well Walt is soaking wet does that count?  This is the second time she has seen him after he left on the raft to find rescue.  We know that he was captured by the Others.  So how can he be in two places at once?  And what does it mean “they’re coming”?  This is a scene reminiscent of when Brother Yemmi visited Eko in his tent (which comes later in S3).  Yemmi gets Eko to go after him in the jungle, just like Walt lures Shannon out.  They both meet their untimely demise (or is it demises?).

Strike a pose - Its Shannon

Strike a pose - It's Shannon

Shannon just wants Walt to be safe (thinking he has come back to camp).  So she uses Vincent his dog to sniff him out.  Instead the nice doggy just takes her to Boone’s grave so Shannon can relive that experience all over again.  Is this the island “testing” her to get her to admit her loneliness and feelings of abandonment?


Shannon is teaching a girl’s ballet class when she tells her friend she really hopes to get an (unpaid) internship at a prestigious dance school in NY City.  Just then she gets a call from her step-mom, her dad Adam Rutherford was injured in a car crash.  When they get to the hospital the doctor tells them that he never regained consciousness.  At the wake Boone shows up from NY.  He tries to convinces his mom (her step-mom) can be reasonable if Shannon will just talk to her, but Shannon says she was always jealous of her relationship with her dad.  Later, Shannon gets the internship, but has no money to go, so she asks the step-mom for her inheritance.  But her dad left no will and the step-mom is in control of the estate. She thinks Shannon is lazy and spoiled and that her dad would want her to fend for herself, so she gives her nothing and kicks her out of her own house.  Shannon pleads with her stepbrother for money from his mom, but he gets nothing.  He was just offered a job to work at his mom’s business.  He does try to give Shannon some money, but when he refuses to acknowledge that his sister could make it on her own, she throws it back at him.  (In an episode from S1, Shannon cons her brother for money).

Back on the island:

Sawyer and Anna wait for Eko to return.  Just as he is saying Mike only cares about himself, Mike shows up.  They head toward the 815 survivors camp. But Sawyer’s gun shot wound is infected.  Sawyer passes out and needs to be carried the rest of way.  Anna wants to leave him (saying he is dead already) and when Eko suggests a shortcut through Others territory she balks but eventually gives in saying “I liked you better when you didn’t talk”, which is foreshadowing an Eko episode to come.

We also learn that Libby is a clinical psychologist and Locke knows how to swaddle a baby.  He also calls Charlie a hypocrite for saying Claire has a lot to learn (about mothering) while Charlie is addict – recovering addict.

Anna’s group climbs a hill when all of a sudden Cindy (the flight attendant) just vanishes.  Who got her?  My guess was it was Richard’s Alpert’s group because we see Cindy later alive and well in S3.

Shannon and Sayid chase after Vincent looking for Walt.  Shannon tells Sayid that he will leave her like all the other people in her life did (Her mom, her dad, her step-mom, Boone, the guys that used her, even Walt).  Sayid professes he lost someone too (Nadia) and he won’t leave her.  But then they see Walt again.  She chases after him and a gun shot is heard. Sayid finds her staggering with a bullet to the chest and Anna holding the pistol.


  • After seeing people return from the dead, I actually wonder if Anna is not telling the truth about Sawyer when she says “He is already dead”.  Remember Charlie looked dead before he was revived, and so did Locke before Jacob revived him.  And of course, Locke was killed by Ben and now walks the island (at least one version of him does).
  • Remember that Bea said to Michael (in the episode 3 minutes) that Walt has been in places where he shouldn’t be. Is Walt time traveling or somehow projecting himself from one place to the next?
  • It’s funny how they keep making us think that Goodwin was killed by the Others.
  • I still remember how during the original airing, us fans over-analyzed Shannon’s death (to death).  She’s not really dead.  Anna didn’t really shoot her.  It was an Other hidden off to the side somewhere.  Etc. Etc.

LOST 2.05 … And Found (Jin and Sun)

The writers have done it again with another clever title.  Last time the Jin and Sun episode was … In Translation, and this one is …. And Found.

The “And Found” refers to Sun losing something precious and then finding it.  It also refers to Jin finding something precious while losing his job.

This is another in a string of great episodes.  So I was curious (for once) to look at the viewership ratings back for the end of Season 1 and the start of this one.

