LOST 1.18 Numbers (Hurley)

Hurley and the Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  Numbers never harmed anyone, that is… until you use them!

Quick Recap:

Michael needs a battery to power a distress signal once the raft is launched from the island.  So Jack goes to ask Sayid if they can go find Rouseau (the crazy French chick, as Hurley says), who had one.  She used it to torture Sayid.  But Sayid won’t go back to that place.  While they are looking at map Hurley sees the Numbers.  And as we are about to find out, this isn’t the first time he’s seen those infamous sets of digits.

In flashback, Hurley is watching the lottery on TV as his mom chides him for being a lazy chicken eaten son.  He wins the lottery by using the numbers, but in addition to the millions of dollars he wins, he is also cursed (or so he thinks).  First his uncle Tito dies of a heart attack, then his mom twists her ankle while visiting their new house that is burning down while Hurley is arrested as a drug dealer.  But Hurley increases his wealth by owning a box company (same one Locke works at) and insuring a business that burns down.  He also gets a settlement for being falsely arrested as that drug dealer.  It’s then that Hurley realizes it’s the Numbers that our cursed just as a man falls out of a window.  But his accountant believes the make your own luck and Hurley shouldn’t use the numbers as an excuse for what has happened.

Hurley goes to find Lenny who gave him the Numbers.  Only problem is Lenny’s gone insane.  We find out why Hurley was in the nut house (as Charlie calls it) to begin with much later.  Lenny tells him Hurley should not have used the numbers “because it won’t stop” and that he heard them while on patrol on a Navy boat with his friend Sak Tooney.  Hurley goes to Australia to find him.  But his wife answers the door.  Toomey shot himself after winning another prize with the Numbers.  She too tells him not to believe in luck.  But later on the island Rouseu says she blames the Numbers for bringing her to the island where she lost everyone she cared about.

Hurley does decide to make his own luck in a Season 3 episode where he finds and restarts an old VW van.  We have seen him drive that thing more than a few times on the island.

As expected the Numbers show up all over this episode:

16th week without a jackpot winner
Connect 4 game
16 years since the Transmission was first heard by Lenny / Sam
All the numbers are on the hatch and Roseau’s notes

2 Responses

  1. Obviously the numbers only work on the show, because I tried it in the lotto and I didn’t win.

  2. I believe the number are constants for the equations for the Valenzetti equation. But is also a shout out to the episodes “The Constant” & “The Variable” where variables are such things as symbols or letters of a methematical equation. The DeGroots and Dharma were trying to change the variables so it could prevent the end of the world.

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