Lost was averaging between 19 million and 21 million viewers and was in the top ten for 10 out of 11 weeks.  They will stay in the top ten for a few more weeks after this until they after the Fire + Water episode.


Sun is missing Jin after 4 days, she knows there is something wrong with the raft because they found the messages in the bottle.  She realizes she has lost her wedding ring.  In the flashback,  she is being coaxed to marry by her father through her mother who sets her up on a blind date with a rich young man.  Jin and the other hand is not looking for love, but wants a respectable job, not like his father who was a fisherman.  But his friend says he will find it and orange is his lucky sign.

Jack tells the tale of his lost ring.  He bought a replica to replace it and now it’s in his sock drawer at home (because he is no longer married).

A man at the Seoul (or is it soul, wink) Gateway Hotel gives Jin the doorman’s job after insulting him for being a fisherman.  He tells him not to let in people like him.  But Jin accepts the job hoping to move up the corporate ladder.

Back at the pit, Sawyer, Anna and the gang discuss the Others.  They live inland and they are very dangerous.  Michael takes off looking for Walt in that direction.  Jin and Eko go after him and on the way they discover a dead man.  Jin says “Others” as in ‘the others killed him’.  Eko nods yes as in ‘this was an Other and his name is Goodwin’. Speaking of Others, they are hiding when a “second” group of others appear.  Some men, woman, and children in raggedy clothes with a teddy bear in tow.

They find Mike screaming that famous saying into the wind and the waterfall, Waaalt!  They talk him into returning with them.

Sun is desparte enough to listen to Hurley tell her about his dog crapping nickels.   She cries, and Locke consoles her by saying he learned how to stop worrying about finding something, by giving up looking.

In an ironic scene, Jae Lee, the man at the hotel, gets a flower from Jin to give to Sun.  He is liking his blind dates with Sun, but really wants to return to marry his American girlfriend and live there.

(Who are the American girls? – Kate, Shannon, Libby).  We don’t know much of Libby’s backstory yet.  She married David who gave her a boat that Desmond sailed on.   Jae went to Harvard so he probably met ‘her’ there.  Another more likely option is Charlotte, because she could speak Korean.  But Charlotte was from England.  Rats !  The writers may be stuck because Cynthia Watros did not want to return to the show to do her flashback.

When Sun learns that Jae is just there with her to appease his parents, she leaves somewhat heartbroken.  Jin has just lost his job, because he let a poor fisherman’s son use the bathroom at the hotel.  On his way home he sees a girl in Orange (maybe its time for love after all).  But has he turns to talk to her he bumps into another girl.  It’s Sun.

Back on the island, Sun goes to uncover the bottle she buried about two episodes ago.  Kate wants to read Sawyer’s last message because she did not get to say goodbye ( I think we have just ventured into soap opera here).  In the process Sun finds her ring which fell off during the bottle burial.  She breaks down in tears.


See discussion above of Jae Lee’s possible girlfriend in America.

This group of Others is not Ben Linus’s group since they move without leaving tracks.  It must be Richard Alpert’s group.  Why don’t they leave tracks (are they dead spirits come to life on the island?).

Wasn’t Zack carrying a teddy bear? And Goodwin said (later) that Zack was in a much better place.  Is he talking about heaven or does he mean he is with the Alpert group?  We also saw Zack with Cindy in Season 3 talking to Jack.  “We are here to watch”, she said.  Whatever that means.

LOST 2.04 Everybody Hates Hugo (Hurley)

Hurley episodes are usually funny and this is one of the best.

Hurley Recap:

In a Hurley dream sequence, he sees Jin speaking English and some guy dressed in a chicken suit.  Back in the real world, Hurley is given the job of food itemizer and distributor.  Right now he is considered the most popular of the castaways, but that might all change now that he has been given the job by Jack to ration the food from the Hatch so it lasts.  This brings us to Hurley’s flashback, where we see him winning the lottery, but he keeps it a secret from everyone, even his mom.  He goes to work the next day at Mr. Cluck’s fast food chicken place, where his boss Randy (the same guy who was Locke’s supervisor), tells him to stop stealing the chicken.   And he asks Hurley “are you made of money”, which of course he will be soon, once he cashes in the lottery ticket.  His friend quits to and then visit Starla at the record shop after making fun of a Drive Shaft album.  After taunting Hurley’s boss with a “cluck you”, they head to get some snacks at a convenience store (guess its where Hurley bought the ticket) where Hurley is recognized as the winner of the lottery.

Raft and Tailey Recap:

The Tailey’s release the raft folks from the pit after realizing they were all on flight 815.  They head through the jungle with Anna Lucia calling all the shots and Sawyer resenting it.  They end up at door covered in vegetation.  This is a new Hatch called the Arrow.  There were 23 tail section survivors now there numbers are less (because some were kidnapped).  An older man asks if they have seen a black woman named Rose.  This is Bernard her husband.

Back on the island:

Hurley is keeping secrets from Charlie, but he finds out from Locke that Hurley has been to the Hatch and his job is passing out the food.  Charlie wants some peanut butter for Claire, but Hurley won’t let him fearing that they will all be asking for something soon and Hurley will be hated.  Hurley invites Rose to see the washer/dryer in the Hatch.  Later Hurley decides to detonate the food pantry with the dynamite from the Black Rock but Rose talks him out of it.  Hurley asks Jack if he can just give all the food away and he agrees.  The episode ends with a montage of a happy picnic on the beach and Claire’s peanut butter wish comes true.


  • In the dream Jin speaks English and this episode he doesn’t seem to have a difficult time understanding English very much either.
  • You can hear Carlton Cruse’s voice in the lottery winning announcement on TV.  He says “it’s been 16 weeks without a winner”.
  • Claire was the secret word at comic con this year.  The winner received a trophy bird who carried Claire’s message of help off the island.
  • Hurley looks with disdain at the ranch composite dressing.  It becomes his favorite Dharma food on the island.
  • Rose keeps an Apollo bar for Bernard who is a dentist with a sweet tooth.
  • Hurley and Locke share the same boss, Randy.
  • Sayid says he’s not seen anything like this since Chernobyl in talking about the concrete reinforcement around the EM in the hatch.  I am guessing they do this reinforcement soon after “The Incident”.
  • Charlie accuses Hurley of becoming “The Man”.  It reminded me of “School of Rock” where Jack Black says rock music is about “sticking it to The Man”.
  • What was the Arrow station for?  Sayid says he thought there was a geothermal generator at the Swan to produce electrical power.
  • You can see Sun’s wedding ring disappear when she buries the bottle.
  • Locke says “Change is good”.  In season 5 he told Sawyer the same thing when he told Locke they could go back and fix their mistakes.  Locke says he does not want to, because he would not have ended up on the island.  This to me might be a big theme in Season 6.  Do we really want to change the past?

Friday Poll and LOST 2.03 Orientation (Locke)

Who was the mysterious Helen that Locke was talking to in Season 1?  We are about to find out, but first here’s our Friday poll question.

Orientation is one of the first heavily mythology based episodes during the early part of Lost, and as such I believe it tore away a large part of the viewership.  Many Lost viewers up until then liked to see the character interactions on the stage of a great survival story.  Would the characters learn to get along in order to survive or would they descend into despair, destruction and cannibalism (just kidding about the last one!)?  But all of a sudden with Orientation we realized they probably would survive.  The hatch is full of food, guns, and heck even entertainment and a working shower!  The one lone inhabitant that guarded it was even gone and not coming back.

And here is where things get really dicey… the science fiction elements start to make themselves known.  Who are the people that were here before?  What is the Dharma Initiative?  Why do Desmond’s filling’s hurt when he walks by the concrete wall?  And the kicker… if they don’t enter the Numbers into the computer Then the world will End.  This sci fi stuff and the waiting for answers to these mysteries were too much for some people.  But for me (and many others),  this is just what we wanted we want to see in a great show.  And now (unfortunately) we are all totally obsessed with Lost… but in a good way.


Mike, Sawyer and Jin are beaten and captured by the Others and thrown into a tiger pit.  A huge black man looks down on them menacingly waving his stick.  When Sawyer tries to test the pit door, a large machete type knife scares him back.  Just then a girl is thrown in with them. Her name is Anna Lucia (we saw her talking to Jack in the Season 1 finale.  She was on flight 815 but in the tail section.  They ended up in the water but survived and swam to shore where after a few days they were hunted and chased by a mysterious group.  That part is true but Anna does not reveal that she is actually plotted to put the men in the pit thinking that they were the Others.  She tricks Sawyer and steals his gun and then gets the stick man to pull her out of there.

Back at the hatch, Kate escapes and makes her way to the gun room, grabs a rifle, sneaks up on Desmond (who has Jack at gun point) and clubs him.  This sets off Des’s gun which shoots the computer.  The exact same one he forced Locke to enter the dreaded Numbers into which stopped the countdown timer and reset it to 108 minutes.  Desmond freaks out and says they are all going to die.  He tells Jack he needs to fix it before the timer goes down to zero.

Jack agrees after he makes Des tell him the story of how he got there.  By the way, Jack vaguely remembers Desmond from Los Angeles.  Des says he was in a round the world boat race, hit a reef, was dragged to hatch by Kelvin who said he was just saving the world (by entering the Numbers), Kelvin died, Des is alone, The End.  To which Jack is completely skeptical, but Locke is willing to go along.  Des points them to a video (the Orientation video), which recounts the history of the hatch which is actually the Swan station.

It is one of many stations on the island constructed by the Dharma Initiative and funded by WWII arms dealer Alvar Hanso.  The DI is a research institute founded by the DeGroots at University of Michigan (in Ann Arbor) to explore social science research.  The Swan is for exploring the unique Electromagnetic property fluctuations at that location.

Jack is not too happy about this turn of events.  His job has been to protect the losties and get them off the island.  Locke is at cross purposes he feels they were sent to the island for a purpose all of them, and they are not to leave there until they discover that purpose.  Locke is a Man of Faith, Jack is a Man of Science.  Leading Jack to say, why is it so easy for you to believe (in this destiny)?  To which Locke replies it’s never been easy.  And in the flashback we see why.

Locke’s flashback:

John Locke is at an anger management therapy session, but his anger spills out when the people there recount their petty problems which seem trivial compared to Locke being conned out of his kidney and then dumped by his father.   The same one that left him as an orphan for 40 plus years.  Locke meets a kindred spirit in Helen.  Also angry but with John’s help gets over her anger and wants a serious relationship with him.   But Locke can’t commit because he is obsessed with his father and sits outside his house for hours just waiting for something to happen.  Well it does, Cooper, his father tells Locke he’s a nuisance and he conned him and he needs to get over it.  Locke weeps, but ends up going back again soon thereafter.  Helen makes him a deal, a key to her apartment if he will stay with her.  But he doesn’t so she confronts him, casts and casts his keys away.  She tells him he needs to make a Leap of Faith, to go ahead and move forward with her help and leave the past behind.  He says he can’t but ultimately he does.  Unfortunately things don’t end there as we see in upcoming episodes.

Back on the island Sayid is able to fix the computer and Locke enters the code, but it’s the wrong one.  Jack comes back with the right code.  He got it from Desmond after telling him this was all crazy, that nothing bad would happen at the hatch without the code.  Desmond recognizes Jack as the man he met in the stadium who was trying to fix a paralyzed girl.  Jack breaks down and says he married her but they are married no more.  Locke types in the correct code, but wants Jack to push the button.  Locke does not want to do this job alone (recalling his conversation with Helen).  Jack reluctantly agrees and now they both have a new job… pushing the button every 108 minutes to save the world (or risk looking like fools if this is just a mind game).


As they did so well in the first two seasons, they totally tied the island story to the flashback story.  Locke’s journey of faith ends at the hatch and Jack’s story of faith begins there.  As Locke says,  “all roads (i.e. destiny’s) end at the hatch”.  We saw this again in the Season 5 finale,  The Incident when a something happens at the Swan which in theory resets everyone’s destiny thereby avoiding their painful experiences on the island.

Dr. Marvin Candle is the narrator for the Orientation video.  We see him a few times doing this at other stations.  In this one, his left arm is immobile making some believe that he lost his real arm.  This was confirmed in the S5 finale.

The picture of Desmond with Penny (that Jack sees after he runs after Desmond) was changed.  The version on the DVD shows the Penny we know, but she was not cast when the episode first aired so another woman’s picture was used.

All About Lost ReWatch Eps 7 (S1 24, S2 1-2)

T.L.E. and Jeremy cover the Season 1 finale of Lost and also episodes 1+2 of Season 2. A lot of Lost talk in just over 1 hour.
1.24 Exodus
2.01 Man of Science Man of Faith (Jack)
2.02 Adrift (Michael)

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